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Dennis Tupicoff
b. March 23, 1951, Ipswich, QLD, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   After graduating from Queensland University in 1970, Dennis Tupicoff worked as an archivist and teacher before making his first animated film in Toowoomba. He moved to Melbourne and the Swinburne Film and TV School animation course in 1977. While sometimes making a living with TV ads and other commercial and sponsored work, and later teaching at the VCA School of Television (1992-4), he has made both animated and live-action independent films as writer, director, producer, and animator.


The Darra Dogs

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Animation has often been called "the illusion of life". And in live-action cinema there has always been a tension between "the reality of death" and "screen immortality".

These ideas, played out in the world of human experience and emotion, continue to exert a strong influence on the work of Dennis Tupicoff.

Whether in his autobiographical The Darra Dogs (1993, 10 mins), the binocular "animated documentary" His Mother's Voice (1997, 14 mins 30 secs), the cartoon violence of Dance of Death (1983, 7 mins), or his more recent television work, death is never far away.


Into the Dark

Please Don't Bury Me (1976, 4 mins, 16mm)

My Big Chance (1977, 1 min 30 secs, 16mm)

Dance of Death (1983, 7 mins 30 secs, 16mm)

The Bear (1990, 30 mins, 16mm)

The Darra Dogs (1993, 10 mins, 35mm)

His Mother's Voice (1997, 14 mins 30 secs, 35mm)

a photo of me

The Heat, The Humidity (1999, 4 mins, 16mm)

Into the Dark (2001, 6 mins, 35mm)

Taringa (2002, 26 mins, Betacam)

Chainsaw (2007, 25 mins, 35mm)

Silly and Serious: William Robinson and Self-portraits (2008, 25 mins, Betacam)

The First Interview (2011, 15 mins & 27 mins, Betacam)

a photo of me (2017, 11 mins, digital)

Chainsaw (2007, 25 mins)
5 Animated films TRAILER


Compilation available now
More info - PDF download

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Dennis Tupicoff, July 2017.

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