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Tom Vogel
(Thomas Vogel)
b. July 29, 1969, Offenburg, Germany (Australian resident).

BIOGRAPHY:   Tom Vogel is a filmmaker with a rapidly increasing portfolio.

In the last eight years he has directed and produced twelve short films and his ongoing web series The Making of Serbs in Space which is currently up to thirteen webisodes.†

All of the films have been screened in festivals all over Australia and some overseas festival.


His short film One in a Million landed him a place as a Tropfest finalist in 2009. The biggest short film festival in the world. This short also won Best Film at the Margaret River Film Festival and the SKANC Film Festival that same year.

His short documentary Bouncer screened in 2009 in St Kilda and the Dungong Film Festival. In 2010 it won Best Film at the Made in Melbourne Film Festival.

His latest short film is Mabowezi which was written by Richard Martin. The same scriptwriter responsible for One in a Million.

Tom is also the festival director and organiser of the Angry Film Festival that has now been running for seven years and also a monthly short film night in Williamstown, Melbourne called West Side Shorts.

Currently he is busy writing his first stab at directing his first feature which will be a horror film titled The Dinner Party.

Tom Vogel shooting

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   As a filmmaker I started quite late in 2005 with a one week filmmaking course. It was run at the Fitzroy Library and the teacher was quite intense with a streak of Irish insanity. Before that I had always viewed filmmaking as something I would love to do but the money involved was short of impossible. The course taught me it was possible with little or no money.

Being a finalist at Tropfest four years later was therefore mindblowing and the biggest buzz of my filmmaking career to date. It goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it. There have been a few times where it has become disheartening and I am about to give it all up. After a short break I realize itís a passion you can not escape from. Thatís when I remind myself I never got into it to make money in the first place but to tell stories. Iím a storyteller at heart and every time one of my film screens to an audience, even just one person, I rate it as a win.

I donít have one genre that I stick to. My taste is eclectic so therefore it transfers over to the films that I make. The films reflect the subjects that I am interested in at the time.

- Tom Vogel, March 2014.



The Angry Penguin†(2005, 12.30 mins, DV)

The Good Samaritan (2005, 5.30 mins, DV)

The Chase†(2005, 3.30 mins, DV)

Life OíSimon (2006, 80 mins, DV)

Unknown Combo†(2007, 6.45 mins, DV)

Smile†(2007, 6 mins, DV)

Bouncer†(2008, 6.30 mins, DV)

Footy Fever†(2008, 12.30 mins, DV)

One in a Million (2009, 6.35 mins, HDV)

Tuning In†(2010, 10.37 mins, HDV)

The Anniversary†(2010, 6 mins, HDV)

Tuning In

The Making of Serbs in Space†(2011, HDV webseries)

A Bad Day†(2012, 3 mins, HD)

Dace Decklan: Private Eye†(2012, 73 mins, HD)
produced by Tom Vogel, directed by Ivan Malekin

now available for download at

Reckoning†(2012,†11 mins, HD)
produced by Tom Vogel, directed by Ivan Malekin

El Western (2013, 25 mins, HD)
produced by Tom Vogel, directed by Ivan Malekin

Mabowezi†(2013, 6.34 mins, HD)

Why does she stay?†(2014, 23 mins, HDV)

Speed Dating†(2014, 4 mins, HDV)

Redemption (2014, 7 mins, HDV)

One Second (2017, 7 mins, HDV)

Tom Vogel Director's Showreel (2011)
One in a Million (2009, 6 mins)


"Vogelís film boost" by Nicole Precel, Star Community, April 6, 2010.

© Tom Vogel, December 2017.

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