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Zev Howley
b. 1970, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Zev Howley's parents, John and Rachell Howley, were actively Involved in building St Kilda's arts community in the early '80s.

Growing up in the Acland St Art Gallery which was formerly a St Kilda Brothel named Tickeld Pink, Zev was inspired by the life of art and culture around him. Many well known people would come to the art gallery, people like Bob Hawke, Mirka Mora, Peter Russell Clarke, Marcel Marceau. It was a really exciting time

Zev started acting at 15 and took part in various theatre productions at St Martins Youth Art Centre. In 1995 he studied video production at R.M.I.T.


After a year at Optus Local Vision, a community TV network - in which Zev won an award for best all rounder for his commitment while working on many shows - he went on to co-produce a documentary called Theatre of Hope in 1997/98. This documentary addressed issues such as mental illness. This was part of a successful educational package sponsored by City of Port Phillip and the Australia Council, and launched by Debra Byrne.

From 2000 – 2006 Zev collaborated with other filmmakers including Lesley Sharon Rosenthal. Zev assisted Lesley on her award-winning documentary short Boobalah Bagela and the internationally screened production Hamisha Viking.

on location for Sarah's Jihad

Zev has produced and directed many documentaries of his own including Working for the Man – From Drags to Riches (2001) Raiders of a Lost Art (screened at the St Kilda Festival 2002), City of Goths (2002) and Who is the Sonic Manipulator? (2005), screened at The Big West Festival and the Melbourne Underground Film Festival in 2006. Also another short documentary called A Tribute to Jerri (2007).

Zev assisted Jamie Wilson with his film Opposites Attract which was screened at The Sydney Rd Film Festival in 2007.

Soursob Bob's "Centrelink" screened at Sound St kilda 2009 and was screened on Rage, Zev was D.O.P on that music clip.

Zev's first short fiction film – Sarah's Jihad (2009) was screened at The Melbourne Underground Film Festival in August (2009) and Electric Shorts (2009).

Sarah's Jihad also screened at Tom Vogel's West Side Shorts and Ivan Malekin's Short Cut Film night in 2010, where it won the Audience Choice Award. It also won Best short drama of the year at Comfortable Shorts - a Melbourne monthly short film night in 2011.

Since then, Zev has continued making short films.

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Being a filmmaker allows me to bring many art forms together rolled into one.

Who is the Sonic Manipulator?

I especially enjoy working with actors watching them interact with each other and bring their own interpretation to a particular scene or character.

I particularly enjoy social dramas and films that touch the heart and mind.

I also am a fan of science fiction films.

One of my favourite films of all time is American History X. I really thought it was a powerful and moving story.

Some other favourite films include Good Will Hunting, Schindler’s List, The Matrix, Star Wars, Million Dollar Baby, Grand Torino, Pulp Fiction, Carrie, Goodfellas, Kingdom of Heaven, There's Something About Mary, Lantana, Terminator 2, Burn After Reading, Requeim for a Dream.

Directors I like are Steven Speilberg, Clint Eastwood, Coen Brothers, Stanley Kubrick, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, George Lucas.

I will continue making films, hopefully one day I will direct a feature film.

Now that would be exciting!

Zev Howley Aprill 2010.

Who is the Sonic Manipulator? (2005, 10 mins)
Sarah’s Jihad (2009, 19 mins)


Sarah's Jihad

Working For The Man – From Drags to Riches (Doco, 2001, 52 mins, digital video)

City of Goths (Doco, 2002, 17 mins, digital video)

Raiders of a Lost Art (Doco, 2002, 26 mins, digital video)

Who is the Sonic Manipulator? (Doco, 2005, 10 mins, digital video)

A Tribute to Jerri (Doco, 2007, 26 mins, digital video)

Sarah’s Jihad (Drama, 2009, 19 mins, digital video)

Holiday to Remember (Comedy, 2011, 13 mins, digital video)

Broken Superman (Drama, 2012, 10 mins, digital video)

Walkman (Drama, 2015, 20 mins, digital video)

The Last Supper of the Damned (Crime, 2016, digital video)


"The Queens Other Life" 2001 Herald Sun – Zelda Cawthorn

"Goths to the Flame" 2002 Herald Sun – Felicity Allen

© Zev Howley, December 2017.

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