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Julian Dahl
b. July 23, 1966, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Born 1966, Melbourne, Australia. Completed university with 1st class major in politics; moved overseas. Published poet from the age of 16. In 1989, began making experimental Super 8 shorts and working with Melbourne Super 8 Film Group and Modern Image Makers' Association (MIMA). Travelled and worked in 48 countries as teacher, journalist, book & magazine editor. Lived in Senegal, West Africa, for 2 years making mystical African sci-fi short (INSECT, 2000). After stint on Los Angeles commercial film sets, helped set up LA Filmmakers' Co-op. Shorts have appeared on TV, on DVD, and in several festivals in USA, Australia and Europe. Now in production on FATSO, a feature documentary on size discrimination, and teaching ghetto kids how to make films with Peapod, an educational foundation set up by the Black Eyed Peas.

Aspiration: Piloting the mercury of your pupils.



CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Julian Dahl has been an active experimental filmmaker for over 12 years in Australia, Africa and the USA using mainly Super 8, though increasingly moving towards multi-format texturing of associationist perspectives on the underclass experience.

Work spans the poetic and raw End Of Beast (1989), to the mystical and mystifying INSECT (2000) "recall[ing] some of the best films of Maya Deren and Kenneth Anger" (FilmThreat), and now to his latest feature release, Camjackers (2006), called "a funny post-Reality hip hop mindtrip" or even "Christopher Guest but with surveillance tapes" (Current).

Eu Topos Productions website


End of Beast (Aust., 1989, 17 mins, Super 8, B&W, mono sound)

A Man Walking, Falls (Aust., 1990, 8 mins, Super 8, B&W, mono sound)

Puppy Love (Aust., 1991, 8 mins, B&W/colour, Super 8 original, Betacam SP master, stereo sound)

Slaughter of the Strawberry (Aust., 1992, 25 mins, B&W/colour, Super 8 original, Betacam SP master, mono sound)

INSECT (Senegal/Aust./USA, 2000, 30 mins, B&W/colour, Super 8 original, Digital Betacam master, mono sound)

Blonde & Blue (USA, 2000, 4 mins 57 secs, colour, VHS-C original, Betacam SP master, stereo sound)

lick (USA, 2001, 3 mins, color, MiniDV and Super 8, Betacam SP master, stereo sound)

falling (USA, 2001, 3 mins, color, Single 8 original, Betacam SP master, stereo sound)


stream (USA, 2004, 8 mins, color, Super 8 original, Betacam SP master, stereo sound)

Camjackers (USA, 2006, 80 mins, color/B&W, 24pDV/Super 16mm/16mm/Super 8 original, DigiBetacam Master, stereo sound)
trailer - fast connection -; slow connection -


Vanguard Cinema now distributes Camjackers and Utopia One (Julian's best shorts from 10 years of filmmaking) on cable and DVD in USA and Canada.

AWARDS: Camjackers Winner, Best Editing, Ann Arbor Film Festival (2006); INSECT, Winner, Best Experimental Film Prize, SXSW (South by Southwest Film Festival, Austin, TX, USA) 2001

SCREENINGS: Films screened at Ann Arbor Film Festival, Harlem International Film Festival, Syracuse International, Lens politica, SURGE!, Urban Literary Film Festival, Z Film Festival (Chicago, USA), Melbourne International Film Festival, Hamburg International Film Festival, Crossroads Film Festival (Jackson, USA), Seattle Underground Film Festival, Melbourne Super 8 Film Festival, and others.

DISTRIBUTION: Films distributed by Vanguard Cinema, Hollywood Video, Barnes & Noble, Netflix, LA Filmmakers Co-op and Microcinema International, as well as through the Eu Topos Productions website


INSECT review by David Finkelstein, Film Threat, December 5, 2000.

Puppy Love review by David Finkelstein, Film Threat, December 5, 2000.

Camjackers reviews:



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Julian Dahl, May 2008.

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Camjackers - Film's website

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