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Glenn Triggs
b. April 1, 1983, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Glenn Triggs grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with a passion of filmmaking that stemmed from an upbringing of circus performing and magic. In his final year of high school Glenn’s first attempt at a feature film No One would be selected for the prestigious Top Arts awards. Glenn Triggs studied film and television at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2003 at the age of 19 and went on to write, produce and direct over 40 short films and 6 features independently, including 41 and Apocalypse Cult.


CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   I can remember the day I first had the idea to make a real film. I had played around with home video recorders in the past, but it wasn’t until my best friend at primary school told me his dad would buy him a video camera – instantly my mind went crazy with imagination.


My first proper film No One in 2001 seemed to capture people’s attention and that was a great boost to keep going. I made so many short films between 1998 – 2005 that I have actually lost count and find copies of them on old mini DV tapes all the time.

In 2005 I tackled the 16mm challenge, just before the digital revolution took over, I took out a $10,000 personal loan and spent over 2 weeks shooting a 1950s era short film titled Lunar. Lunar really took it out of me and I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep making films after that – having to deal with the stress and finances.

But as with all things, the pain passes and the next project arises. I auditioned over 100 young actors to find the perfect 12 to occupy a local cinema for exactly 41 days when we shot Cinemaphobia in 2010. Cinemaphobia screened at a few local festivals but never really took off – so I decided to put the blood and gore style behind and move onto something more personal with 41. A time travel drama that took 2 years to complete and has become my most cherished production so far. 41 hit big at festivals and has since picked up a small cinema release in the States.

For my most recent film Apocalyptic I wanted to make an ‘easy’ film – which didn’t turn out to be the case – yet was definitely my shortest production time, with less than 6 days of shooting and 2 months of editing. Apocalyptic has been received well in Australia – picking up local DVD distribution and has found an audience in Europe though festivals.

In the near future I hope to tackle the sci-fi genre again after my 2004 feature The Follow and my next film hopes to be a kids adventure film.

- Glenn Triggs, March 2014.



1998 - Father Jacob Trilogy (3 shorts x 5min each Hi8).

1999 - The War (6 minutes – Hi8)

2000 - The Fisherman (5 minutes – Hi8)

2000 – Trepidation (7 minutes - MiniDV)

2000 - The Next Night (14 minutes - MiniDV)

2001 – No-One  (53 minutes – MiniDV)

2001 - Cinnamon Rain (60 minutes – MiniDV)

2001 - How to Make a Horror Movie  (8 minutes – MiniDV)

2002 - The Babyslitter (10 minutes – MiniDV)

2002 – Tickets (8 minutes – MiniDV)

2004 - The Follow (65 minutes – MiniDV)

2005 - Lunar  (23 minutes – 16mm).

2010 - Cinemaphobia  (82 minutes – Digi)

2012 - 41 (86 minutes – DSLR)

2013 - What I Really Want to do is Direct (incomplete – documentary)

2014 - Apocalypse Cult (84 minutes)

2017 - The Comet Kids (92 minutes)




2001 – Top Arts (Australia) Finalist


Los Angeles Short Film Festival (USA) Finalist


2010 - Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Australia) Official Selection


2012 - Las Vegas Film Festival (USA) – Golden Ace Award
2012 - Maverick Movie Awards (NY, USA) – Winner Best Original Score, Nominated - Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay.
2012 – Rhode Island Film Festival (USA) – Winner Best Film


2013 – MonsterFest (Australia) Official Selection
2013 – Mauvis Genre (France) Official Selection

41 TRAILER (2012)
The Comet Kids TRAILER (2017)


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© Glenn Triggs, December 2017.

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