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Matthew Victor Pastor
Nickname: MVP
b. March 2, 1989, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Matthew Victor Pastor (MVP) is an Australian filmmaker of Filipino heritage.

Graduating from the Masters (narrative) program at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts, his thesis film I am JUPITER I am the BIGGEST PLANET (2016) was awarded Best Director and the New Voice Award. It has screened around the world and was nominated for the Academy Award qualifying, Golden Reel at the 33rd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

In 2013 he released MADE IN AUSTRALIA an independent feature film. It was awarded Best Guerrilla Film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

Released in 2017 is BUTTERFLY FLOWER: Please Wait To Be Seated (70 mins) an experimental feature film, which was co-directed with Vietnamese filmmaker Lisac Pham.


Currently in post-production and set for a 2018 release are two more feature films MELODRAMA / RANDOM / MELBOURNE! (85 mins) and MAGANDA: Pinoy Boy vs Milk Man (120 mins). These two films are part of the ‘Fil-Aus’ trilogy starting with JUPITER, and concluding with MAGANDA.

In production is his 5th feature film, currently under the working title A prayer for the Filo Fam <3 (working title). Set during the 2017 nationwide plebiscite, this LGBT film explores sexual identity amongst a conservative suburban Pinoy family.

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   “Perhaps in a genre all its own. It is not a glowing feel good ‘ethnic’ themed film as seen in BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM overseas, or more locally, STRICTLY BALLROOM in Australia. Nor is it a narrative of an intergenerational struggle avoiding poverty and escaping the ghosts and sorrow that can come with migration in the way the excellent THE HOME SONG STORIES and MOTHERFISH films followed. Pastor’s film is more surreal, stronger in angst and lust, more brave in depicting the messiness of some human desires, and quite honest in how flawed we can be as humans, lovers, and individuals trying to make sense of our hearts, homes and homelands.” 

- Indigo Willing (Asian Australian Film Forum Network, MADE IN AUSTRALIA, 2013) 


MVP depicts the torn up, often surreal and messy, yet relatable lives of second generation Asian-Australians. His protagonists are usually outcasts, loners and artists who shuttle between cultures, sometimes in frustration, sometimes angrily, and sometimes arrogantly or with an air of nihilism. His depiction of the Asian-Australian diaspora is a mix of contradictions, showing worlds that can be both bleak and neon bright. His films portray internalised racism, forbidden love and those who dream of undoing the way things are. He also ties the themes of intimacy and struggle his characters grapple with, to larger societal framings, such as the shifting values towards capitalism in Australian society. Moreover, his films offer a distinctly troubled masculine subjectivity that few have had the courage to bare for others to see.

As a filmmaker of Filipino heritage at times he delves into post-colonial narratives with I am JUPITER I am the BIGGEST PLANET (15 mins, 2016), and MAGANDA: Pinoy Boy vs Milk Man (120 mins, TBA). Co-directed with Lisac Pham is BUTTERFLY FLOWER: Please Wait To Be Seated (70 mins, 2017) about a Vietnamese international student turned prostitute amongst Melbourne’s backstreets. Despite gravitating towards darkness, his first experimental film LOVE with the POET (52 mins, 2010) is a light-hearted visual poem about youth loneliness.

MVP sets his own agenda having learnt to work light, tight and very fast. He writes, shoots and edits, totally embracing the Guerrilla ethos but often transcending its aesthetic. Having shot films in Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines, the origins of his themes come from growing up biracial in suburban Australia.


A prayer for the Filo Fam <3

LOVE with the POET (2010, 52 mins)
available on Video On Demand at

Ghost Man (2012, 12 mins)

MADE IN AUSTRALIA (2013, 82 mins)

Down Under (2015, 7 mins)
available on Video On Demand at

I am JUPITER I am the BIGGEST PLANET (2016, 15 mins)

BUTTERFLY FLOWER: Please Wait To Be Seated (2017, 70 mins)
co-directed with Vietnamese filmmaker Lisac Pham
available on Video On Demand at

MELODRAMA / RANDOM / MELBOURNE! (Post-Production, 85 mins, TBA)

MAGANDA! Pinoy Boy vs Milk Man (Post-Production, 120 mins, TBA) 

A prayer for the Filo Fam <3 (In production)  

MVP at the 33rd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival


47th Victorian College of the Arts Graduation Award - Australia
- Best Achievement in Directing (Masters)
- New Voice Award (Supported by Madman & ACMI)
Nomination - 33rd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival - Golden Reel Award
Nomination - 3rd Sinag Maynila Film Festival - Best Short Film

Down Under:
AOF (2015 Summer Quarter, Honourable mention)
- Cinematography (Matthew Victor Pastor) - Music (Edward Trinh)
16th Melbourne Underground Film Festival  - Best Short Film Director

14th Melbourne Underground Film Festival: - Best Guerrilla Film

MVP interview on Kababayan Weekly (2017)


On The Importance of Telling Our Stories, with filmmaker Matthew Victor Pastor, by Mia Stewart, The Filipino Australian, October 5, 2017.

Irreverent Experimenter Matthew Victor Pastor, interview with Asian American new wave director Quentin Lee, Chopso,

Australian Gritty Hyper Realism & AA Masculinity – Interview with Matthew Victor Pastor 2017, Asian Australian Film Forum and Network, December 5, 2017. 

© Matthew Victor Pastor, December 2017.

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