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Jason Turley
b. July 9, 1978, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Jason Turley began studying video production at RMIT in 2001, where he made his first short film Holy Toledo! (2001). Subsequent short films made at RMIT included Lemon Twist (2002), Scab a Smoke (2002), Dirty Work (2003) and Wooden Heart (2004).

While studying Jason assisted other filmmakers with their projects in various capacities including sound recordist, camera operator, production assistant and actor.

He has worked on commercial television as a second unit camera operator and assistant editor.


He was the shorts programmer for the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (2005-2009) and the creator and director of the Sexy International Film Festival in Melbourne, which also travelled to Paris, New York and Los Angeles (2007-2011).

Jason's self-financed feature film titled Welcome Stranger was released on DVD by Accent Underground in December 2007.

His short film Crazy in the Night was shot in 2009 and completed in April 2010.

He has been working in the events industry since 2010, however he is currently script-writing and planning a return to filmmaking in the near future.

Dirty Work

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   It seems a bit misleading to call Dirty Work (2003) a short because it isn't really condensed or snappy. My intention was to present an episode in the life of a teenage male, who while travelling along in a bored and hazy way, finds himself in a morally confronting situation. So the length of the film (30 mins) allows events to start off ponderously and then develop pace as things start to get murky.

Dale (Adam Scott) has nothing to do with his days until he gets a job gardening for a married couple in the neighbourhood. Barry (Chris Bidlo) and Tracey (Louise Steel) seem like a warm, funny and slightly eccentric pair in comparison to Dale's laconic, reserved character. Barry initially appears to be a fatherly influence, taking Dale out to play pool. Their relationship seems less wholesome though when Barry coerces Dale into having sex with his wife. Even though events develop quickly from this point I deliberately tried to maintain the same tone throughout so that the transition from homely to sinister was not an abrupt one. By doing this I hope to explain why Adam finds himself an unwilling participant in something he doesn't feel able to refuse.

Wooden Heart

Wooden Heart (2004) can almost be viewed as a companion short to Dirty Work because both have at their centre a bored male who becomes involved in a sexual encounter which is negative in impact. This time the protagnonist is an adult male. David (David Tulk) is a bored office worker, slouching, shuffling and sighing through life. He has a girlfriend, Monica (Tatiana Macura) who attempts to energise David but goes no way towards penetrating his ennui. David has to travel interstate for work, the prospect of which he greets with characteristically sarcastic and dejected humour. While away and in a particularly depressed mood, he calls up a prostitute (Meredyth Tamsyn). I wanted to portray this exchange as uncomfortable, unglamorous and ultimately unfulfilling. Not for any moral motivation, but more to explore a pointless act intended to excite a person suffering from non specific dissatisfaction.

- Jason Turley, March 2006.

Early Work - Selected Scenes by Jason Turley - Part 1

Scab a Smoke


Holy Toledo! (2001, 8 mins, DV)

Lemon Twist (2002, 9 mins, DV)

Scab A Smoke (2002, 14 mins, DV)

Dirty Work (2003, 30 mins, DV)

Wooden Heart (2004, 18 mins, DV)

Welcome Stranger (2006, 85 mins, DV)

Crazy in the Night (2009, 13 mins, DV)

Welcome Stranger


Sexy International Film Festival (08, 09, 10)
Sexy International Paris Film Festival (2010)
RMIT Creative Media Awards (01, 02, 03, 04, 05)
Melbourne Underground Film Festival (04, 05, 06, 07, 10)
(See - MUFF website)
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (03, 04)
(See - Bleeding Images program, 03)
Berlin Asia Pacific Film Festival (2005)
Erwin Rado Theatre (2006)


Lemon Twist
Best Actress, RMIT Creative Media Awards 2003
Best Supporting Actress, RMIT Creative Media Awards 2003

Crazy in the Night

Scab A Smoke
Best Short Film, Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2004.
Best Actor, RMIT Creative Media Awards, 2002.

Dirty Work
Best Actor, RMIT Creative Media Awards, 2003
Best Actress, RMIT Creative Media Awards 2003

Wooden Heart
Runner up Best Short Film, Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2005.
Best Short Drama, RMIT Creative Media Awards, 2005.

Welcome Stranger
Best Editing, Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2006
Best Actor, Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2006

Jason Turley, November 2017.

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