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Tom McEvoy
b. September 19, 1982, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Tom McEvoy first started production on his first feature Welcome to Greensborough (2005) when he was 19 years old. He started shooting during the summer break between 2nd and 3rd year of university. It was to become his rebellion against a film culture that lacked bite and had an unwillingness to expose an explicit truth about teen culture in Australia.

Tom is well aware that at one stage in his career he will get arrested for his often highly rebellious subject matter. He is a filmmaker always pushing the limits of direction and subject matter in teen cinema, an ode to his youth in an outer suburban lifestyle that lacked identity and ambition.


Welcome to Greensborough is the first of four feature length films to date that have been shot and is a clear window into his willingness to push boundaries. Call Me (2005) was a feature film shot completely improvised over a 2 day period with 1 day of pre-production. Full of risks, the film is testament to what can be achieved with hard work and focused collaboration.

In Dec '05 / Jan '06, Tom shot what is to be his debut feature length documentary Borderline (2006), which examines the emptiness and hope of teenagers living in rural Australia. Set to be controversial, the documentary will feature an intimate portrayal of teen life that will perhaps shake up the romanticised image of rural lifestyle.

Finally, shot in Jan '06, Three Daze (in post 2006) is another experimental collaboration aimed to give feminism a twist. Shot with an almost exclusive female cast in and around St. Kilda, the film will no doubt highlight Tom's eye for naturalism and authenticity. To date, Tom hasn't completed a short film and intends never to do so.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Checking all internet sources, it seems Tom McEvoy suddenly stopped his filmmaking at the time (mid 2006) that the above was written. (Bill Mousoulis, December 2017.)

Three Daze

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Three Daze was an unplanned wild ride through the human condition. Filmed over three consecutive days, no-one on the cast or crew knew what to expect. By the end of it every gamut of human emotion was witnessed.

It tells the story of a young woman and her struggle to live a normal life in a very changed world. She must decide whether she wants to continue living as a virtual outcast or whether she wants to put an end to her unhappy life.

With no script and only character biographies to go on the cast had to just go with the flow and do what came naturally. Shot with handheld cameras the film has a documentary feel about it that is only added to by the spontaneity and honesty of the actors.

Adam Kane - Production Manager on Three Daze


Call Me

Welcome to Greensborough (2005, 110 mins, DV)
Awarded "Best Editing" and "Best Use of the Guerrilla Aesthetic" at the 6th Melbourne Underground Film Festival, July 2005.

Call Me (2005, 80 mins, DV)

Borderline (2006, feature, in post-production, DV)

Three Daze (2006, feature, in post-production, DV)

Tom McEvoy, March 2006.

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