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Guy Tyzack
b. August 17, 1991, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Guy Tyzack first cut his teeth in short filmmaking with a diploma of Screen and Media at Footscray City Films. This helped him into a career of working in the art department on TVCs, Australian feature films such as FELL (2014) and PAWNO (2015) and Television pilots.

However his real dream and passion has always been for writing and directing. He wrote, directed, produced and edited the short film RADAR (2015) which got him accepted into studying the three year filmmaking course at The Victorian College of the Arts. He has since kept very busy in making short film, fashion and music videos.



CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Guy Tyzack’s passion for filmmaking comes from his curiosity in eccentric people and outsiders living amongst the masses.

His first few short films RADAR (2015), ENFANT TERRIBLE (2016), and DAMIAN (2017) all follow lonely, isolated and eccentric young men attempting to get by in an alienating world in the only ways they know how.

The filmmaking style is simple, locked off and deadpan, often using long, still shots to convey a distancing awkwardness. The characters often fail to assimilate and realise they are comfortable with the way they are.

After a series of shorts following eccentric yet ultimately innocent characters, Guy became interested in darker and grey lonely characters fighting or scamming a world they don’t understand.


His film AH DAMN, OH WELL (2017) follows an apathetic and depressed man looking for work compensation by smashing a beer bottle over his hand.



The character of Hunter in THE BACK OF MY HEAD (2018) lies about losing his sister to have a conversation with a pretty stranger on the street.


In Guy’s most recent short A SOCIAL CONQUEST (2019) he experiments with a documentary feeling format reminiscent of the Safdie brothers.

A SOCIAL CONQUEST follows an aggressive failed app developer who canvasses the streets of Melbourne forcing strangers to buy his app on their phones in front of him.


While continuing to explore and experiment with the disenfranchised young man character, Guy has started to experiment with a more spontaneous and simple technical filmmaking style. He rehearses a character with actors who approach real and unsuspecting people on the street to engage them in their quest and the flexible story. This creates a realistic yet stilted and awkward atmosphere.

RADAR (2015, 6 mins)
ENFANT TERRIBLE (2016, 5 mins)



KICKING GRAVEL (2015 16 minutes HD, Documentary)


RADAR (2015 6 minutes SD TAPE)


ENFANT TERRIBLE (2016 5 minutes HD)


UNDERNEATH (2016 2 minutes HD)


DAMIAN (2017 8 minutes SD TAPE AND HD)


AH DAMN, OH WELL (2017 5 minutes HD)


THE BACK OF MY HEAD (2018 12 minutes SD TAPE)


A SOCIAL CONQUEST (2019 9 minutes HD)


DAMIAN (2017, 8 mins)
THE BACK OF MY HEAD (2018, 12 mins)

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