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Richard Tuohy
b. August 12, 1969, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Richard began making works on Super 8 in the late 1980s. After a brief hiatus from cinema (including formal study in philosophy for seven years) he returned to film-making in 2004.  Initially working exclusively in Super 8, the next five years saw an extremely productive period with dozens of experiments and works finished in the small gauge. In 2006 he, along with his partner Dianna Barrie, launched nanolab, a Super 8 film processing laboratory based at their home in Daylesford Victoria. The establishment of this lab afforded the opportunity to set up darkrooms and install 16mm film processing and most importantly printing and sound recording equipment.


Since 2009 he has been an extremely active and vocal member of the international artist run film lab scene. In 2011 Richard and Dianna started the Artist Film Workshop which in 2012 became a membership based artist-run film lab, itself also part of the international labs network. AFW has become the center of experimental film practice on film in Australia, being the focus for regular experimental film screenings, touring artists programs, workshops and supporting numerous artists in their personal film practice. As of  the end of 2017, AFW has held more than 120 screening events among other activities.

Tuohy's own works are firmly in the 'hand-made' film tradition. An advocate for the possibilities of hand made cinema, Tuohy has devoted much time and effort in sharing his knowledge through workshops and classes both in his native Australia and internationally. His films and film based performances have screened at venues including the Melbourne IFF, EMAF (Osnabruck), Rotterdam IFF, New York FF, Ann Arbor and Media City and he has repeatedly toured  Europe, North America and Asia presenting solo programs of his work and conducting experimental film-making workshops. 

He is the instigator of the AFW magazine Film Is and, along with Dianna Barrie and sue.k. was also a co-founder of the AIEFF experimental film festival in Melbourne. 

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   My early films were formalistic narratives, dedicated as I was then to making homages to Ozu. That's long ago. My work now is abstract, though perhaps the formalistic concern remains. Indeed my films are considered notable for their form and structure.

Ginza Strip

At a screening of some of my Super 8 work in 2008, an audience member described my films as 'films about cameras'. I found that astute, but a trifle unfair. Of course, in my Super 8 period, I didn't really have access to what I consider the 'full' apparatus of cinema – I was yet to immerse myself fully in the laboratory with all its printing and processing possibilities. Yes, in my films of that period, as with now, one sees a lot of camera techniques - classic and novel: lots of pixilation (single frame), double and multiple exposures, mattes and split frames, effect and colour filters, distorting optics, found optics, long exposure blurring, re-photography, alternative stocks and processing, etc., and often several at once. And I do create some of my abstraction in the field and thus 'in camera' (or otherwise in the dark room). 

I concur that concern with the apparatus of the medium is much in evidence in my work. But the 'apparatus' for me very much includes the viewer, and it very much includes the maker. More fairly, I would like to say my work is engaged with perception and experience as affected by and through the apparatus of cinema.  I am rarely affected by the conceptual in art.  I am frequently affected by the phenomenological. The imposition of ideas rarely moves me like the sense of intimacy that one gets from work borne out of a deep dwelling and reflexive habituation with a medium.  I like art from makers whose very perceptions have been altered by their intimacy with their medium – who have been taught to see by their medium and have learnt to see the world through their medium. To my mind the more a work exhibits a basis in this kind of primary phenomenological experience the more convincingly it is likely to speak of a kind of truth-reaching authenticity.  I strive for this kind of intimacy with the cinema apparatus.

Richard Tuohy, December 2017.



Filmography 2004 to 2018:

not China (2018, 14 min, 16mm)

Blending and Blinding (2018, 12 min, 16mm)

Pancoran (2017, 9 min, 16mm)

(2016, 11 min, 16mm)

Inside the Machine
(2016, 12 min 3 x 16mm performance with Dianna Barrie)

On the Invention of the Wheel
(2015, 14 min, 16mm)


Blue Line Chicago (2014, 10 min, 16mm)

Ginza Strip (2014, 9 min, 16mm)

Dot Matrix
(2013, 16 min, 2 x 16mm performance with Dianna Barrie)

Electric (2012, 8 min, 16mm)

Tone (2011, 16 min, 16mm)

Hand (2011, 13 min, 16mm)

Splintering (2010, 16 min, 16mm)

Bones (2010, 7 min, 16mm)

Blue Line Chicago

Horizontals (2010, 11 min, 3 x 16mm performance)

(2009, 8 min, 16mm)

Tree Lines (2009, 8 min, 16mm)

Landscape (Rippled and Rifted, 2009, 7 min, 16mm)

Multitude Studies
(2009, 18 mins, 4 x 16mm performance with Dianna Barrie)

(2009, 7 min, 16mm)

Eucalyptus Intoxication  (
2008, 7 min, 16mm)


Old Shed, New Shed  (2008, 16 min, Super 8 – digital finish)


Boot Fall (2008, 7 mins, Super 8)

Forbidden Fruit
(2007, 7 mins, Super 8)

Stretching (2007, Super 8)

The City From Whence MacArthur Returned (2006, 13 mins, Super 8 – digital finish)

Plutonics (2006, 8 mins, unfinished, Super 8)

Red Rover
(2006, 8 mins, Super 8)

(2006, 9 mins, Super 8)

Little Boxes
(2006, 6 mins, Super 8)

(2006, 7 mins, Super 8)


Twisty (2005, 13 mins, Super 8)

Ripple (2005, 5 mins, Super 8)

(2005, 5 mins, Super 8)

(2005, 7 mins, Super 8)

The Big Store
(2005, 7 mins, Super 8)

Consecration (2005, 8 mins, Super 8)

(2004, 7 mins, Super 8)

(2004, 5 mins, Super 8)

Bloom Doodle
(2004, 5 mins, Super 8)


Natives (2004, 5 mins, Super 8)

Cocky-two (2004, 7 mins, Super 8)

Sine Wave
(2004, 5 mins, Super 8)

Filmography early 1990s:

Paper Chains (with Mark La Rosa, 1992, 33 mins, 16mm)

Ordinary Flux (1991, 47 mins, Super 8)

Love Life (1990, 38 mins, Super 8)


Mallee Stretching

Distribution and Collections:

Film-makers Coop New York (numerous 16mm prints in distribution)

Light Cone Paris (numerous 16mm prints in distribution)

University of Wisconsin Michigan (six 16mm prints in collection)

University of Colorado Boulder (seven 16mm prints in collection)


More images from Richard Tuohy's films

Etienne's Hand - extract (2011, 16mm)
Interview Richard Tuohy & Diana Barrie (2016, 6 mins)


In Person Screenings and Performances:

2018     Crater Lab Barcelona                                                                                                    solo show

            IFFR, Rotterdam, Netherlands                                                                            Festival selection:

                                                                                                              'Inside the Machine' performance

2017     Nightingale microcinema, Chicago, Illinois                                                                      solo show

            Microlights microcinema Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                                              solo show

            Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan                                       Festival selection: 'Crossing'

            Echo Park Film Centre, Los Angeles, California                                                              solo show

            Think Young Lab, Hong Kong                                                                                        solo show

            Wizardenx Studio, Taipei, Taiwan                                                                                  solo show

            ExiS, Seoul, South Korea                                               Festival performance:  'Inside the Machine'

            Floating Projects HK                                                                                                     solo show

            MIFF, Melbourne, Australia                                               Festival selection: 'Crossing', 'Last Train'

            Mire, Nantes, France                                                                                                    solo show

            Film in the Present Tense, REMI project, Berlin, Germany                                               'Flyscreen'

            JIDF, Jihlava, Czechia                                                                       Festival selection: 'Pancoran'

            Film Koop Wien, Vienna, Austria                                                                                    solo show

            Klubvizjia, Zagreb, Croatia                                                                                             solo show

            Kino Bize, Riga, Latvia                                                                                                  solo show

            The Dark Room, Dublin, Ireland                                                                                      solo show     

2016     MTK/ l'102, Grenoble, France                                                                                group screening

            Festival Les Inattendus, Lyon, France                                              Festival selection: 'Ginza Strip'

            IFFR, Rotterdam, Netherlands                                Festival selection: 'On the Invention of the Wheel'

            Filmwerkstaaden, Vaasa Finland                                                                                   solo show

            Jakobstad College of Art, Jakobstad, Finland                                                                  solo show

            Fish Gallery, Helsinki, Finland                                                                                       solo show

            Crater Lab, Barcelona, Catalonia                                                                                   solo show

            Spoutnik Cinema, Geneva, Switzerland                                                                          solo show

            Videox, Zurich, Switzerland                                                                                           solo show

            Close Up, London, England                                                                                           solo show

            BEEF, Bristol, England                                                                                                 solo show

            Les Inattendus, Boulangerie Gallery, Lyon, France                                                          solo show

            Light Cone Scratch series, Paris, France                                                                        solo show

            Black Box EIFF, Edinburgh, Scotland                    Festival selection: 'On the Invention of the Wheel'

            Independent Film Show, Naples                                                                                     solo show

            Unza Lab Milan                                                                                                            solo show

            Lab Meeting MIRE Nantes, France                                                    Festival selection: 'Last Train',

                                                                                    'On the Invention of the Wheel', 'Blue Line Chicago'

            MIFF                                                                  Festival selection: 'On the Invention of the Wheel'

            SUFF Sydney, Australia                                                                                               solo show

            LUFF, Lausanne, Switzerland                                                                        curation + solo show     

            JIDF, Jihlava, Czechia                                                                         Festival selection: 'Crossing'

            Bonrepo, Prague, Czechia                                                                                            solo show

            Kurant, Tromso, Norway                                                                                               solo show

            Analogica festival, Bolzano, Italy                                                                                   solo show

2015     ExiS, Seoul, South Korea                                     Festival selection: 'On the Invention of the Wheel’    
            Okappachan House, Tokyo, Japan                                           Sound screen vol. 3 group screening

             WNDX Festival, Winnipeg, Canada                                                                               solo show

            AF Coop, Halifax, Canada                                                                                             solo show

            Adelaide FF                                                                                    festival selection: ‘Ginza Strip’

            Jakarta Biennale, Jakarta, Indonesia                                                   LLL and AFW lab installation

            Kinosaurus, Jakarta, Indonesia                                                                           AFW group show

            Klex, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                                                            AFW group show

            Melaka, Melaysia                                                                                              AFW group show

            Penang, Melaysia                                                                                             AFW group show

2014     IFF Rotterdam, NL                                                        Festival selection: 'Dot Matrix' performance

            Brussels, Belgium                                                                                                       solo show

            Reykjevic Visual Music with Punta y Raya                      Festival selection: 'Dot Matrix' performance     

            Nightingale, Chicago, Illinois                                                                                         solo show

            Microlights, Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                                                               solo show

            Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan                 Festival selection:  'Dot Matrix' performance

            MCAD, Minneapolis, Minnesota                                                                                    solo show

            Mirror Lab, St Paul, Minnesota                                                                                      solo show

            Internationales Kurzfilm Festival, Hamburg, Germany

                                                                     Festival selection:  'Dot Matrix' performance [audience award]

            Panka, Berlin, Germany                                                                            'Dot Matrix' performance

            Star and Shadow, 'Losing the Plot', England                                                                   solo show

            Film Material Soup, Manchester, England                                                     show with Cherry Kino

            Black Box Edinburgh FF, Scotland                                                Festival selection:'Seoul Electric'

            MIRE Nantes, France                                                                               'Dot Matrix' performance

            Arkipel, Goethe Haus, Jakarta, Indonesia                                                        show with Film Farm

            LA Film Forum, Los Angeles, California                                                                         solo show

            Exploded View, Tucson, Arizona                                                                                   solo show

            Basement Films, Albuquerque, New Mexico                                                                   solo show

            Microcinema, Denver, Colorado                                                                                     solo show

            UC Boulder, Colorado                                                                                                   solo show

            Dennison College, Columbus, Ohio                                                                                solo show

            NYSU Binghamton, New York                                                                                       solo show

            Anthology Archives, New York, New York                                                                      solo show

            Anthology Archives, New York, New York                                                                      solo show

            Mass Art, Boston, Massachusetts                                                                                solo show

            University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts                                                   screening

            Keene College, Keene, New Hampshire                                                                         screening

            Sight Unseen, Baltimore, Maryland                                                                               solo show

            DIM cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada                                                                         solo show

            San Francisco cinematheque, (hosted by Exploratorium)                                                solo show

            CalArts, Los Angeles, California                                                                                    solo show

2013     Echo Park Film Centre, Los Angeles, California                                                              solo show

            AAFF, Ann Arbor, Michigan                                                         Festival selection: 'Seoul Electric'

            Cinecycle, Toronto, Canada                                                                                          solo show

            Daemon, Gatineau, Canada                                                                                          solo show

            Microscope Gallery, New York, New York                                                                      solo show

            MIFF                                                                           Festival selection: 'Dot Matrix' performance     

            ExiS festival, Seoul, South Korea                                  Festival selection: 'Dot Matrix' performance

            Views from the Avant Garde, NYFF, NY                                                              Festival selection:

                                                                                         'Etienne's Hand', 'Seoul Electric', 'Screen Tone'

            Festival de Nouveau Cinema Montreal Canada                                                               solo show

            TIE Festival/Lab meeting, Colorado Springs                                                        Festival selection:

                                                                                                                          'Dot Matrix' performance

            Black Hole Cinematheque, Oakland                                                                              solo show

            Clinton Theatre Portland                                                                                               solo show

2012     International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands                       Festival selection: 'Etienne's Hand'

            MIFF                                                                                         Festival selection: 'Seoul Electric'

            Otherfilm Festival, Melbourne                                                   'Horizontals' +'Flyscreen Expanded'

            KLEX Malaysia                                                                                                            solo show

2011     MIFF                                                                              Festival selection: 'Tasmanian Splintering'

            Space Cell Seoul South Korea                                                                                      solo show

            25fps Zagreb Croatia Lab Meeting                                                                                  Lab show

            le 102 Grenoble France                                                                                                solo show

            L'Etna Paris France                                                                                                     solo show

            Film Koop Wien, Vienna, Austria                                                                                   solo show

            Regenbogen Berlin, Germany                                                                                        solo show

            Leeds Film Festival, Leeds, UK                                                                                     solo show

            Star and Shadow, Newcastle, UK                                                                                  solo show

            Unconscious Archives London, UK                                                                              group show

2010     Melbourne Fringe Festival 'Cinema's Other Room'                                                           solo show

            MIFF                                                                                                Festival selection: 'Flyscreen'

            Superflux downunder, Tape Projects                                                                           Performance

2009     Melbourne Fringe Festival, Brunswick Street Gallery                                                      solo show      

            SueK's Backdoor                                                                     numerous curations/ performances

            Tape Projects Curated and Open screenings (AFW)

            MIFF                                                                                                Festival selection: 'Ironwood'


Workshops 2011 to 2018 with Dianna Barrie:

2018     JAN     Crater Lab Barcelona                                                                                  contact printing


2017     MAR    UW Milwaukee                                                                                           contact printing


            JUL     Think Young Lab HK                                                                         bolex rgb LED printing

                       Wizardenx Studio, Taiwan                                                                                  pinhole S8


                       Space Cell                                                                                                 contact printing

                       Floating Projects HK                                                          shooting/processing b/w reversal


            OCT    Nantes                                                            save the Truca! (rebuilding JK optical printer)

            NOV    Klubvizjia Zagreb                                                                                   steenbeck printing

                       Baltic Analog Lab Riga                                           projector contact printing+XromafleX XXI

                       The Dark Room Dublin                                                                                        monoflex



2016     FEB    Filmwerkstaaden, Vaasa Finland                                                                   XromafleX XIV

                       Crater Lab, Barcelona Catalonia                                                                    XromafleX XV

            MAY    Videox, Zurich, Switzerland                                                                          XromafleX XVI

            JUN     Lab visit Naples                                                                                          XromafleX XVII

                       Unza Lab Milan                                                                              monoflex/bolex printing

            JUL     Lab Meeting MIRE Nantes, France                                                                Bolex Printing

                                                                                                                                Splicer maintenance

            SEP    SUFF Sydney, Australia                                                                             XromafleX XVIII

            OCT    LUFF, Lausanne, Switzerland                                                                     XromafleX XXIX     

            NOV    Prague, Czechia                                                                                          XromafleX XX

                       Polar Lab, Tromso, Norway                                             steenbeck printing/bolex shooting

                       Analogica festival, Bolzano, Italy                                                                         monoflex


2015     MAR    AFW, Melbourne, Australia                                                   host Roger Beebe's workshop     

                       LLL Jakarta                                                     build and teach optical printer & film transfer

                                                                                                                                           XromafleX XI

            APR    Space Cell                                           build and use contact printer/optical sound recorder

            JUL     VCA Animation class, Melbourne, Australia                                                          monoflex

            SEP    WNDX Winnipeg                                                                                           XromafleX XII

                       Halifax                                                                                                        XromafleX XIII

            NOV    Jakarta Biennale, Indonesia                                                     LLL and AFW lab installation

                       Melaka, Malaysia                                                                                  b/w shoot/process

                       KLEX hosted at Da Huang, Kuala Lumpur                                                b/w shoot/process

                       New Era College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                               b/w shoot/process

                       Penang, Malaysia                                                                                  b/w shoot/process


2014     JAN     IFFR Worm Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam NL                                                       XromafleX IV

            MAR    University of Wisconsin Milwaukee                                                                b/w handwork

                       MCAD Minneapolis                                                                                       b/w handwork

            JUN     Labor Berlin                                                                                                   XromafleX V

            AUG    Nanofest Nanolab, Daylesford                                                        shoot, edit, sound, print

            SEP    Arkipel - LLL at PFN Jakarta                                                         reversal lomo processing

                                                                                                                              build and use printers

            OCT    UC Boulder, Colorado                                                                                     XromafleX VI

                       Ohio State, Columbus, Ohio                                                                                monoflex

                       AgX, Boston, Massachusetts                                                                         XromafleX VII

                       Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts                                                           monoflex

                       University of Massachusetts, Amherst                                                                  monoflex

                       Sight Unseen, Baltimore, Maryland                                                                XromafleX VIII

                       Iris film collective, Vancover, Canada                                                             XromafleX XIX

                       Exploratorium, SF                                                                                          XromafleX X


2013     FEB     AFW, Melbourne, Australia                                                                               flat printing

            APR    LIFT, Toronto, Canada                                                                                      XromafleX II

            AUG    AFW, Melbourne, Australia                                                              Double Exposure wksp

                       AFW, Melbourne, Australia                                                                 Contact Printer wksp     

            NOV    TIE Festival/Lab meeting, Colorado Springs                                                      XromafleX III

                       Ben Popp Portland Oregon US                                                                      b/w handwork



2012     AUG    MIFF, Melbourne, Australia                                                   “colour spectrum” (XromafleX I)

            SEP    AFW, Melbourne, Australia                                                                           build/teach lab

                       AFW, Melbourne, Australia                                                                                 projection

            OCT    AFW, Melbourne, Australia                                                                             quadroscope

            NOV    Hosted by KLEX, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                                                         

                       Rimbun Dahan                                                                   b/w shooting and bolex printing     

                       New Era College                                                                b/w shooting and bolex printing


2011     SEP-NOV B/W handwork

                       Space Cell, Seoul, South Korea                                                                   B/W handwork

                       L'Etna, Paris, France                                                                                   B/W handwork

                       Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam, Netherlands B/W handwork

                                                                                                              build a telecine workshop project

                       Film Ko-op Wien, Vienna, Austria                                                                  B/W handwork

                       Labor Berlin, Berlin, Germany                                                                       B/W handwork

                       Cherry Kino, Leeds, UK                                                                                B/W handwork

                       NowHere, London, UK                                                                                  B/W handwork


“Figure of the Machine”, Giles Fielke, Discipline No.4, Sprint/Summer 2015

“Second Nature: On the Experimental Work of Richard Tuohy, Lauren Bliss, Senses of Cinema, No. 78, 2016

“Photographic Memory: Diary of a Viewer”, Martin Rumsby, Millennium Film Journal, No. 56 Fall 2012

“Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie: two pioneers of the Super8 Renaissence, Tony Graffio, Orto dossia fotografica, 2017


By Richard Tuohy:

Highview: An Interview with Simon Liu”, Millennium Film Journal, No. 66 Fall 2017

“Artist Film Workshop”, Film Is, issue zero, 2015

“Four Serious Songs”, Film Is, issue zero, 2015

“Voices from Darkness – interview with Lucas Haynes”, Film Is, issue zero, 2015

“On the Invention of the Wheel – a saga”, Film Is, issue zero, 2015

“Personal Cinema”, Film Is, issue one, 2017

“Crater Lab”, Film Is, issue one, 2017

“Film Laborious film”, Film Is, issue one, 2017

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Richard Tuohy, December 2017.



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