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Hanna Chetwin
b. 1988, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Hanna Chetwin is an experimental film maker based in Melbourne.

After majoring in art history at Melbourne University, encounters with Agnes Varda’s The Gleaners and I and an exhibition of 16mm works by Tacita Dean (in particular her films Kodak and Michael Hamburger), lead Hanna to transition into filmmaking, studying a Bachelor of Film and Television at Swinburne University where she dipped her toe into the world of narrative short films and documentaries.


She joined Artist Film Workshop in 2012, helping to set up the AFW lab space in Goodtime studios, and began working experimentally with celluloid film.

Her short films and expanded film works have been included in festivals such as the Melbourne International Film Festival (2015, 2016), the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival (2015, 2016), the Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Music Festival (2015) and the Florida Experimental Film Festival (2015).

Her expanded audio-visual work has been performed at Liquid Architecture (2016) and at the Inland Concert Series (2016, 2017, 2018) and the Astra Concert Series (2018) and her collaborative work with film lab Artist Film Workshop has been exhibited at Centre for Contemporary Photography gallery (2017), screened at the MCA in Sydney, Australian International Experimental Film Festival and Slopes Gallery, Melbourne (2014).

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Since joining Artist Film Workshop in 2012 I have worked exclusively with 16mm and have made only experimental films (and the occasional music video).

Southern Climes

At AFW I learned how to film on a Bolex and process my own film, and what continues to excite me about working this way is the endless possibilities to explore in celluloid image making.


In the last few years my films have tended to focus on minute details of the everyday and the environment around me (in my films SALTSouthern Climes and Tilings) as well as the photochemical, lab-based possibilities of 16mm (SODA), or a combination of the two (Intimacy is Hair in the Drain, Watercourse, Detail).


I always try and keep in my mind a quote I once read by Agnes Varda where she talks about keeping herself ‘open’ to the world around her; a particular way of seeing that I try and use when filming and structuring my films.


Things that have influenced my films include: the brevity and simplicity of Kurt Kren, the violence of Jeff Keen, the ‘hand and machine’ of Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie and the colour and structure of Esther Urlus.


In the last few years I also have enjoyed working with a number of experimental musicians and composers, (Francis Plagne, Rohan Drape, James Rushford and Alexander Garsden). I like the process of handing over a finished or almost finished film and seeing how the tone of a film is transformed when set against sound and music.


- Hanna Chetwin, January 2019. 




Short Films


Intimacy is Hair in the Drain

SALT (2018, 15 mins, 16mm dual projection) funding provided by Creative Victoria


Southern Climes (2018, 12 mins, 16mm)


Opaquing (2017, 5 mins, 16mm triple projection)


SODA (2017, 7 mins, 16mm)


Holiday Snaps (2016, 15 mins, 16mm and 35mm slides)


Tilings (2016, 15 mins, 16mm dual projection and 35mm slides)


Detail (2015, 12 mins, 16mm dual projection)


Intimacy is Hair in the Drain (2015, 8 mins, 16mm)


Watercourse (2014, 5 mins, 16mm)


Path Subject to Flooding (2013, 5 mins, 16mm)




Watercourse (2014, 5 mins)
Intimacy is Hair in the Drain (2015, 8 mins)


Music Videos


Lyse Striber (2016, 3 mins, 16mm transferred to digital) music video for True Strength


Hearing Every Drop (2015, 5 mins, 35mm transferred to digital) music video for Francis Plagne


I hope you had a nice life before you flew into my eye (2014, 3 mins, 16mm transferred to digital) music video for Inevitable Orbit


Oranges (2011, 3 mins, digital video) music video for Francis Plagne



Collaborative Works


Film Baton (2014, 30 mins, 16mm) film by Artist Film Workshop (directed a 3 minute section)


Omnibus (2014, 40 mins, 16mm) film by Artist Film Workshop (directed a 3 minute section)


Hearing Every Drop (2015, 5 mins)
Lyse Striber (2016, 3 mins)

© Hanna Chetwin, January 2019

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