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Richard Lowenstein
b. March 1, 1959, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Richard Lowenstein is a graduate of Melbourne's Swinburne Film and Television school. He has written and directed the feature films, Strikebound, Dogs in Space, Say a Little Prayer, He Died with a Felafel in His Hand, and the telemovie Ghost Story, as well as numerous award-winning music-videos, concert films and commercials, including one for the 1990 election campaign of the Sandinista Government of Nicaragua.

He has Executive-Produced the ten-part satirical music series 'John Safran's Music Jamboree' and 'John Safran vs. God' for SBS Independent. He is a partner in the Melbourne-based production company, GHOST, as well as a partner in the feature film production company, Fandango Australia Pty Ltd, with Italian Producer - Domenico Procacci, Producer - Sue Murray, Lawyer - Bryce Menzies and Director - Rolf de Heer.



He Died with a Felafel in His Hand

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   The dumbing down of the art of filmmaking to merely that of efficient "storytelling" surely has to be one of the most depressing things about the current state of mainstream cinema. Would we say to a composer, painter, writer or designer they they were merely "storytellers"? Yet, this seems to be the main expectation that we as a society have of cinema. The history of the artform has proved that it is much more than that, yet when it comes to cinema language, history seems to be going backwards...

- Richard Lowenstein, June 2004.

"Lowenstein's approach effectively brings to the screen a beautiful, brooding character study that's one part dirty realist comedy, one part existential allegory, but more than anything, a maturation of Lowenstein's own directorial style, as evidenced in his last cult hit, Dogs in Space. This film's fine performances, allegorical dialogue, philosophical themes, use of music and sense of muted melodrama also stands up well alongside the fine tradition of American independent filmmaking propounded by directors such as Hal Hartley and Jim Jarmusch."

- Vanessa Long on He Died with a Felafel in His Hand, 2002 (see link below, in Bibliography).



Evictions (1979, 27 mins, 16mm)

Strikebound (1984, 101 mins, 35mm)

White City (1985, 58 mins, 35mm)

Dogs in Space (1986, 108 mins, 35mm)

Say a Little Prayer (1993, 98 mins, 35mm)

Ghost Story (1995, 55 mins, Super 16mm, telemovie)

He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (2001, 108 mins, 35mm)

We're Livin' on Dog Food (2009, 94 mins, documentary)

Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard (2011, 110 mins, documentary)

Ecco Homo (2015, 98 mins, documentary)


Dogs in Space

Winner "Best Australian Short Film" - Melbourne Film Festival 1980
Official entrant - Oberhausen Short Film Festival 1980
Kodak Award - Best Australian Cinematography Short Film 1980

Winner "Jury Prize" Karlovy Vary Film Festival 1985
Nominated 9 AFI Awards, Winner Best Production Design 1985
Official Selection - 'Critics' Week' Venice Film Festival 1985
Official Selection - Edinburgh, Tokyo, Taormina, New York, London, Montreal Film Festivals 1985

White City
Winner MTV "Best Longform Video" 1986

Dogs in Space
Official Selection Berlin, Taormina, London, Edinburgh, New York Film Festivals

Say a Little Prayer
Official Selection - Berlin, Giffoni & Bellizona Film Festivals

Ghost Story
Winner 'Special Jury Prize' - Cinema Tout Ecran Switzerland 1997

Evictions (1979, 27 mins)
Dogs in Space TRAILER (1986)

Ghost Story


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He Died with a Felafel in His Hand


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Vanessa Long, He Died with a Felafel in His Hand

Richard Lowenstein, December 2017.

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GHOST Pictures Pty Ltd
6/400 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182
(03) 9534 3100

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