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Tom Kazas
b. 1965 Sydney, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Tom first encountered filmmaking in the late 1960s through his father’s Super8s. Some of his first memories were those of music emanating from his father’s reel-to-reel tape machine, whose random selection of music accompanied the lounge room projection of those Super8 home movies.

Tom first came to attention with his internationally regarded psychedelic rock band The Moffs (1984-1989). Although he has never stopped composing music (rock, ambient, theatre, ethno-jazz, experimental, etc), he took to filmmaking, its theory and practice, with a passion from 2006.

His main work is the 16-minute cinema poem The Topologist (2009). Tom’s moving image work also encompasses short film, video art and music video.


CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Much of Tom’s moving image work revolves around the non-narrative, the barely-narrative, and the non-linear. He is immersed in the European art house cinema tradition, with a particular love for Russian and Greek cinema, the works of Chris Marker, and experimental moving image in general. Tom’s filmmaking started as a direct response to arriving in a new city (Melbourne in 2006), confronting how that ‘looked’ and ‘moved’ and how that impacted the ‘subject-self becoming.’


The Super8 films made by his father were an integral part of The Topologist, one of whose premises is precisely the existence, access and manipulation of memory. The episodic, multiple points-of-view voice and non-linear form of the film is itself a comment on how one produces memory, while the barely-narrative thread deals with the character of the Topologist confronting loss and liberation. One might note that the sequences in the film are highly metaphorical, they are not depictions of any real-world sites. Ultimately, they might be read as scenes of the unconscious.

Traces (2002) is “a short journey through a small piece of infinity captured on video.” Generated electronic sounds directly create the evolving forms, in this random exploration of 'Lissajous shapes.’ These shapes can carry meaningful information on the nature of stereo sound. Although on the surface Traces can be described as a documentary, Tom argues that it also has much in common with the creation of a fiction, where the discovery of varying forms is akin to an encounter with mutating truths.

There is also a body of short film, video art and music video works, with themes ranging from the nature of seeing and being in Post Utopian Pause (2010), the impending collapse in a failing zone in The Room (2010), the video art of Transfusion (2014), and the part-travelogue, part-ghosted gaze, part-response to architecture in Condenser (2018).

Traces (2002, 12 mins)
The Topologist (2009, 16 mins)



Collection of Cuts

Traces (2002,12 mins, documentary, video)

The Topologist (2009,16 mins, cinema-poem, video/super8)

The Room (2010, 2 mins, narrative, video)

Post Utopian Pause (2010, 5 mins, cinema-poem, video)

Collection of Cuts (2012, 7 mins, The Topologist outakes, video)

Transfusion (TJ Eckleberg Remix) (2014, 6 mins, music video, video)

Condenser (2018, 3 mins, documentary, video)


The Topologist – Nimbin Film Festival October 2010

Condenser – Moscow Short Film Festival May 2018

The Topologist


Post Utopian Pause

Much of Tom’s ambient and experimental music work also addresses his interest in the non-narrative. His album Verdigris (2011) can be heard as a work of the piano traversing an axis between the poles of narrative presence and absence. Listen to Verdigris here.

Tom’s album Argot (2017) addresses the sonics of minimalism/maximalism, defaulted melody, veiled sources and their affirmed corruptions. Listen to Argot here.

Tom also has a large body of rock music as a songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, including:

I Should Know (2013)

Small Constellations (2012)

Another Day in the Sun – The Moffs (1985)

Various musics can be heard on Tom’s bandcamp.

The Room (2010, 2 mins)
Post Utopian Pause (2010, 5 mins)

Transfusion (2014, 6 mins)
Condensor (2018, 3 mins)


SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY (all writings by Tom Kazas):

The Topologist: Super8 SuperMemory

Three Films: Hallucinating the Real

Transfusion: Video, Topology, Sisyphus

Verdigris and the Succession of Presents

© Tom Kazas, January 2019.

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