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Mark La Rosa
b. March 3, 1966, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Mark La Rosa studied painting and filmmaking at Phillip Institute of Technology in the mid '80s.

He later joined the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group and made several experimental and narrative films both on his own and in collaboration.

He returned to full time study in the mid 90s to study illustration and subsequently began working as a freelance illustrator.

After a number of medium-length works, he completed his first feature Boundless in 2018.


Working Week

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   As I am not a critic, I feel comfortable describing my work only in broad terms.

The non-narrative films use playful juxtapositions of sound and image to create impressions of my life at and away from the family home. The narrative films portray deception, betrayal and loss among characters living on the criminal fringe.

The mood is often melancholy and the style is formally restrained.

Mark La Rosa, April 2003

See also "La Rosa, At Last" by Michael Filippidis,
and "Follow the Leader" by Jake Wilson.

Café Lobos


Private Island (1987, 6 mins, Super 8)

Working Week (1988, 34 mins, Super 8)

Darling for a Day (1989, 32 mins, Super 8)

Ride (1989, 8 mins, Super 8)

Small Blue Thing (1990, 10 mins, Super 8)

Black Trade

Bridget and the Ten Thousand Things (1991, 6 mins, Super 8)

Paper Chains (1992, 33 mins, 16mm, co-directed with Richard Tuohy)

Untitled (1993, 6 mins, Super 8)

Summer Slide (1994, 6 mins, Super 8)

Café Lobos (1995, 21 mins, 16mm)

Black Trade (1999, 46 mins, 16mm)


The Captives (2004, 57 mins, video)

3 a.m. (2007, 3 mins, video)

Woodlands (2007, 3 mins, video)

Sticks and Stones (2007, 6 mins, video)

Tracery (2007, 5 mins, video)

Arid Jazz (2007, 3 mins, video)

Outcrop (2007, 4 mins, video)

Arid Jazz

Autumn Splash (2007, 3 mins, video)

Bolts for Volts (2007, 11 mins, video)

looking up Sydney Road (2007, 9 mins, video)

Bridge (2007, 3 mins, video)

Crunch! (2008, 6 mins, DV)

Bedroom Wall (2008, 8 mins, DV)

Rough Stuff (2008, 4 mins, DV)

Good Boy (2009, 11 mins, HD)

The Outing

The Outing (2011, 14 mins, RED)

Regolith (2015, 11 mins, 16mm/HD)

Boundless (2018, 70 mins, HD)

As writer only:

After School (1988, 20 mins, 16mm, directed by Bill Mousoulis)


Melbourne International Film Festival
Melbourne Cinematheque
FRAMES Adelaide
Jumpcut Perth
Melbourne Fringe Festival
Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Panorama of Independent Film and Video (Athens, Greece)
Tiscali Short Film Award (Montecatini Terme, Italy)
Festival der Nationen (Ebensee, Austria)
Sydney Road Brunswick Short Film Competition (3rd Prize)
Electric Shorts
Sexy International Film Festival
59th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (Serbia)
Ljubljana International Short Film Festival (Slovenia)
Australian International Experimental Film Festival
and many more one-off screenings.

Working Week (1988, 34 mins)
Black Trade (1999, 46 mins)

The Captives (2004, 57 mins)
The Outing (2011, 14 mins)


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"Subtle Strokes from the underground" by Rolando Caputo, RealTime, Issue 64, Dec 2004 - Jan 2005.

Mark La Rosa, May 2021.

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