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Arthur & Corinne Cantrill
b. January 29, 1938 & November 6, 1928,
Sydney, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Arthur and Corinne Cantrill have been making films since 1960; at first documentaries on art, then experimental film since 1969; and they edited and published Cantrills Filmnotes, a journal on film and video art, from 1971 to 2000.

still from In This Life's Body (1984)

Their filmwork and publishing is well-known internationally: they are represented in several film collections including those of The Royal Film Archive of Belgium, Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek (Berlin), Deutsches Filmmuseum (Frankfurt), Musée national d'art moderne (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris), New York Museum of Modern Art, PRÉA (Avignon), The British Council, and the National Library of Australia.


Their films have been shown at the Centre Pompidou and The Louvre in Paris, the New York Museum of Modern Art, as well as other art museums and film festivals. Arthur Cantrill has given lectures on 19th Century Proto-Cinema, Len Lye, Colour in Cinema etc. at Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt, Kino Arsenal in Berlin, The National Library of Australia, ScreenSound Australia and other places.

In 1996 Arthur Cantrill retired as Associate Professor in the School of Creative Arts, University of Melbourne.

Corinne Cantrill celebrated her 80th birthday in 2008 with a special screening at La Mama Theatre.

Arthur Cantrill and Corinne Cantrill were both appointed as Members in the General Division of the Order of Australia in the Queen's Birthday Honours, 2011, "for service to the visual arts as documentary and experimental filmmakers, and to education in the creative arts field, particularly surrealism and avant-garde cinema".

CDs containing Arthur Cantrill’s film sound compositions have been released by Shamefile Music and Iceage productions. The latest release is a vinyl LP (with download rights) of the sound composition used in the Cantrill feature-length film ‘Harry Hooton’. See Shame File Music.

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   A series of biographical films (on Robert Klippel 1963-65, Charles Lloyd 1966, Will Spoor 1969, and Harry Hooton 1969) challenges traditional documentary form, and culminates in the autobiographical masterpiece In This Life's Body (1984), which tells Corinne's personal story at the same time as it addresses issues of the writing of autobiography through images. [...]

Garden of Chromatic Disturbance

Their interest in the materiality of film is evident through all their work, but becomes explicit in films such as Three Colour Separations Studies - Landscapes (1976), and is particularly decisive in a series of films about the film-making practice of ethnographer Walter Baldwin Spencer; for instance, Reflections on Three Images by Baldwin Spencer (1974). Corinne's early training as a botanist is apparent in their many films that focus on the Australian landscape, particularly in outback regions (At Uluru, 1977, and The Second Journey to Uluru, 1981), but also nearer to home (Tidal River, 1996). They rework their earlier films, often presenting them as performance pieces, such as Skin of Your Eye (Seen) (1974-76), Edges of Meaning (1977-79), Fields of Vision (1978), Grain of the Voice (1979-80), or Projected Light (1988). Although they had worked sometimes in 8mm, most of their early work was on 16mm, until 1990, when a visit to Indonesia convinced them to switch to 8mm for films such as The Becak Driver (1998).

- Ina Bertrand, extracted from her entry in the Oxford Companion to Australian Film, 1999.

See also page on Cantrills Filmnotes, and visit the Cantrills' website.



(16mm unless otherwise noted)

Films made between 1960-1963, all shown on ABC TV:

A series of 11, 10 min. children's art and craft films; The Odyssey: series of 10, 10 min. episodes with shadow puppets; Kip and David: series of 13, 12 min. episodes; Zoo, 30 min. Several 5 min. silent 'interludes', e.g. Tower of Blocks, Feeding the Ducks, Pebbles, etc. A series of four 6 min. studies of native flora: Banksia Serrata, Banksia Integrifolia, Pandanus Pedunculatus, Casuarina Equisetifolia.

Mud, 4 mins, 1963

Galaxy, 4 mins, 1963

Nebulae, 4 mins, 1963

Kinegraffiti, 4 mins, 1963

Robert Klippel Sculpture Studies, 5 films, each 5 mins, 1964-1965

Robert Klippel Drawings, 1947-1963, 25 mins, 1965

The Incised Image, 25 mins, 1966

Dream, 4 mins, 1966

Adventure Playground, London, 6 mins, 1966

Burghers of Calais, 8 mins, 1967

Moving Statics

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, 30 mins, 1968

Red Stone Dancer, 6 mins, 1968

Moving Statics, 28 mins, 1969

Rehearsal at the Arts Laboratory, 4 mins, 1969

Imprints, 4 mins, 1969

Fud 69, 6 mins, 1969

Home Movie - A Day in the Bush, 4 mins, 1969

Eikon, 3 mins, 30 secs, 1969

White-Orange-Green, 4 mins, 1969

Bouddi, 8 mins, 1970

4000 Frames, An Eye-Opener Film, 3 mins, 1970

Earth Message

Earth Message, 23 mins, 1970

Harry Hooton, 83 mins, 1970

New Movements Generate New Thoughts, 11 mins, 1971

The Boiling Electric Jug Film, 8 mins, 1971

Blast, 6 mins, 1971

Meditations, 6 mins, 1971

Nine Image Film, 3 mins, 1971

Milky Way Special, 3 mins, 1971

Zap, 2 mins, 1971

Harry Hooton

Video Self-Portrait, 6 mins, 1971

Gold Fugue, 3 mins, 1971*

Pink Metronome, 3 mins, 1971*

Room, 5 mins, 1971*

The City, 8 mins, 1971*

Fragments, 13 mins, 1971*

Island Fuse, 11 mins, 1971

Skin of Your Eye, 117 mins, 1973

At Eltham, 24 mins, 1974

Reflections on Three Images by Baldwin Spencer, 1901, 17 mins, 1974

Negative/Positive on Three Images by Baldwin Spencer, 1901, 10 mins, 1974

Studies in Image (De)Generation Nos. 1, 2 & 3, each 10 mins, 1975

Three Colour Separation Studies - Landscapes, 13 mins, 1976**

Three Colour Separation Studies - Still Lifes, 13 mins, 1976**

Simple Observations of a Solar Eclipse, 16 mins, 1976

Touching the Earth Series:

1-Ocean at Point Lookout, 46 mins, 1977


2-Near Coober Pedy, 15 mins, 1977

3-At Uluru, 80 mins, 1977

4-Katatjuta, 24 mins, 1977

Moving Picture Postcards, 16 mins, 1978**

Heat Shimmer, 13 mins, 1978**

Hillside at Chauritchi, 6 mins, 1978

Near Wilmington, 6 mins, 1978

Meteor Crater, Gosse Bluff, 6 mins, 1978*

Ocean, 15 mins, 1978*

Interior/Exterior, 3 mins, 1978***

Printer Light Play, 6 mins, 1978

Angophora and Sandstone, 15 mins, 1979**

Coast at Pearl Beach, 11 mins, 1979**

Notes on the Passage of Time, 14 mins, 1979**

Myself When Fourteen

Grain of the Voice Series:

1-Rock Wallaby and Blackbird, 66 mins, 1980

2-Two Women, 32 mins, 1980

3-Seven Sisters, 19 mins, 1980

Unthurqua, 6 mins, 1980

Warrah, 15 mins, 1980**

Experiments in Three-Colour Separation, 21 mins, 1980**

Two-Colour Separation Studies, 16 mins, 1980

Pan/Colour Separations, 11 mins, 1980**

The Second Journey (To Uluru), 74 mins, 1981

Wilpena, 23 mins, 1981

Time/Colour Separations, 18 mins, 1981**

Floterian - Hand Printings From a Film History, 12 mins, 35mm and 16mm, 1981

Corporeal, 18 mins, 1983***

Passage, 65 mins, 1983***

At Black Range, 12 mins, 1984**

Waterfall, 18 mins, 1984**

In This Life's Body, 147 mins, 1984

Illuminations of the Mundane

Rainbow Diary, 17 mins, 1984 (with Ivor Cantrill)

Notes on Berlin, the Divided City, 30 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1986

Walking Track, 20 mins, Super 8mm, 1987

The Berlin Apartment, 120 mins, 1987*** (new version 1992)

Myself When Fourteen, 19 mins, 1989 (with Ivor Cantrill)

Bali Film, 32 mins, Super 8mm, 1990

Agung Gives Ivor a Haircut, 4 mins, 30 secs, Super 8mm, 1991

Days in Ubud, 31 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1992

The Bemused Tourist, from Bogor to Bandung, 23 mins, Super 8mm, 1992

View From the Balcony of the Marco Polo Hotel, 4 mins, Super 8mm, 1992/ rev. 1993

Rendra's Place, Depok, 8 mins, Super 8mm, 1992

Walking to Yeh Pelu, 10 mins, Super 8mm, 1993

Ivor Paints Arf Arf

The Pause Between Frames, 4 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1993

In the Shadow of Gunung Batur, 8 mins, Super 8mm, 1993

Ming-Wei to Singaraja, 7 mins, 30 secs, Super 8mm, 1993

Ivor's Tiger Xmas Card, 7 mins, 18 secs, Super 8mm, 1994

Ivor's Exhibition, 15 mins, Super 8mm, 1995

Ramayana/Legong, 5 mins, 36 secs, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1995

Jalan Raya, Ubud, 15 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1995

Early Morning at Borobudur, 20 mins, Super 8mm, 1995

Decadal, 8 mins, Super 8mm, 1995

Ivor Paints, 79 mins, Super 8mm, 1995

The City of Chromatic Dissolution

Petunias, 3 mins, 52 secs, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1996

Articulated Image, 3 mins, 22 secs, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1996

Light Shards, 3 mins, 30 secs, Super 8mm, 1996

Tidal River, 38 mins, Super 8mm, 1996

Airey's Inlet, 6 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1997

F.N.Q. Night, 4 mins, Super 8mm, 1997

Floriana on the Esplanade, 7 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1997

Ivor's Xmas Card 1997, 3 mins, Super 8mm, 1997

Illuminations of the Mundane - Winter, 21 mins, Super 8mm, 1997

Illuminations of the Mundane - Spring, 12 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1998

The Becak Driver - Superimposed

Illuminations of the Mundane - Late Light, 12 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1998

Nimnims in the Garden Xmas Card, 6 mins, Super 8mm, 1998

Ivor's Ceramic Exhibition, 5 mins, Super 8mm, 1998

Cairns, 8 mins, 44 secs, Super 8mm, 1998

Garden of Chromatic Disturbance, 13 mins, 1998**

Ivor Paints Arf Arf, 5 mins, 28 secs, 1998**

The City of Chromatic Dissolution, 21 mins, 35 secs, 1998**

The City of Chromatic Intensity, 5 mins, 1999**

The Becak Driver - Superimposed, 20 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 1999***

The Room of Chromatic Mystery

The Land is Not Empty, 26 mins, 2000

Light Shards, (2nd version) 6 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 2001

Capricornia, 20 mins, 2001

Floriana on the Esplanade, 8 mins, Super 8mm (16mm enlargement), 2001

Folded Sandstone, 16 mins, 2001

The Room of Chromatic Mystery, 7 mins, 2006

*  3-screen film

**  3-colour separation film

***  2-screen film


Expanded Cinema - Arthur Cantrill painting patterns on a black screen on which is projected a hand-painted film, Calligraphy Contest for the New Year, as performed at the Age Gallery in 1971.

Expanded Cinema 1970-1972 (Included multiscreen, projection onto patterned and 3-D screens, and onto burning screens and screens of water. Also included following two works.)

Calligraphy Contest for the New Year 1971 (Hand-painted film projected anamorphically onto black screen progressively painted white and cut into patterns by Arthur Cantrill)

Concert for Electric Jugs 1971 (Film of boiling electric jug projected onto four boiling electric jugs.)

Edges of Meaning 1977 (Film images by Walter Baldwin Spencer on two screens at right angles, installation of Spencer frame enlargements, Corinne Cantrill reading from Spencer's writing.)

Fields of Vision 1978 (3-screen projection of extracts from Cantrill landscape films, with commentary live and recorded by A. & C. Cantrill, installation of film stills.)

Grain of the Voice 1980 (Films made with Pitjantjatjara song men and women with live commentary by Corinne Cantrill; installation of sand, trees, Aboriginal artifacts; film stills.)

The Practice of Filmmaking 1981 (16mm and Super 8 2-screen, based on the production of the film The Second Journey (To Uluru), with installation of sand, trees, tent etc.)

Passage 1983 (2-screen film of journey from Melbourne to Central Australia with live and recorded commentary and action by C. and A. Cantrill; installation of sand, trees, tent, garments, camera; film stills.)

Journey Through a Face 1984 (2 hour autobiographical film with live and recorded commentary and action by Corinne Cantrill, installation of photographs, flowers, garments.)

The Berlin Apartment 1986 (2 hours, new version 1992) (2-screen film of filmmakers living in a Berlin apartment with live commentary and action by Corinne Cantrill, installation of furnishings, flowers.)

Projected Light 1988 (2 hour 2-screen and slides of film about filmmakers house and film history and live and recorded commentary by A. and C. Cantrill, on cinema as an art of projected light.)

The Bemused Tourist 1997 (2 hour 3-screen presentation of films shot in Bali and Java, 1990-94, some re-cut, with recorded music and effects and live commentary and performance by C. Cantrill in a set/installation of Indonesian artifacts & batiks.)

The Becak Driver - a story from Yogyakarta 1998 (2-screen Super 8 and 16mm film and slides and installation of batiks etc., with recorded music and effects and live commentary by C. Cantrill.)



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For a more comprehensive Bibliography, go to Bibliography page on Cantrills' website.

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