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Giorgio Mangiamele
Giorgio Mangiamele

Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson

Anna Kannava
Anna Kannava

Leo Berkeley
Leo Berkeley

Matthew Rees
Matthew Rees

Robert Hoskin
Robert Hoskin

Nicola Woolmington
Nicola Woolmington

Like in most major cities in the world, there is a thriving, intense independent film and video scene in Melbourne, Australia, underneath the attention given to feature films that either do well at the box office or cause some sensation at some film festival.

The aim of this site is to provide some documentation about the myriad independent filmmakers that have existed, and continue to exist, in Melbourne, as this information seems to be sorely lacking on the web.

I classify a filmmaker as "independent" if he or she has shown or is showing an individual spirit and committed attitude to realising their particular cinematic vision. And if they have also (at some point) shown some initiative in making their work without official financial support - that they have or had (for those directors from the past) a willingness to create their works, at whatever cost.

And so genre or gauge do not matter here - the filmmakers (note: directors only) covered in this site range from feature filmmakers to doco makers, through to experimentalists and animators. Making their works on Super 8, analogue video, 16mm, 35mm, and digital video.

This site was launched in May 2003, with profiles of 28 directors. 7 more profiles were added in September of that year. A further 9 profiles were added in June 2004, and a further 13 in April 2005. 8 more were then added in March 2006, 11 in May 2008, 10 in May 2009, 4 in May 2010, 10 in March 2014, and 4 in November 2015, making 104 in total. (Note - 1 is currently hidden. November 2015) All the profiles are/will also be kept up to date (as much as possible, with the co-operation of the filmmakers, etc.)

The next instalment will be in late 2017. If you would like to nominate a filmmaker to be profiled here, email me.

Bill Mousoulis

Top 50 Australian
independent films

Bill Mousoulis' personal list of the best Oz indie films from the '50s to the present day.

Top 50 Australian
independent film heroes

A list of the people behind the scenes who have promoted Oz indie film through the years.

Master list of some
Sydney indie filmmakers

An attempt at, a beginning, to list Sydney indie filmmakers. 28 listed so far.

  Master list of many Melbourne indie filmmakers

A list of as many Melbourne indie filmmakers as possible, nearing 300 now.

Gregory Pakis
Gregory Pakis

Shannon Young
Shannon Young

Chris Lofven
Chris Lofven

David King
David King

Julian Dahl
Julian Dahl

Angie Black
Angie Black



Luigi Acquisto

Stephen Amis

Ray Argall

Genevieve Bailey

Mark Bakaitis

Steven Ball

Nic Barker

Leo Berkeley

Angie Black

Heinz Boeck

Philip Brophy

Barry Brown

Anna Brownfield

Michael Buckley

Nigel Buesst

Remo Camerota

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill

James Clayden

Matthew Clayfield

Fiona Cochrane

Tom Cowan

David Cox

Paul Cox

Marie Craven

John Cumming

Julian Dahl

Dirk de Bruyn

Daryl Dellora

Ian Dixon

Sotiris Dounoukos

Paul Fletcher

Maggie Fooke

Dean Francis

Ivan Gaal

Kieran Galvin

George Goularas

Jarrah Gurrie

Jon Hewitt

Nathan Hill

Solrun Hoaas

Robert Hoskin

James Howard

Zev Howley

Frank Howson

John Hughes

Clayton Jacobson

Paul Jeffery

Moira Joseph


Anna Kannava

Michael Karris

Amanda Kerley

David King

Chris Knowles

Perry Laird

Mark La Rosa

Anthony Lawrence

Michael Lee

Christos Linou

Mark Lipkin

Chris Löfvén

Richard Lowenstein

Ivan Malekin

Giorgio Mangiamele

Katrina Mathers

Tom McEvoy

Grant Meredith

Andrew Merlino

Kim Miles

Bill Mousoulis

Nicholas Nedelkopoulos

Matt Norman

Andrew O'Keefe

Nick Ostrovskis

Gregory Pakis

Don Parham

Irene Proebsting

Matthew Rees

Christine Rogers

Angelo Salamanca

Saidin Salkic

Mark Savage

Monique Schwarz

Ettore Siracusa

Timothy Spanos

Ben Speth

Jim Stamatakos

Peter Tammer

Glenn Triggs

Alkinos Tsilimidos

Richard Tuohy

Dennis Tupicoff

Jason Turley

Philip Tyndall

Andrew Vial

Tom Vogel

Georgia Wallace-Crabbe

Jamie Wilson

Chris Windmill

Richard Wolstencroft

Nicola Woolmington

Shannon Young

Mark Zenner

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East Timor (Rosa's Story) Luigi Acquisto
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MAMADRAMA Monique Schwarz
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The Cuttock Heads Chris Windmill





Melbourne independent filmmakers is compiled by Bill Mousoulis


This site is archived by the National Library of Australia's Pandora Archive.

Acknowledgments to these people for providing some assistance in the creation of this site: Ken Berryman at the National Film and Sound Archive; Tilly Heald, Carole Sklan and Lawrence Johnston at the Australian Film Commission (now Screen Australia); Arthur Cantrill; Graeme Cutts and Rosemary Mangiamele; Cerise Howard; Adrian Martin.