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BIOGRAPHY:   Lipkin's interest in storytelling is rooted in the visual medium of film and an interest to realize stories that not only challenge but confront our most vulnerable perceptions and fears.

Lipkin is the relentless driving force behind LipkinFilms, a small yet ferociously ambitious group that works with up coming talent and challenges the status-quo consistently.


Frozen Butterflies

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   The human condition and all its complexity has, is and will continue to be the focal point that drives Lipkin to tell stories and bring them out on the silver screen. As the old adage goes that all the stories have already been told, Lipkin’s key interest lies in reinventing and confronting stories that ultimately aim to challenge one’s mode of thinking.

Across the many great names out there that has inspired this Filmmaker, conceivably the following stand out more than others – Andrei Tarkovsky, Alejandro González Iñárritu, D. J. Caruso, Jean Luc-Godard, David Gordon Green and many others.


Frozen Butterflies (2008, 85 mins, 4k/HD)

Wail Away (2011, 90 mins, 4k/HD)

Weevil (2017, 90 mins, 4k/HD)

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