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Even though the focus of this website is the independent filmmakers that exist in Melbourne, it is only fair to try and at least acknowledge some of the indie filmmakers in other Australian cities.

This page here is a listing of filmmakers from cities and areas in Australia outside of Melbourne / Sydney / Adelaide.

As with the Melbourne page, this is a list of indie / experimental / avantgarde filmmakers, not mainstream ones.

Filmmakers added in 2021 are marked NEW (which, this page being newly formed in 2021, means all the people listed)

If you'd like someone listed here, please email me.

Bill Mousoulis

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Jeremy DeCeglie NEW - Perth filmmaker of low-budget features in the 2010s.

Robert Douglas NEW - Griffith Film School (Brisbane) graduate, is currently (2021) finishing his first feature film, independently-made.

Karrabing Film Collective NEW - Indigenous film collective in NT since 2013, composed of a number of filmmakers.

Angus Kirby NEW - Griffith Film School (Brisbane) graduate, has made a number of short films since the mid-'10s.

James Newitt NEW - Tasmanian artist who works between documentary and installation work. Has made the feature I Go Further Under in 2019.

Bryce Reimann NEW - Griffith Film School (Brisbane) graduate, made his debut feature Hard Yakka in 2017.

Georgia Temple NEW - Griffith Film School (Brisbane) graduate, made her debut feature Grace, Who Waits Alone in 2016.

Nigel Wells NEW - Prolific QLD filmmaker of eclectic / experimental shorts in the 2000s.

Robert Woods NEW - Perth filmmaker who has made his debut feature An Ideal Host in 2020.

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