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b. 1963, Kwinana, Western Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   sue.k. trained as an artist at Claremont School of Art, Western Australia, at the beginning of the 1990s and went on to become a practising artist in sculpture, drawing, and painting, exhibiting successfully in solo and group shows. In an effort to improve knowledge and ability to cohesively discuss her work sue.k. took up further studies in art history and theory where she discovered experimental film and video. Since then her practice has included experimental video work that specifically is for stand alone screen projection events as opposed to gallery installation/exhibition.

In addition to her practice sue.k. established cogcollective, which coordinated monthly screenings of artists’ film and video, with Steven Ball in London, and is currently continuing this programming activity in Melbourne under the banner of cogcollective at The BAck doOR @ suek-artist.


CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Wanting to stay as close as possible to her origins as a visual artist, sue.k. preferences low end technology for shooting her original footage. She explores the limitations of the domestic digital camera by adjusting the settings and allowing the optical mechanics to respond to the specifics of the location. This provides the textural elements necessary to link her video work to her works on paper and to her sculpture and painting. Because the textures caught in camera are rich, the digital filters in editing are sidestepped with only an application of adjustment in brightness and contrast or, at times, a reduction to 256 colours. The final product that emerges from the editing suite is one that adheres to the confined boundaries of the metrical system applied in editing yet speaks volumes regarding both temporal and geographical space.



Wash (1999, 5 mins, SVHS)

sinatra/a film by sue.k. (1999, 11 mins, SVHS)

potmen (2000, 4 mins, SVHS)

sinatra's square (2000, 11 mins, SVHS)

daz07/02/012038 (2001, 5 mins, video)

gabscal 21seconds/16frames (2002, 49 mins, video)

karenintheround014 (2002, 5 mins, video, silent) 

card4 (2002, 8 mins, video) 

gabscal 21seconds/16frames

steps---89 (2003, 17 mins, video)

d&b tollington park (2005, 11 mins, video)       

liverpool223355 (2006-7, 28 mins, video)   

film_1234... (2007, 1:30 mins, video, uses found footage)   

1/500OP+9blackfriars (2007-8, 15 mins, video)       

sequence 1 in landscape (2008, 8 mins, video)       

dance[underscore]jigsaw (2008, 3 mins, video)       


2112 (2009, 21 mins, video)


14th West Australian Screen Awards, 2000

Figuring Space, Film and Television Institute of Western Australia, 2000

SPLIFF, Perth, 2001

Light Reading, 291 Gallery, London, 2001

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, 2002


15th West Australian Screen Awards, (Awarded Best Experimental Production), 2002

West Australian Experimental Screen Work, 291 Gallery, London, 2002

omsk, London, Bristol, 2002

Musee d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Strassbourg, 2002

Another Planet, Chicago Video Data Bank, Chicago, 2003

Another Planet, Robert Beck Memorial, New York, 2003

16th West Australian Screen Awards (Nominated for Best Experimental Production), 2003

figuring time frames: a programme of experimental screen work by sue.k. The Black Box at The Bakery, Perth, Western Australia, 2003


"Elastic" National Touring Exhibition, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Australia, 2003

Time-lapse, The Bread Box at The Bakery, Perth, Western Australia, 2003

17th West Australian Screen Awards (Awarded Best Experimental Production), 2004

Rencontrés Internationales Paris/Berlin, 2004

Microprocesses, Island Film and Video Festival, London, 2005

Festival International du Film d'Amiens, Amiens, France, 2005

Rencontrés Internationales Paris/Berlin, 2005


LHU Artists’ Film Festival, Liverpool, 2006

Shifting Latitudes, cogcollective, London, 2006

Shifting Latitudes, cogcollective, Daylesford, Australia, 2008

Lines of Travel___, cogcollective, Brisbane, Australia, 2008

Lines of Travel___, cogcollective, Melbourne, Australia, 2009

Fractured Light, cogcollective, London, 2009

Back and Forth, and All Over Again, James Taylor Gallery, London, 2009

© sue.k., April 2009

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