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Nic Barker
b. October 24, 1991, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   A graduate of Deakin University's Bachelor of Film and Digital Media in 2012, Nic Barker is an internationally recognised, award-winning independent filmmaker whose 30+ films have screened in more than 200 film festivals worldwide.

His comedy Pint (2013, 9 mins) was one of the most successful Australian shorts of 2014, selected in 70 film festivals and garnering over 30 awards. His subsequent shorts, To Have and Withhold (2014, 6 mins) and Dead Sharks (2015, 15 mins), have also been met with substantial industry acclaim.


Nic debuted his first feature film Short Distance (2017, 61 mins) on the festival circuit in 2017, and is currently putting together his second feature film.


CRITICAL OVERVIEW:  I think the direction Iíve taken as a filmmaker is trying to find the smaller moments that get missed between the bigger ones Ė those little incidents that happen that are as significant as huge crescendos, even though they might slip by unnoticed. Thereís certainly films Iíve made that contradict this, like the slapstick comedy Pint or the car argument scene in Dead Sharks, but certainly itís the way Iím headed in terms of the material Iím interested in.

Over time Iíve become progressively more enamored with the technology of filmmaking Ė I think knowing and understanding the tools we use is really useful in being able to tell stories more effectively. Whether Iím working with a DP or shooting my own stuff, I always try to use the most appropriate tools for the job Ė and given the nature of my stories, these kits are fairly pared back. Maybe thatís my inner producer keeping the purse-strings tight, I donít know.

But none of that matters if you donít have good stories, and interesting ways to tell them. I think whilst Iíve tended to gravitate towards subject matter such as love and relationships as of late, I think the skill set of directing is fairly universal. Good communication, the ability to mentally keep your head above water and make fast decisions, and having drive and passion to lead are what Iíve found essential. At the end of the day, in the independent space, being respectful and polite helps too Ė weíre all making this stuff for the love, after all.

My biggest belief though is that cinema doesnít have to have a lot of money behind it. What I love doing is, in between projects larger in scale, going out and just making films with no budget. Itís a chance for filmmakers to hone their craft, practice, experiment, without taking a huge financial risk. Itís very creatively liberating to make no-budget cinema, and having this attitude is whatís allowed me to make all the stuff I have thus far, even if I havenít been happy with all of it. You learn valuable stuff every time you go out and just do it.

- Nic Barker, July 2017.



Josh Taylor (2007, 8 mins, MiniDV)

Mime (2007, 6 mins, MiniDV)

Shallow (2008, 3 mins, MiniDV)

Tuesday (2008, 5 mins, MiniDV)

Emotion (2008, 6 mins, MiniDV)

Sonja Stott (2008, 8 mins, MiniDV)

Don't Think of Me as a Villain (2009, 6 mins, MiniDV)

An Unorthodox Week (2010, 8 mins, HD)

The Mane Man

Mosquito (2010, 2 mins, HD)

Snap (2010, 1 min, 16mm)

Bear Fighter: Jemry Reads a Story (2011, 6 mins, HD)

Gully Punks (2011, 8 mins, HD)
(co-director with Jock Blakley, Marcus Backman, Michael McNulty)

Two Nerds on a Couch (2011, 3 mins, HD)

Second Date (2011, 7 mins, HD)

Dad (2012, 4 mins, HD)

Albert & Juliet (2012, 11 mins, HD)

Lonely Dog (2012, 4 mins, HD)

No Road

Text Wait Panic (2013, 3 mins, VHS-C)

Housemates (2013, 7 mins, HD)

Worth (2013, 17 mins, HD)

Hypothetical (2013, 4 mins, HD)

Together, Surviving (2013, 12 mins, HD)
(co-director with Kevin He)

Modern Intruder (2013, 5 mins, HD)

Pint (2013, 9 mins, HD)

No Road (2014, 6 mins, HD)

Hypothetical 2 (2014, 5 mins, HD)
(co-director with Jackson Tozer)

The Mane Man (2014, 20 mins, HD)


Exes (2014, 3 mins, HD)

To Have and Withhold (2014, 6 mins, HD)

Dead Sharks (2015, 15 mins, HD)

Caity (2015, 4 mins, HD)

The Visitant (2016, 4 mins, HD)

Short Distance (2017, 61 mins, HD)

The Tug (2017, 1 min, 16mm)

Grand Gesture (2017, 3 mins, HD)

Pint (2013, 9 mins)
To Have and Withhold (2014, 6 mins)

Dead Sharks (2015, 15 mins)

© Nic Barker, February 2020.

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