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Paul Fletcher
b. November 23, 1962, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Paul has been creatively involved for the last 30 years in experimental music and short film/animation and media projects. He has made over 30 short animated and experimental films that have been screened locally and internationally. Between 1980 and 1989 Paul was a drummer and occasional clarinet wrangler in a performing and recording experimental music group called "Essendon Airport". During this time he also produced many limited edition screenprint posters, greeting cards and record covers. (This Place-David Chesworth, Palimpsest-Essendon Airport)


Paul's short films have been exhibited locally (State Film Centres, St Kilda and ATOM film festivals, MIAF) as well as international festivals such as Ars Electronica, Punto Y Raya Madrid & Iceland, Brainwash, Sound Islands Singapore, Prix Leonardo (Parma Italy), Jazz Bit Sweden, Okomedia, LIAF, LISFE .

In 2004 Paul contributed the sound design and music for Robert Stephenson's AFI nominated short Lucky for Some. 2013 saw the soundtrack production for Siobhan Jackson’s Donkey in Lion's Cage, Magda Booth’s Morphette and Robert Stepehenson’s Nightlife.

Paul is currently a Lecturer in Animation in Film and Television at the Faculty of VCA and MCM, and often performs music and video works for Central Victorian art collective Punctum, and experimental music and film collective, Undue Noise.

His AudioVisual Midi Vacuum Cleaner was first premiered at the Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival 2006. Over the Easter weekends since 2008, Paul has staged “Hidden Creatures” a large outdoor sculpture, audio and animated video installation as part of the Greater City of Bendigo's Easter Festival. His installation work has included exhibitions at Allans Walk Artist Run Space as solo artist and in collaboration with Jacques Soddell ; “Time Decomposing” 2006, “Silence is” 2007, “Musuem of Lost Sounds” 2008 and "The tyranny of the moment, the closeness of distance” La Trobe Visual Arts Centre 2012.

The Last Retort

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   A common thread through all film and my own explorations in particular, has been a fascination with stories written by culture and the basic spectacle of the interaction of motion and sound.

I have consistently also been interested in creating sound and image as quickly and cheaply as possible, coming from the junk collecting/ reworking/ do it yourself sensibility.

This habit of working fast also comes from an interest in attempting to capture, emulate, stimulate the speed at which our waking and dreaming selves make connections and associations.

- Paul Fletcher, May 2004.


Space Mutants

Catholic Loop (1979, indefinite duration, Super 8 film loop / cassette sound)

Mowing Around the World (1979, indefinite duration, Super 8 film loop, slides, cassette sound)

Butchered (1979, 25 mins, Super8, cassette sound)

No.11 Clifton St Box Hill (1980, 12 mins, Super 8, sound)

Scratched (1980, 4 mins, Super 8, hand colored and scratched)

Royal Visit (1980, 3 mins, Super 8)

Dolls (1981, 10 mins, Super 8)

Mr Tsuzuki Comes To Australia (1981, 22 mins, Super 8)

They Shoot Werewolves Don’t They

Space Mutants - Sci-Fi Musical (1982, 11 mins, Super 8)

Raggedy Ann (1982, 10 mins, Super 8)

Monster Film (1982, 30 mins, Super 8 + Slides)

Rover Dog Elvis (1983, 2 mins, Super 8)

They Shoot Werewolves Don't They (1983, 10 mins, Super 8)

Elephant (1983, 10 mins, Super 8)

The Weird, The Mysterious and The Unexplained (1983, 22 mins, U-Matic Video, Mockumentary)

Disco Mixers (1985, 30 mins, Super 8)

Watch This Space (1991, 22 mins, 16mm)


Corporate Turtle (1992, 10 mins, Digital +VHS)

Josie and the Tecno Bunnies (1993, 3 mins, Digital/Video)

Ten Years in Realville (1994, 10 mins, Super 8 + Digital/Video)

Virtual Shopper (1995, 10 mins, Digital + SP-Betacam)

The Cloudwatchers (2002, 6 mins, DVD)

Eleven (2003, 5 mins, DVD)

De-emergence (2003, 2 mins, DVD)

Creature from the fractal lagoon (2003, 2 mins, DVD)

The Last Retort (2004, 5 mins, DVD)

Lake Qualm (2004, 3 mins, DVD)

Lake Qualm

Shed Film (2005, 3 mins, DVD)

10,000 Days (2005, 6 mins, DVD)

Test Transmission (2005, 5 mins, DVD)

Dreamlake (2006, 6 mins, DVD)

The Program (2007, 5 mins, DVD)

City of Dust (2008, 7 mins, DVD)

Insectaesthesia (2009, 4 mins, DVD, Betacam Sp & Digital)

The Isle of Insectaesthesia

The Isle of Insectaesthesia (2010, 5 mins).
The small island of Insectaesthesia supports 10% of the world's species, many of which occur nowhere else and all of which have their own unique perception of the world. If you live on an island, or in fact, you are your own island, this film is for you! An abstract virtual nature observational documentary.

Time Ripples In Sense World (2011, 7 mins)
Sense implies its opposite. You are here. Enjoy the spectacle before the inevitable farewells and next departure.

Ocean Forest (2011, 7 mins, 40 secs)
An exploration and evocation of the feelings of awe, terror and wonder created by geographical and psychological wilderness.

Ecstatic Mould (2013, 6 mins, 23 secs)
A roiling, surging wall of colour and densely packed imagery. Perhaps the most colourful and technically complex of Fletcher’s films to date. (Malcolm Turner – MIAF Catalogue)

Pop Psychology

Pop Pyschology (2014, 5 mins)
DVD Digital Visual Music
Digital Abstraction
Junctions, Gaps and Diffusion.
Taking its name from the popularisation of science and psychology, this film takes license with ideas from neuroscience of communication between neurons carried by synapses..or something like that. A lively blast of attention grabbing sound and image synchresis, in-the-moment imagined neuron firing and receiving, rapid multi-layered, parrallel processing, split second pulses and flows.

Simple Cellular (2014, 7 mins)
An audiovisual composition, a gentle immersion in networks of intertwining dynamic flux and rapidly cycling patterns, complex textures and motion built from permutations and increasing populations or duplication of simple units of cell-like circles and lines. Uses sequences of sound built up in layers, some edited in realtime improvisation, some tradtionally, compositing, and simultaneous synthesis of sound and picture.

GRID LIFE 2014 Shimmering, evolution and deconstruction produced as part of the research project Reconstructing the Familiar that is based on collaborative inter-disciplinary exchange and translation between music and animation by Mark Pollard and Paul Fletcher.

With Every Beat of its Wing 3:35 2014 Sonic and motion ripples, vibrations of light and air.
A collaborative audiovisual composition created in response to analysis of butterfly flight and wing patterns and movments observed in high speed footage and by the artists eye at the Royal Melbourne Zoo's Butterfly House.

City Symphony Noise Poem

City Symphony Noise Poem A city as a symphony. A poem of noise. A musical narrative.
A city that you live in but can never travel to. A city of connections and exchanges of collective and individual consciousness.
MIAF 2015, Old FireStation 2014
(Live Performance Version) Review at

Why Abstract Animation Matters
Presented at RENDER 2014 Conference online at

Organic Chaos 2015 variable Duration 8 – 30 minutes
Live video improvisation recording based on a set of sound and video cycles and layers dynamically chosen, mixed, pitched and sequenced in realtime-first performed at The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine as part of the Fringe Festival March 16, 2015. In the live performance set up junk percussion is played and the sound from this also affects some of the layers and loops to create specific visualisations of sound with distortions color and timing or sequence changes.

Introduced Species
 2015 Abbot, Dollman, Fletcher, Fraser, Stephenson.

Introduced Species: Symphony no.2 (excerpts from movements 2 & 3)
Composer: Katy Abbott Melbourne Symphony Orchestra / Dollman
Animation in response to the music score and oceanic environmental issues.

We notice Raindrops as they fall...

We notice Raindrops as they fall... August 2015
Premiered at Sound Islands Festival Singapore August 2015
An extreme slowing of time to create a new experience and imagined observation of individual falling droplets of rain. Falling spherical shapes, generative patterns and interactions become to represent a calming mood and reflections that can be interpreted as many forms of organic phenomena and energy.
Collaborative Audiovisual Composition Paul Fletcher & Mark Pollard
Practical Process.
A sound recording of rain on pavement was slowed by about 40 times and resynthesized to a 5 tone microtonal scale with celeste and vibraphone sampled custom digital instrument(in Metasynth)- from this new audio source material Mark selected a pattern he thought had composition promise.Mark composed the final music composition through extensive micro editing and larger scale additive compositional strategies.(Logic Pro) Visually the animation started with a macro photo of droplets of frost melting on a spherical like spider web. The photo was digitally processed and animated and also reconstructed and extended into other imagined forms and patterns in digital 3d and 2d Animation methods.
Supported by VCA & MCM University of Melbourne
We Notice Raindrops as they fall- 2015
first performed live at ADM NTU see , video layering sequencing and effects with surround mixing of sound layers
variable lengths.


Josie and the Tecno Bunnies
1994 St.Kilda Film Festival
Clermont Ferrand
1993 AVE Netherlands
1993 Melbourne Fringe Film Festival

City of Dust

Watch This Space
1995 Prix Leonardo
1993 Okomedia Festival Ecological Films - Freiburg, Germany
1993 St.Kilda Film Festival

Virtual Shopper
1996 Atom Awards.
1996 Australian National Cinematheque Retrospective Program

2004 Microcinema Touring Program "Independent Exposure 2004"

Lake Qualm
2005 Microcinema Screening Program "Animated Exposure 2005"
2005 Darwin International Film Festival - awarded Best Experimental Australian Short Film

10,000 Days
2005 Allans Walk Artist Run Space June 2005

from Hidden Creatures exhibition

Shed Film
St Kilda Film Festival 2006
in competition in Prix Ars Electronica 2006

short film and interactive performance using the Hover VideoVac, Bendigo Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival

The Program
Amsterdam Film Experience 2007

City of Dust
St Kilda Film Festival 2008
& in competition in Prix Ars Electronica 2008

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2009
Live Cinema version at Castlemaine State Festival March 09


The Isle of Insectaesthesia
MIAF_ Melbourne International Animation Festival
London International Animation Festival
Independent Exposure
Imdb listing

Time Ripples In Sense World
Screened at MIAF (ACMI Cinemas)
and LIAF (Barbican).

Ocean Forest
Screened at Sardinia Film Festival Italy,
and MIAF.

Ecstatic Mould
Official Selection at LEDEN Intl Short Film Experience


Pop Pyschology
MIAF 2014, Ars Electronica Linz Austria ,Brainwash USA

Grid Life
Rejkavik Visual Music Festival and MIAF PuntoYRaya Highlights 2015.


Animation in the Classroom - Applications and inspiration
DVD, NTSC/PAL Year 2010 distrib. ARTFILMS Length 16 mins Code: PF-Anima ISBN: 978-1-921882-26-5

Video-Animation & Sound Art - Paul Fletcher
2011 DVD, NTSC/PAL Year 2010 Length 75 mins Code: PF-Fletcher ISBN: 978-1-921882-25-8


Animation Ambiences Live and Installed by Paul Fletcher
A collection of short films exploring new contexts and forms for animation, including; ambient animation, animated light sculpture, virtual sculpture, custom made audiovisual instruments and modified domestic devices, outdoor exhibitions and gallery installations and live semi-improvised modular film performances.

The DVD + CD-ROM set includes a PDF booklet presenting extensive stills of gallery and public installations and live performance set ups

DVD, NTSC/PAL Year 2011 Length 63 mins Code: PF-Animation ISBN: 978-1-921895-08-1

Departures, Delays and Returns
New Film Work that creates a fusion of the creative fields of animation, abstract film, visual music, sound art, video art and visual poetry.


DVD, PAL Year 2012 Length 40 mins Code: PF-Depart ISBN: 978-1-922007-49-0


GRIDLIFE (2013) 1:28

Collaborative Audiovisual Composition with Mark Pollard

Screened at Loop Melbourne February 2014
Potter Musuem of Art November 2013
Reykjavik Visual Music and
PuntoYraya Festival Iceland January 2014


Mr Tsuzuki Comes To Australia

"A multi-levelled construction of film language . all headaches should be like this." New Music Magazine No.2 1980 Philip Brophy.

"With both Number 11 Clifton St and Dolls Fletcher works within a narrative mode, constructing microcsomic worlds . in a sense one could say that these films have a strange connection to the works of Jules Verne and Lewis Carroll." Art and Text No.3 Rolando Caputo 1981

"To his usual festival of effects affects: cartoon stylistics, multi-layered media references, mad leaps in tone and register, narrative position, Elephant adds a melancholy and a sensuality." Notes for "The Adrian Martin Selection", Fringe Network screenings, 1986, Adrian Martin.



Eleven, Lake Qualm, Shed Film and Dreamlake can be found at Microcinema International.

Paul Fletcher is a member of the contemporary arts group Punctum.

Animation sound and sculpture installation 2007

City of Dust web page

Soundtracks and other music:

Digital Compost on SoundCloud

Moving Image Narrative on SoundCloud

Animated Image and Sound

© Paul Fletcher, November 2015.

Paul Fletcher's website - DIGITAL COMPOST

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