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Erin M McCuskey
aka Madame Yum
b. July 23,1963, Bendigo, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Erin M McCuskey learned filmmaking at the knee of her Irish immigrant father Ben McCuskey. An early adopter of the Super 8 cameras, the family would often watch his home movies on the loungeroom wall weeks after they had been sent away for processing. Erin studied film practice and theory through secondary school, university and various short intensives. Her experimental, narrative, art and short films have been developed alongside more commercial and community projects through her creative media agency Yum Studio.


CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Erin is a film artist with a reputation for working in the space between art and cinema.

Luxville Prologue

Her works traverse genre and platform with themes of feminisms, human rights, heritage, time, memory and death. Known for her use of muses, she creates fabulism (a term coined by Mark Twain to define the mixing of fact and fantasy). She explores the idea that joy expressed is a way to protect our freedoms

She is the author of transmedia project Luxville about the faded glory of a fictional city, Luxville (2015, series). Inspired by The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland the multilayered arts project uses film, photo and word reflected in projection, audience engagements (called Photoplay), written story and live performance all with still and moving image.


A pivotal work Do Not Go Gentle (2018, 30 mins) with composer collaborator Christine Tammer, received critical acclaim. A recent work Carnival As Life (2020, 6 mins) recently played to a packed house in Cinema One at the Regent Cinema Ballarat.


Her work regularly plays film festivals, art festivals with engagement that arrive and depart like a country carnival. Erin’s work has been reviewed as ‘intriguing, mesmeric’, ‘a curiousity that gently transforms in close focus’ and ‘transcendent immersion’.


See also Artist Statement (with pics)

CIVIC Pride (2019, 1 min)
Silver Rememberings (2016, 11 mins)


Carnival As Life

Precious Fragments (2022, 23 mins, Digital)

Intimacy in Isolation (2021, 4 mins, Digital)

Film Flourish
(2021, 4 x 15secs, Archival Digital)


Carnival As Life (2020, 6 mins, Digitised Super 8 & 16mm)

Large As Life (2020, 6 mins, Digitised Super 8 & 16mm)

Hello Foto
(2019, 5 mins, HDV)


Civic Queen (2019, 1 min, HDV) Part 3 of Civic Series

Civic Pride
(2019, 1 min, HDV) Part 2 of Civic Series

Civic Participation
(2019, 1 min, HDV) Part 1 of Civic Series

Luxville Episode 6
(2018, 4 mins, HDV & archival footage) Part 4 of Luxville

Random Number Generator
(2018, 15 mins, HDV) Written by Christine Tammer

An Indelicate Performance

Luxville The Story So Far (2017, 4 mins, HDV & archival footage) Part 3 of Luxville series

Twirl de Lux (2017, 5 mins, HDV & archival footage)

An Indelicate Performance
(2017, 4 mins, HDV)

Do Not Go Gentle
(2017, 30 mins, HDV & archival footage) with Christine Tammer

(2017, 4 mins, HDV & archival footage) with Christine Tammer

Silver Rememberings
(2016, 11 mins, Digitised Super 8)

Yaya’s House
(2015, 11 mins, HDV & archival footage) Part 2 of Luxville series

Luxville Prologue
(2015, 8 mins, HDV & archival footage) Part 1 of Luxville series

Women of Eureka
(2014, 6 x 3 mins, HDV & archival footage)

Hawk Man

Irresistible Frocks (2014, 13 mins, HDV)

Blood On Ballarat (2014, 10 x 2 mins, HDV)

Hawk Man
(2014, 4 mins, HDV)

Ta Phin [A Hard Life Easy to Live]
(2013, 14 mins, HDV)

The Inside Story
(2013, 32 mins, HDV & archival footage)

Deb’s Story
(2012, 12 mins, HDV)

(2011, 12 x 6 mins, HDV)

(2010, 30 mins, HDV)

(2009, 30 mins, HDV & archival footage)

Said She Found Stars On The Floor

PROCEED With Caution (2009, 1 min, HDV) Part 4 of Semaphore Series

What U Doing? (2009, 1 min, HDV) Part 3 of Semaphore Series

Where U Going?
(2009, 1 min, HDV) Part 2 of Semaphore Series

(2009, 1 min, HDV) Part 1 of Semaphore Series

Said She Found Stars On The Floor
(2000, 3 mins, Super 8)

Look At The Balloons
(2000, 30 mins, VHS)

Love U
(1999 1 min, 16mm)

Der Bug
(1999, 1 min, Super 8)


Download PDF of full CV   (May 2023)

Do Not Go Gentle Excerpt (2017, 3 mins)
Arising (2017, 4 mins)

An Indelicate Performance (2017, 4 mins)


Reviews of Do Not Go Gentle


Random Number Generator




Luxville a Love Letter - THE BALLARAT COURIER

© Erin M McCuskey, May 2023.

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