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Gregory Pakis
(Gregory Arthur Pakis)
b. March 2, 1972, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:    Writer, director, and star of The Garth Method (2004) which is distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada by Accent and Vanguard Entertainment.

The Garth Method was the winner of 8 awards at film festivals in Australia and the US, amongst them Best Actor and Best Director awards.

He also produced Garth Goes Hitchhiking (2007) a documentary about him hitch hiking from Melbourne to Cairns in Australia and Garth Lives in a Van (2011) which documents his experience about living in a van around inner city Melbourne.


In 2014, his feature The Joe Manifesto was on the international festival circuit, having picking up a Best Actor award.

His film exhibition banner was also the recipient of 2 Short Poppy awards in 2006, and was listed in “The Age’s “Top Ten Movie Events” in May 2012.

He is currently developing 4 feature screenplays.

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Without going into the details of particular films and titles, initially when I started making films I was trying to do stuff that was entertaining for your general audience. Then as I did film studies at uni, I got caught in the trap of making stuff that maybe was a bit film academic, stuff that would go over the head of your average punter. A 'trap' for me because what I really wanted to do was make films for that average punter. Though in the meatime I learned about tight script writing, effective direction, and how to get solid performances from actors on screen and on stage and that, I think, has held me in good stead with my first feature that I have just made which is a more 'from the gut' type film than something academic. 'From the gut' for me meaning stories that make emotional sense to the audience and 'academic' meaning stories that are about an idea.

Greg Pakis, April 2003

The Joe Manifesto (rooftop scene) (2013)
The Joe Manifesto (manifesto scene) (2013)


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The Garth Method

Nowhere to Run (1988, 28 mins, VHS)

Fatherly Advice (1989, 5 mins, VHS)

On the Trail of Teka (1990, 5 mins, VHS)

The Last Minute (1990, 6 mins, Super 8)

My Blood Stained Hands (1991, Super 8)
uncompleted film - around 40 minutes in duration

Toilet Trouble (1991, 6 mins, VHS)

Untitled (1992, 54 mins, VHS)

Your Guide to Successful Hitchhiking (1997, 5 mins, 16mm)

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The Joe Manifesto starring "the manifesto"

Untitled (1998, 3 mins, Super 8)

The Garth Method (1999, 5 mins, Super 16)

The Garth Method (2004, 81 mins, Super 16 & MiniDV/DV-Cam) watch on Oz Flix

Garth Goes Hitchhiking (2007, 77 mins, MiniDV)

Garth Lives in a Van (2011, 63 mins, MiniDV)

Late One Night, Ep 1 (2012, 10 mins, MiniDV)

The Joe Manifesto (2013, 99 mins, HD) watch on Oz Flix

Zero O’Clock (2014, 15 mins, MiniDV)

Lonely Hell Is For Me (2016, 7 mins, 2016)

The Garth Method TRAILER (2004)
Garth Lives in a Van TRAILER (2011)


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