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Kim Miles
b. Adelaide, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Made first film in 2002 after acting.

Passion for artistry/possibilities of cinema.

Created over 20 films.


Pleasure from the idea/the filming/the editing.

Currently exploring personal vision/style via online opportunities/independence.


CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Why make films? Many reasons. Everybody films. Images everywhere.

New platforms.old ideas.can there be a new energy from someone/somewhere.

Many ways/reasons to paint a picture.

Follow/copy/earn a living/push/tear down/originate


Kim Miles at work

"The creative process necessitates giving up normal logic.

Have to be in a trial and error state where unlikely connections can be made.

Creativity occurs when things that don’t seem to go together make something new when joined.

The illogical conclusion……that’s what we want …….surprising /unexpected /stimulating."

Harold Guskin
How To Stop Acting

See also Kim Miles Images


11 Minutes on Sunday

Love and Death (2002, 10 mins, Mini DV)

Living and Art (2002, 10 mins, Mini DV)

Suzi Wong's Big Day Out (2002, 8 mins, Mini DV)

The Purpose of Life and the Nature of Death (2002, 4 mins 45 secs, Mini DV)

Proportion of Australian males with erectile problems; nearly 40% (2003, 8 mins, Mini DV)

I express my joy through singing and dancing (2003, 10 mins, Mini DV)

An afternoon of death dying and lethal behaviour (2003, 10 mins, Mini DV)

A Hesitant Move

I thought I wasn't (2003, 6 mins, Mini DV)

The World Really is W (2004, 6 mins, Mini DV)

The Colour is Blue (2004, 4 mins, Mini DV)

Terra Australis (2004, 4 mins 30 secs, Mini DV)

Top Speed of a Rabbit - 72 KPH (2004, 10 mins, Mini DV)

To Master a Long Good Night (2005, 6 mins 40 secs, Mini DV)

Sick to the Vitals (2005, 20 mins, Mini DV)

Untitled (2006, 6 mins 30 secs, Mini DV)

Four Women at a Bar (2006, 4 mins 25 secs, Mini DV)

Tiger and Dog

When the Tree Falls, the Monkeys on it Will Scatter (2007, 6 mins, Mini DV)

9 Years Since Polly Passed (2009, 10 mins, Mini DV)

John (2009, 15 mins, Mini DV)

11 Minutes on Sunday (2009, 24 mins, HDV)

Funny Guy (2010, 8 mins, HDV)

A Hesitant Move (2011, 9 mins, HDV)

Tiger and Dog trailer (2012-13, HDV)
web series trailer

Melbourne Girls (2014, HDV)
web series

© Kim Miles, November 2014.

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