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Andrew Vial
(Andrew West Vial)
November 24, 1940, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   The son of a PNG Patrol Officer and explorer, Andrew Vial was taken to New Guinea after birth but had to be evacuated back to Melbourne as the Japanese invaded. His father remained as a coast watcher and was eventually killed in a plane crash.

1955-1968: At school he developed late, although he gained a scholarship, later qualifying as a research scientist. His interest in film came from being an actor in a corporate science film as well as being an extra in the original American blockbuster feature On The Beach. He started two businesses in his twenties then turned to film production full time and with a friend directed and produced Catapult in 1969 which was a big success. Paid for from the profits of his other business it was sold to Village Roadshow and was used as a pre-intermission short continuing to earn money for the next ten years.


1968-1998: As the exhibition formats changed Andrew explored other markets and found that European cinemas and film festivals still showed shorts. Over the next 30-40 years he travelled to many, many, International film festivals and won over 100 awards (including Participation Diplomas and Certificates, and at major festivals such as London, Vienna, Filmex-Los Angeles, Bangalore, and the now defunct Australia/New Zealand combined Adelaide/Auckland Film Festival.)

Avalanche (1974), a film on the moment of birth, was sold to TV networks in Europe and shown widely outside Australia, and No Bag Limit (1973) starring David Gulpillil and about the annihilation of the aborigines of Tasmania was similarly sold in Europe but not shown on Australian television. Because his films were self funded there were no restrictions on the subject matter and graphic images. Even the later films such as Does It Feel Like A Long Ten Minutes? (1979), documenting an abortion, which he directed and co-produced (with Liz Rust) and sold to UNESCO, and Edge of the Ice (1998), shot in Lapland, have not been been show on Australian TV due to the Australian networks' self censorship regulations.


As a founding member of the Melbourne Filmmakers Cooperative and later a participator in the Sydney Filmmakers Coop, Andrew went to UK in 1972 and worked as a part time tutor at the National Film School in London, followed in later years by several Australian film schools .In about 1980 he created a television acting school called Videorep which offered people the chance to learn acting and work in the established film industry. This continued for about three years before developing and becoming mainstream through official State Government funding. Andrew Vial served on many film festival juries and has been the Australian Head Delegate for the past seven years to the International Asia Pacific Film Festival currently domiciled in Taiwan.

His longest film to date is 70 minutes as he has not been able to raise funds to make a high budget feature film using government sources.

For more info on Andrew, check his website, Andrew Vial Film Productions.

Andrew's work is preserved by the National Film and Sound Archive.

Edge of the Ice

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   I have always felt inspiration from dream images and although my first film Catapult (1969) was unashamedly commercial and designed to make money, I was also influenced by the Cantrills in the experimentation sphere and new ways of viewing images. Edge of the Ice (1998) is very experimental and I was influenced as well by the incredible talents of people like Nigel Buesst, Antoinette Starkiewicz and Tom Cowan. I was also impressed by European directors Bergman, Polanski, Roeg, American counter-culture directors Morrissey, Warhol, and geniuses such as Keaton and Chaplin.

The precise order, timing, and juxtaposition of images in order to create an unreal/surreal state is what I strive for and I am conscious of often leading the viewer into an area of confusion contrary to a normal linear progression.

I see this coming from my own rejection of the sort of early films I viewed where outcomes were predictable and boring. I also feel that I have not always been successful in my films by going down this path.

Directing films is a talent that is actually quite scarce and as an actor in TV soap dramas I have been amazed at how poorly some TV directors know their craft. Many have never acted themselves and have no idea how to get performances out of actors, how to motivate them and what is going on in the actors mind when being given direction.

No Bag Limit

With David Gulpillil in No Bag Limit (1973) it was easy. In those days Gulpillil spoke many Aboriginal languages but very little English. With this actor empathy was spontaneous and mind blowing - an enormous talent!

With Ray Boyd the Olympic athlete in Catapult (1969) it was also easy as champions can always perform on cue. Later I worked with many more Olympic athletes and world champions and found this characteristic to be uniform throughout.

In Avalanche (1974) directing revolved around getting the total confidence of everyone involved right up to the Matron of the hospital.

Also in Does It Feel Like A Long Ten Minutes? (1979) the crucial concern I had was making the film despite the demonstrations going on outside the clinic where I was filming.

In 1977 I was invited to make a small international coproduction between Korea, Indonesia, Australia, and Taiwan, at Central Motion Picture Corporation Studios, Taipei. This was pretty challenging due to the various languages and cultures but the film was made entitled Taiwan (1978) within its budget and I have enjoyed a great relationship with Chinese Taiwan ever since.

A Whore's Tale

I tried a totally different style for A Whore's Tale (2001) where the pivotal character, a prostitute with a lot she wanted to say, had no acting training other than her profession. Once she stopped trying to be an actor she delivered an amazingly truthful life performance which was recognized immediately in the Arab world when I showed the film in Shiraz, Iran.

In Deadline (1980-86) I used a very basic television studio technique due to its requirement to be shot within a timeframe of 20 hours and on a miniscule shooting budget - a few hundred dollars from memory. Here I had professional actors who could deliver under these extreme conditions and my time was taken up by trying to train the technical crew on the job.

This type of of project was similar to Blacktown Concert (1983) where the biggest distractions to filming were the live audience and rock stars being filmed. Also shot on a miniscule no-budget for principal photography, I decide after this that if I ever were to shoot more television epic concerts I must have a full studio trained crew and a budget to take care of minute to minute contingencies which are always present in these sort of live situations. I also found that it was difficult to control the technical process in the auteur-style I had developed over many years.

So it always seemed that the effort required to create an entire film by one's self just wasn't worth it unless the result finished up as my own unique personal statement on the subject matter.

Andrew Vial April 2010

See also More press Clippings


FILMOGRAPHY (selected and incomplete) :

Catapult (1969, 10 mins, col, 35mm)
Poetic film on sport of polevaulting.

Ack Ack Girl (1971, 4.5 mins, col, 16mm)
Pixelation history of PNG 1935-1945

No Bag Limit (1973, 12 mins, col, 16mm)
Annihilation of the Aborigines of Tasmania.

Avalanche (1974, 8 mins, col, 16mm)
The moment of birth.


David In The Big City (1974, 70 mins, video)
David Gulpillil interacting around Melbourne.

Best Each Way (1975, 5 mins, col, 35mm)
Pub poster culture in Australia.

Dreams (1978, 8 mins, col, 16mm)
The magic of Hollywood.

Taiwan (1978, 20 mins, col, 16mm)
Documentary co-production between Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Australia.

Does It Feel Like A Long Ten Minutes? (1979, 15 mins, col, video)
Abortion documentation. (Liz Rust co-producer).

Sydney's Asian Film Festival (1979, 14 mins, col, 16mm)
Australia's first ever hosting of the International Asian Film Fetival.

Margaret Watson - Aboriginal Storyteller (1980, 35 mins, video)
Classroom story telling film.

Blue Mountains Canyoning

Employing Strategy (1980, 12 mins, video)
The drama of being unemployed.

Bangara Dance Company (1981, 40 mins, 16mm)
Directed for ABC Television.

And Then There Were Nine (1981, 15 mins, col, 16mm)
Jeanette Baker, a world champion ten pin bowler shows her striking technique.

Deadline (1980-86, 50 mins, video/16mm)
A woman alone in a house with an intruder.


Palisade (1982-1986, Super 8, incomplete story)
The personal life of an unemployed artist.

America West (1982, 11 mins, col, 16mm)
1980s American West Coast lifestyle.

Skate (1982, 5 mins, col, cinemascope-type 35 mm)
Don Burrows jazz and ice skating action.

Japan (1983, 40 mins, col, 16mm)
Unfinished personal story.

Blacktown Concert (1983, 50 mins, 2 inch video/16mm)
Split Enz/Sportz rock concert spectacular.

Ice Racing (1984, 6 mins, video)
Television sport item directed for SBS.

Sky's the Limit

Shark’s Paradise (1986, 93 min, 35mm Sequence director uncredited)
An Australian low budget exploitation flick about cops and drugs.

Bridging Sydney Harbour (1987, 5 mins, 16mm)
The recreation of a massive engineering epic.

At the End of the Tunnel (1989, 14 mins, 16mm)
Sequel to Bridging Sydney Harbour.

The Rainbow Serpent/Giant Devil Dingo (Series 1990-1994)
Iconographic pixelation filmcassettes directed for Weston Woods USA

Blue Mountains Canyoning (1990, 13 mins, S8/16mm)
Australian mountain adventure sport.

Island Cross

Australian Cowboy (1991, 8 mins, 16mm)
Features rodeo riding by world champion cowboy Dave Appleton.

Edge of the Ice (1998, 9 mins, 16mm)
Snowmobile endurance racing in a frozen Lapland, 'Finlandia', and the arctic lifestyle.

A Whore's Tale (2001, 40 mins, video)
The amazing life of one particular prostitute.

Sky’s The Limit (circa 2005, 8 mins, video)
Neil McFadyen’s road to fame - from Go-karts to racing driver.

Island Cross (2012, 10 mins, video)
Shot in Iran and focusing on the successes of the Iranian film industry.

Bully Boys

Traffic Rules Jaipur - part 1
(2013, 4 mins, video)

Bully Boys (2013, 5 mins, video)
O’n an Indian campus Mr Cool’ is bullied by gang members but escapes unhurt.

Banana Boat July 2014
(4 mins music film)

Triage Hostage October 2014, 3 mins
Shot in Batumi, Georgia with masterclass students

Mass Shootout Jan 2015, 3 mins
Filmed in Cartagena, Colombia.

Rock Paper Scissors March 2015
(5 mins)

Mass Shootout

Triage Hostage August 2015
absurdist comedy skit

Peace Summit Dec 2015, 7 mins
Absurdist film, Australia

Other Credits: Acting (selected)

Terminus (1974, 11 mins, video, Dir. Sophie Turkiewicz}
Character: Annoying man on train.

Bridging Sydney Harbour (1987, 5 min, actor and narrator)

Les Patterson Saves The World (1987, feature film Dir. Barry Humphries)
Played part of waiter in revolving restaurant.

At The End Of The Tunnel (1989, 14 min, actor and narrator)

directing Jeanette Baker in And Then There Were Nin

Family Affair (1991, actor, Directed by Sami Antinniemi)
Played the part of the blind uncle murderer.

Telstra Commercial - Anyone Got A Pen? Film, TV and Billboard.
Played part of No 5 nudist.

Murder Call - ‘Mix and Match’ (1997, 53 min, Southern Star and Nine TV)
Played part of male and female constructed corpse.

Jack and Neil (2004, 7 mins, 16mm, Dir. Anna Van Klempema)
Character: Jack.

Secrets of the Jury Room (2006, 60 mins, 16mm, Dir. Aviva Ziegler)
Character: Frank Towler.

Tom, Ollie and Andrew Go Party Taiwan (2010, 18 mins, video, Dir. Tom Cowan)
Character: Andrew.

the novel Running with Rebels
Bougainville Women’s War Triumph (2010, theatre)
Live performance at Parliament House
sponsored by UNESCO / International Women’s Day.

Andrew Vial played the character of Brigadier General Jerry Singarok (from the novel 'Running With Rebels').
Directed by Waratah Rose Gilespie. (1 hour)

Island Cross (2012, 10 mins, video)
Played central role unifying musical sequences.

The Face Of The Tango Dancer (2013, audiovisual project)

Unbroken (2014, actor, Director Angelina Jolie)

Banana Boat (2014)
Singing with Jan Carroll


Life Class (2015 Feature film Dir. Tom Cowan)
Played cameo passenger on steam train.

Ghosts (2015 Absurdist comedy skit)
Dir. Adrian Tan

Rock, Paper, Scissors (2015 4 min Lead actor)
Dir. Adrian Tan

The Plan (2015 Suicide or euthanasia?)
Dir. Adrian Tan

Share Traders (monologue hairdressing salon)
Dir. Oliver Howes

North By Innerwest

World Champion (2015 Music clip)
Dir.Alexander Kalyk Played degenerate aristocratic diner.

2015 ‘Peace Summit’

2015 ‘Australia Post Workplace Diversity’

2016 ‘TCN9’ ‘Ageing workforce’

2016 ‘Level Seven’
Directed by Jordan Mansfield.

2016 ‘Their Victims’

2016 ’Batchelorette
Warner Bros Television

West Inn

2016 ’Sunshine banshees
Directed by David O’Brien

2016 ‘Pinhead’ web series
Directed by Kathryn Mailbox Thomas

2016 Notre Dame University Corporate (Stunt)

2016 ‘Flower
Directed by Charlotte Tai

2016 ‘West Inn
Directed by Daniel Havas

2017 ‘Foodaroo
Sydney Radio Playhouse


2017 ‘Z End

2017 ‘Lonely Fighter’ Directed by Brian Fisher

2017 ’North By Innerwest’ Directed by Robert Klein

2017 ‘Ocean Blue’ Directed by Johan Freden

2017 Feros Care Commercial Directed by Paul Sharp

2017 ’Don’t Come Back’ Directed by Ariyah Music

2017 ‘Purgatory’ Directed by Forest Lin

2017 ‘Dissociation’ Directed by Mackenzie Robb

IMAGES of Andrew Vial as performer

Murder Call
Les Patterson Saves the World
At the End of the Tunnel
Family Affair
Jack And Neil
Andrew as sitting model
Bully Boys
Life Class
Army Guys
Share Traders
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Level Seven
Don't Come Back

Telstra Commercial - Anyone Got a Pen?


Promoting Bavaria Beer !

The Plan

Banana Boat

Share Traders



Awards Obtained and Films Shown At Major Film Festivals Worldwide from 1972:

1972 Catapult Adelaide/Auckland Internat. Film Fest Short Film Award


1972 Catapult Melbourne Film Society Festival Participation

1973 Catapult Cracow Short Film Fest Poland Diploma de participation

1973 Ack Ack Girl & No Bag Limit London Internat. Film Fest. Outstanding Films of Year

1973 Catapult Chicago Internat. Film Fest. Certificate of Participation

1973 No Bag limit Grenoble Festival France Participation

1974 Catapult Tampere Inter. Film Fest. Finland Participation

1974 No Bag Limit Nyon, France Details uncertain

1974 Ack Ack Girl & No Bag Limit National Film Theatre UK Theatrical Film Screening

1975 Avalanche & No Bag Limit Edinburgh Internat. Film Festival Certificate

1975 No Bag Limit Creteil, France. Participation Award

1975 Ack Ack Girl & No Bag Limit & Avalanche London University Film Festival Participation


1976 Avalanche Thesalonika Internat. Film Fest. Greece Certificate Scroll

1976 Avalanche Viennale 1976, Austria Ehrendiplom Outstanding Film

1976 Avalanche Wellington NZ Film Festival Participation

1976 Avalanche Auckland NZ Internat. Film Fest. Certificate of participation

1976 Avalanche Brisbane international Film Fest. Cert. of participation


1976 Avalanche Impact Cinema Review, Paris France Participation Committee Citation

1977 Avalanche Filmex Hollywood Los Angeles International Film Festival Invitee/ Best of Short Films

1977 Dreams London National Film Theatre Festival Screening

1978 Taiwan Central Motion Picture Corporation Taipei Documentary Award

1978 Does it Feel Like A Long Ten Minutes? New York Film Festival Silver Medal

1978 Does it Feel Like A Long Ten Minutes? International Film and TV Festival Silver Award New York USA

1978 Dreams Tampere Short Film Festival, Finland.

1978 Dreams The Magic London Internat. Film Festival Outstanding Film Award Of Hollywood

1978 Taiwan Wellington Internat. Film Fest. Participation Award

1978 Dreams Adelaide International Film Participation

1979 Retrospective Package (5 films) Rotterdam Film Fest. Event Participation


1979 Does it Feel Like A Long Ten Minutes? Cinema du Reel, Paris (Details uncertain)

1979 Avalanche & Dreams Humboldt Film Fest.USA Participation

1978 Does it Feel Like A Long Ten Minutes? European Broadcast Union Australian Jury Delegate

1979 Best Each Way Hong Kong Independent Film Festival Bronze Medallion

1979 Best Each Way Adelaide Internat. Film Fest. Certificate

1979 No Bag Limit & Sydney's Asian Film Festival Wellington NZ Participation

1979 Does it Feel Like A Long Ten Minutes? Television Society of Austral Penguin Award Winner

1980 Sydney's Asian Film Festival San Francisco Internat. Film Participation Award Festival

1980 Ack Ack Girl Indian Ocean Film Fest. Australian Participation Delegate

1980 No Bag Limit & Taiwan Hobart Film Festival Invited Presenter /Participant

1980 Employing Strategy Canberra Film Festival Invited Participant

1980 Employing Strategy Adelaide Internat.Fest. Participation

Does it Feel Like a Long Ten Minutes?

1980 Employing Strategy New York Film Fest. Bronze Medalion

1980 Best Each Way Humboldt Film Fest. USA Jury Delegate and Participant

1980 Catapult Filmotsav, Bangalore, India Certificate of Participation

1980 Andrew Vial Retro Exhibition Films For A New Decade Major Retrospective Work, Sydney Filmmakers Co-op

1981 Avalanche Telluride Film Fest. USA Australian Delegate

1982 America West Hong Kong Independent Award For Outstanding Short

1982 A. Vial Pkge Moomba Festival Melbourne Outdoor Open Audience screenings.

1982 America West & Dreams & Employing Strategy Japan Cultural Film Fest. Invitation Film Program

1982 Deadline Huy Fest. of Independent Cinema Participation Belgium

1983 Asia Pacific Film Australian Delegate Judge of International Films

1983 America West Internat. Film Fest. of New Delhi Certificate of Participation

1983 America West Hemisfilm,Texas Certificate of Participation

1983 America West Goteborg, Sweden Invited Film


1983 Catapult Cartagena, Columbia

1984 Best Each Way Seattle Film Festival USA Participation

1987 Deadline Melbourne International Film Fest. Invited Participant

1988 Bridging Sydney Harbour Bicentennial Concert, 200 Year Celebration

1988 Ice Racing  China Sport Film Festival , Shanghai,China.

1988 Deadline Leipzig,Germany Invited Film Participation

1988 Four films including Ice Racing & Skate Festival du Film Sportif, France Foreign Film Package Award

1989 Bridging Sydney Harbour St Kilda Film Festival Participant

1989 Bridging Sydney Harbour Humboldt Film Fest. USA Certificate Award Winner

1989 Bridging Sydney Harbour Telluride Film Festival ,Colorado, USA Invited Guest

1989 Package of Andrew Vial Films Yorkton Short Film Fest. Canada Invited Foreign Delegate

1989 Bridging Sydney Harbour Wellington Film Fest. NZ Participation

1989 Bridging Sydney Harbour Internat. Scientific Film Fest. Invited Australian Participant/ Shanghai, China Presenter

1990 Bridging Sydney Harbour Art Gallery of NSW Special Events Presentation

1990 Best Each Way & America West & Skate Palermo Sicily, Italian Sport Fest. Olympic Committee Prize

1990 Bridging Sydney Harbour Sir William McKell Award Participation

Bridging Sydney Harbour

1991 Australian Cowboy Bizkaia Sports Fest. Spain Presentation Award

1991 Bridging Sydney Harbour St Petersburg Internat. Film Invited Australian Fest. Russia

1991 Blue Mountains Canyoning Maritime and Exploration Mention d'Honneur Film Fest. Toulon, France

1991 Blue Mountains Canyoning Torello, Spain Invited Guest of Honour

1991 Skate Fest. of Ice and Snow Participant, Autrans, France.

1991 Australian Cowboy & Skate & Blue Mountains Canyoning Fest. Inter de Cine Deportivo, Diplomas de Participation Spain, Autrans, France

1991 Blue Mountains Canyoning Earth Vision, Japan Official Competition Award

1991 Blue Mountains Canyoning Festival Internacional de Cine Diploma Award Deportivo

1991 Catapult and America West  Ankara Film Festival, Turkey.

1991 Australian Cowboy Festival Internacional de Cine Diploma Award Deportivo

1992 Australian Cowboy Japan Inter Film and Video NHK Television Award Fest. Adventure/Sports

1992 Bridging Sydney Harbour & Australian Cowboy Troia, Festival of Film Australian Representative Portugal

1992 Blue Mountains Canyoning Movimento Azzurro, Rome, Eco Award Italy

1992 Blue Mountains Canyoning JIFAS, Anneccy, France Invited Participant

Blue Mountains Canyoning

1992 Blue Mountains Canyoning Fest. of Mountain Films Participation Certificate Banff, Canada

1992 Mt. Whilhem Script Les Diablerets, France Script Competition Participant

1992 Asia Pacific Film Festival Australian Delegate

1992 Blue Mountains Canyoning Montagne Inter. Ethnographic and Anthropological Film F. Official competition

1992 Australian Cowboy Dok, Leipzig, Germany Participation

1992 Australian Cowboy & Blue Mountains Canyoning Fest Internat.di Cinema Short Film Award Sportivo

1992 America West & Blue Mountains Canyoning Figuera da Foz, Portugal Award (results unknown)

1992 Australian Cowboy & Blue Mountains Canyoning Golden Chest TV Awards International Competition Prize Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1993 Bridging Sydney Harbour & Australian Cowboy Mediteranean Fest. of New Participation Filmmakers

1993 Blue Mountains Canyoning Briancon, France Certificate of Participation

1993 At The End of The Tunnel  Sichuan TV Festival China.

1993 Australian Cowboy & Bridging Sydney Harbour & At the End Of The Tunnel Festpaco, Burkina Faso,Africa First Australian Filmmaker/Representative

1993 Australian Cowboy Golden Shot TV Awards Australian Delegate

1993 Blue Mountains Canyoning Portoroz, Slovenia


1993 J.I.F.A.S Hakuba, Japan Festival coordinator/Delegate

1993 Australian Cowboy Internat. TV Fest. Chengdu, Australian Television Representative China

1993 At The End Of The Tunnel Ekotopfilm, Slovakia Participation Certificate

1993 Blue Mountains Canyoning Mediteranean Fest. of New Invited Director Filmmakers, Larissa, Greece

1993 Blue Mountains Canyoning Film Festival of Mountains, Graz Participation Austria

1993 Blue Mountains Canyoning First Inter. de Video i Cinema Prize for International Entry Espeliologic.Spain

1994 Skate & Blue Mountains Canyoning & Ice Racing & Australian Cowboy First Australian Adventure/Sport Festival Organizer/Coordinator Film Festival Sydney

1994 Asia Pacific Film Festival (Sydney) Hosting Member of APFF

1994 Blue Mountains Canyoning Nuono, Sardinia Adventure Film Participation Award Fest.

1994 Blue Mountains Canyoning, Zilina Film Fest.Slovakia Invited Foreign

1994 Blue Mountains Canyoning  Dundee Adventure Sport Film Festival,  Scotland.

Ice Racing

1994 Blue Mountains Canyoning Geneva Film Fest . Out of Competition screening

1994 Blue Mountains Canyoning Raindance Film Festival, London Observation

1994 Blue Mountains Canyoning Bathurst Film Festival Curator/Organizer

1994 At The End Of The Tunnel  Eko Film Festival,Czechoslovakia.

1995 Blue Mountains Canyoning Tampere Short Film Fest. Finland Invited Participant

1995 Blacktown Concert Canterbury Film Festival, NZ Invited Australian Director

1996 Blue Mountains Canyoning Trento Mountain Film Fest. Invited Director/Adventurer Italy

1996 Blacktown Concert & At The End Of The Tunnel Ventspils, Film Fest Invited Director/Jury Member Latvia

1996 Bathurst Adventure Segment Curator/Director

1996 Blacktown Concert & Ed Hilary (Rushes) Auckland Internat. Film Fest.


1997 Bathurst Adventure Fest Curator/Director

1997 Asia Pacific Film Fest.Cheju, Australian Head Delegate Korea.

1998 Blue Mountains Canyoning Thredbo Adventure Film Fest. Co-Coordinator/Festival Producer

1998 Edge Of The Ice Teplice nad Metuji, Czech Rep. Mountain and Climbing Film Festival

1998 Edge Of The Ice St Anton am Arlberg Fest. Austria Participation Certificate

1998 Edge Of The Ice Toulon, Adventure Maritime Film Certificate of Achievement

1998 Edge Of The Ice Bilbao Film Fest. Participation Diploma

1998 Edge Of The Ice Autrans Fest. of Ice and Snow Invited Guest

1998 Asia Pacific Film Fest.Taipei Delegation from Australia

Edge of the Ice

1999 Edge Of The Ice Asia Pacific Film Fest, Bangkok Participating Director

1999 Edge Of the Ice Goteborg Inter. Film Fest, Sweden Invited Participant

1999 Edge Of The Ice Copenhagen Intenat. Film Fest. Small Trophy/Prize Denmark

1999 Edge Of The Ice Kathmandu Internat. Film Fest. Participant but film censored

1999 Edge Of The Ice  Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel.Participation Small Trophy

1999 Edge Of The Ice  Fest do Rio, Rio de Janeiro.

at Taichung, 2006

2000 Edge Of The Ice & A Whore's Tale Tehran Internat. Film Fest. Presenter of Paper/Invitee

2000 Asia Pacific Film Fest. Hanoi Australian Head Delegate

2001 Edge Of The Ice Portugal, Figuera da Foz Disruption from World Trade Bombing

2001 Bridging Sydney Harbour Fajr Film Festival, Iran 

2002 Edge Of The Ice Tiburon, USA Invited Foreign Director

2002 Edge Of The Ice Dawson City Film Festival Exhibition/Screening and Jury Member

2002 Edge Of The Ice St.Kilda Film Festival Complimentary Programming

at Spikes, 2010

2002 Asia Pacific Film Festival
Australian Board Member/Delegate Seoul, Sth Korea

2002 Edge of The Ice Moscow Inter.Festival of Certificate Adventure Films Mountaineering Films "Vertical"

2003 World Peace Film Fest.
Presented Paper/Lecture
Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur Non-Aligned Conference

2003 Edge Of The Ice Canberra Short Film Festival Screening.
Participation Award

2003 Bratislava Film Festival
International Jury Member Slovakia

2003 Shiraz APFF, Iran
Australian Delegation Head

keynote speaker, Iran (2011)

2004 Blacktown Concert Temaysia, Film Market
Australian marketing Representative

2004 'Flicks In The Sticks' Broken Hill, Australia.
Conference Director/Delegate

2004 Fukuoka, Japan APFF
Australian Head Delegate

2004 Edge Of The Ice Poprad Mountain Film Fest.
Australian Delegate/Rep Slovakia

2004 Edge Of The Ice Ekotopfilm, Bratislava, Slovak Participant/International Jury Member Rep.

2005 Asia Pacific Film Festival, K.L.
Australian Head Delegate

Jal Mahal group, India (2012)

2005 Ekotopfilm, Slovak Rep.
International Jury Deputy Head

2005 Banff Mountain Film Festival

2006 Blacktown Concert Beijing Film Society, Beijing
Presenter and Lead Actor in Film University.

2006 Taichung, APFF,
Australian Head Delegate Board Meeting

2007 FICCI Frames, Mumbai, India
Australian Delegation

2007 Kuala Lumpur Internat. Film
Australian international Jury Member Fest.

presenting Top Award, Nepal (2012)

2008 FICCI FRAMES, Mumbai, India
Australian Official Delegate

2008 Jakarta APFF, Board Meeting
Australian head Delegate

2009 Chennai. Thilaka
Arts Producer/Actor
Filming Invitation India

2009 Kaohsiung Asia Pacific Film
Australian Head Delegate Festival

2009 National Mining Conference
Business Delegate

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Sports Film Production Canada


2010 Spike Asia (Singapore)
Australian Delegate

2011 (April) Kish International Film Festival, Iran.
Andrew Vial delivered Keynote Address: "Harmonizing Strategies For promotion …"

2012 (Jan) Jaipur International Film Festival, India.
Edge Of The Ice and Avalanche
International Juror
Masterclass Workshop in Directing

2012 (July) Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Head International Juror
Masterclass Workshop in Directing

2012 (Dec) Macau SAR, Asia Pacific Film Festival
Australian Head Delegate
Island Cross in competition

APFF, Macau, 2012, with filmmaker Bill Mousoulis

2013 (Jan) Jaipur International Film Festival, India.
Bridging Sydney Harbour in Out of Comp screening
No Bag Limit in Out of Comp screening
Masterclass in Direction

2013 (March) Nashik International Film Festival, India
Island Cross
Masterclass in Directing and Acting

2013 (Sept) Batumi International Art House Film Festival
Invited international guest

2013 (Dec) APFF Macau
SAR Board Meeting
Bully Boys
Received ‘Lifetime Commitment Award'

2014 (Jan) Jaipur International Film Festival
Section Juror
Bully Boys
Masterclass in Independent Production /Writing Masterclass in Directing

Andrew Vial at recent film festivals

APFF 2013
APFF 2013 Lifetime Commitment Award
Directing Masterclass JIFF 2014
APFF 2012 with Jackie Chan
Nashik International Film Festival India
Jaipur Masterclass 2013
Batumi International Art House Film Festival, Georgia
Jaipur 2014, presenting




(click on each one to view)

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