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Jamie Wilson
(Jamie Charles Wilson)
b. May 31, 1968, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   The son of Melbourne-based ex-political Journalist David Wilson (The Australian) and Melbourne-based writer Cheryl Wilson, Jamie spent the first five years of his life living in Broadmeadows, then in Carlton and eventually settled down down with his mum in a share house in Brunswick with (The last laugh founder) John Pinder. He attended Princess Hill Primary and secondary School. As a child Jamie learnt several instruments, sang in a choir and performed on stage, he then took up dancing which led him into becoming a DJ, busboy and barman in the nightclub scene for several years (Billboards). During this time he also was employed in hospitality as a kitchen hand and waiter and worked in Lygon St Carlton for many years whilst studying drama. During the '70s his parents spent most of their time in Carlton mingling with the Carlton set (Peter Blazey, Helen Garner, Jack Hibberd).

Jamie Wilson

"I can remember being at the Albion Hotel with my Mum and watching people fall over, that was Carlton the '70s. The place was full of writers, journos, musos and actors, it was a creative hub". His parents eventually divorced and Cheryl would indulge Jamie and his brother Darren with outings to the cinema. "Mum used to drag us along to watch Jaques Tati and Marx Brothers film festivals at the Carlton Moviehouse. I never wanted to go but she made me, it had a profound effect on me in many ways, I loved them. The Black Stallion, Storm Boy, Mad Max the list goes on; it was the beginning of an addiction. Making films to me is kind of like an expensive drug habit, once you've made one you want to make more, except you can’t afford it and it's bloody unhealthy, but thank god for cinema, life’s too complicated and we need to escape".

He is a newcomer to filmmaking and has been acting on the stage and screen for the last two decades.

Some of his stage credits include Macbeth, Julius Caesar, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Twelve Angry Men, he has also appeared in Neighbours, Blue Heelers and in various television commercials and features/short films. Recently he co-produced and performed in the short One in a Million, which was in the finals for Tropfest 2009. Over the last 10 years Jamie has been concentrating more on getting behind the camera, making shorts, mocs, docs and has been writing, producing, directing and has completed several films whilst picking up some freelance work as an editor and cameraman.

Two of a Kind

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   As a filmmaker I am interested in many styles and types of films, every film I make is different from the other. I don’t believe you should limit yourself to being a "type of filmmaker " It’s too limiting. Comedy is my foray and for many the hardest (not that I have mastered it). On saying that I have an interest in Genre films right through to art house, it depends on what is influencing me at the time. Dead-end Drive-in, Road Games, Dying Breed, I am a sex addict, Borat, High Plains Drifter, Scarface are great films in my book and had a huge impact on me. In general I like to entertain and go where people don’t want to go, wether it’s funny, dark or even absurd. I base my ideas on what I know and try not to guess, so yes they are personal in many ways.

I think I will grow as a filmmaker and cross many different genres and styles/themes as I develop and mature as screen practitioner, actor and as a person. I hope the audience looks at my work as a little more edgy and out there than others as I do feel I have something to say in this crazy world that we call filmmaking.

- Jamie Wilson, April 2009


What Happened to Gavin Davies?

Burgermen (2004, 46 mins, Hi 8 and Super VHS)

Brunswick in 2005: A Year to Remember (2005, 2.27 mins, Mini Dv)
(2006 Flag Fall Film Festival)

Quite Strange (2005, 7 mins, Mini Dv)

Spud (2005, 7 mins, Mini Dv)

Trv47a (2005, 4 mins, Mini Dv)

Kill Kitty (2005, 4 mins, Mini Dv)

The Good, The Bad and Ugly (2006, 52 mins, Mini Dv)
Still in post

Opposites Attract (2007, 14 mins, Mini Dv)
(2007 Sydney Rd Film Festival)

What Happened to Gavin Davies? (2007, 26 mins, HDV)
Still in post

Two of a Kind (2008, 10.45 mins, HD)
(2009 Angry Film Festival)

One in a Million (2009, 6 mins, HDV)
(2009 Tropfest) (co-producer and performer)

Mirror of Filth (2014, 19 mins, HDV)
Co-directed with Ivan Malekin

Opposites Attract (2007, 14 mins)
Two of a Kind (2008, 10.45 mins)

shooting What Happened to Gavin Davies?

Influences: Brian De Palma, Alfred Hitchcock, Jerry Lewis, Peter Sellers, Michael Moore, Scott Ryan, George Miller, Quentin Tarantino, Andrew Dominik, Nash Edgerton, Jaques Tati, Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood, Sid James, Groucho Marx, Woody Allen, Benny Hill, Dick Emery, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Scott Ridley, Eddie Murphy, The Three Stooges.

Music: Everything!!

Books: The Screenwriter’s Handbook, Guerilla Filmmaking, Respect for Acting, Barry Humphries bio and many more….

Interviews: Paul Harris 2006 Film Buffs Forecast, Flag Fall Film Festival. Michael Agar 2006 Flag Fall Film Festival. Alan Brough, 2009 Movie Extra Tropfest.

Interesting Facts: Whilst in LA in 1998 Jamie met Quentin Tarantino and was mistaken for one of his minders.

During the '80s Jamie’s Father formed a friendship with Clint Eastwood whilst covering his political campaign in Carmel for The Australian. When Jamie was in LA he attempted to contact Eastwood but was unsuccessful. Eastwood's agent thought he was some crazy Aussie stalker.

Jamie was also represented in LA by Kaz DeMille, a distant relative to Cecil B.

© Jamie Wilson, December 2017.

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