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Matthew Rees
b. 1964, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Matthew first started making Super 8 films in his hometown of Boort when he was 12. In 1982 he went on to study film/television and drama at Melbourne State College (now Melbourne University). He was one of the founding members of the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group in 1985 and was on the committee for over 11 years. He has also been a member of a number of theatre companies and has acted in many productions. Matthew moved to Sydney in 2001 where he continued to work on films. He returned to Melbourne in 2008 . While in Sydney Matthew co-produced and directed a short police series, as well as working as cinematographer and editor on a couple of feature films. He also produced a number corporate videos as a part of REESTV.


Gerry Gee Jnr

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Most of my films have a comedic element, however my body of work is varied, ranging from drama, comedy, experimental, corporate and documentary. I have never really been driven by particular themes, I just love the process of making films. The area I have never been particularly interested in is the marketing of my finished work. I made a documentary Jim Watts (2001, 60 mins) around the story of my Uncle who was a Japanese prisoner of war. This was a rewarding film to make as it brought me closer to my families' stories. The marketing involved putting a free copy of the tape in the local post office.

I have also been very interested in the screening of independent films as demonstrated by my involvement with the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group. I am always on the lookout for a good place to freely watch and screen films and talk with other filmmakers.

- Matthew Rees, June 2004.


Normal Bias
Normal Bias

Stick Figure (1982, 30 mins, Video)

Bingo (1983, 15 mins, Video)

Gerry Gee Jnr (1983, 8 mins, Super 8)

Bingo (1983, 30 mins, Video)

Video Search (1984, 15 mins, Super 8)

PMT (1984, 15 mins, Video)

Birthday Boy
Birthday Boy

Ima Vessel (1985, 45 mins, Video)

Normal Bias (1986, 7 mins, Super 8)

Twister (1986, 5 mins, Super 8)

Birthday Boy (1986, 7 mins, Super 8)

Bardot (1987, 5 mins, Super 8)

Canvas (1987, 5 mins, Super 8)

How They Run (1988, 7 mins, Super 8)

Living Doll
Living Doll

A Very Special Day (1988, 45 mins, Video)

Kite (1989, 7 mins, Super 8)

Roma Home (1998, 7 mins, Super 8)

Cow Samui (1999, 7 mins, Super 8)

Living Doll (1999, 7 mins, Video)

Suburban Hero (2000, 7 mins, Video)

My Brother Gerry (2000, 10 mins, Video)

Police Escort
Police Escort

Jim Watts (2001, 60 mins, Video)

Stalkers Inc (2003, 7 mins, Video)

Raining Money (2003, 7 mins, Video)

Police Escort (2006, 20 mins, Video)

As Cinematographer

Souvenir (2006, 80 mins, Video)

My Gift To You (2006, 20 mins, Video)

Video Search
Video Search

"My life goes to the movies" by Adrian Martin, On the Beach 3-4, 1984

"Super 8 Reviews" by Nadine Myatt, Filmviews 1987

Various Melbourne Super 8 Film Group Newsletters

Matthew Rees, March 2009

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REESTV - Matthew's website

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