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Michael Karris
(Michael Karaoglanidis)
b. November 8, 1955, Greece.

BIOGRAPHY:   Michael Karris was born in Greece and migrated with his family to Belgium before settling in Australia in the early '60s.

He began making films in the mid-'70s in Melbourne, before being accepted into the Australian Film and Television School in 1980 and relocating to Sydney.


photo by Effy Alexakis

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Film academics have cited Michael as the first Greek-Australian filmmaker to produce a film on a Greek-Australian theme. That film, A Face of Greekness (1979), sealed Michael's acceptance into the Australian Film and Television School (1980), and it was selected for competition in that same year at two international film festivals - Sydney and Thessaloniki. Michael has since worked on a variety of productions in both film and video, across a range of genres (narrative, documentary, essay film). He is particularly interested in themes pertaining to Hellenism, and these themes are intrinsically reflected in all his works on some level or another.

A Face of Greekness


Portrait of an Old Man (1976, 5 mins, 16mm)

Two Homelands (1979, 30 mins, 16mm)

A Face of Greekness (1979, 14 mins, 16mm)

Empty Spaces (1982, 10 mins, 16mm)

To Ron With Love (1985, 50 mins, video)

Letter to the Dead

The Occupant (co-directed with Peter Lyssiotis and Ettore Siracusa, 1985, 25 mins, 16mm)

A Day and a Half (1987, 23 mins, 16mm)

In Our Own Image (1988, 27 mins, video)

Twilight Child (1989-  , video) work in progress

Fractured City (1990, 48 mins, video)

English at Work (1991, 26 mins, video) four episodes in series for SBS-TV.

The Ifs of Language

Carnivale (1996, 6 mins, video)

Letter to the Dead (1999, 8 mins, video)

Reconciliation: The 4th R (2000, 26 mins, video)

Images of Home (2001, 30 mins, video)

The Ifs of Language (co-directed with Peter Lyssiotis, 2003, 10 mins, video)


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Michael Karris, March 2005

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