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Nathan Hill
(Nathan John Hill)
b. March 14, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Nathan was influenced in his younger years by the thrill of Horror Films and the excitement of acting for his family and friends. His family heritage is steeped in performance and art making, so his creativity is both inherent and also uniquely his own. The greatest influence on his desire to make films comes from his maternal grandfather who was a maker of home movies, a musician and a performer in the Entertainment Corps during the Second World War in New Guinea.

Nathan Hill

While Nathan’s early home films were in the genre of ‘horror’ he had a talent for dramatic intensity and twists and turns which elevated the overall productions from merely sensational and gratuitous to engagement on an emotional as well as social level. His first full-length film The Hidden at age 19 years, while made with local friends, was based on the social context of the time, i.e. the relationship between the developmental stages of adolescence and identity formation with the insidious pull to experimentation and temptation of drug taking. Issues around the dealership of drugs, making gain from those vulnerable, power and delusion themes, the fight for the right and the cost of this for those who hold higher values.

Nathan’s education began whilst doing work experience for ABC TV during high school. He then went on to study at NMCOT (Corporate Video), Box Hill TAFE (Theatre Technology), Humourversity (Stand-Up comedy), Academy of TV (Television acting) and VCA Drama School (Stage acting).

Nathan completed his film studies at Footscray Film Dept., being the first to obtain the Advanced Diploma of the Screen (4 yrs).

The Hidden
The Hidden

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   While Nathan’s basic themes in his work revolve around good versus evil and power dynamics in relationships he seeks to engage his audience intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially using his own lived experience and his reflection on this. That he errs on the dark side of relationships in the subject matter of power, control and sexuality, is to raise awareness of these elements which continue in these times despite the raised awareness brought about by the feminist movement and the post modern era. His work can be shocking but it is shock with a purpose to bring home the realities of the world at this time. For example: Men who pursue women for their own sexual gratification (The Upsell, Tomboys) come up against Women who are not prepared to be used and abused. Dysfunctional families teach that love is hard to find and no one wins (Suburban Nightmare).

Nathan has a fascination for the (ancient) ‘good versus evil’ theme (The Strange Game of Hyde & Seek, The Hidden, The Beasthouse, Lost Property) and uses a stylistic approach to heighten this sense of the struggle to understand and come to terms with this ongoing dilemma. With Hyde he includes man’s abuse of power over women as much as man’s grandiose need to be triumphant in discovering the meaning of existence.

Throughout his work there are themes which are juxtaposed against each other: Darkness/Light, Blindness/Self discovery, truth and falsity, revenge and understanding, struggle and resolution, running from fear and owning one’s fear. All in the context of human relationships and the struggle for freedom.


The Beasthouse
The Beasthouse

The Samurai (1991, 30 mins, SVHS, Colour)
Also Writer and Producer

The Hidden (1993, 77 mins, 8mm, Colour)
Also Writer & Producer, Co-Writer Nick Goodman

The Beasthouse (1999, 20 mins, 8mm & digital video, B&W)
Also Producer, Co-Director Andrew Carter

Lost Property (2001, 2 mins, 8mm. B&W)
Also Writer

The Upsell (2001, 7 mins, DVCPRO, Colour)
Also Writer & Producer, Co-Producer Adam May

The Samurai
The Samurai

Suburban Nightmare (2002, 14 mins, DVCAM, Colour)
Also Writer & Producer, Co-Writer Paul Mosley, Co-Producer Felicity King

The Strange Game of Hyde & Seek (2003, 30 mins, digital video, Colour and B&W)
Also Writer and Producer

Platform (2007, 20 mins, digital video, Colour)
Also Producer, Co-Director Andrew Carter

Tomboys / Fox Force (2009, 82 mins, Digital Betacam, Colour)
Also Writer and Producer, Co-Writers Stuart Van Eysden & Fabian Lapham

Jasper (2010, 75 mins, 35mm, Colour)
Also Writer and Producer

Séance / 666 Seance Hour (2011, 75 mins, HD, Colour)
Also Writer and Producer

Model Behaviour (2012, 90 mins, HD, Colour)
Also Producer

Apocalypse Canoe / The Idiodyssey (2014, 90 mins, digital video, Colour)
Also Producer

Revenge of the Gweilo (2015, 80 mins, HD, Colour)
Also Writer and Producer

Double Trouble (2015, 5 mins, HD, Colour)
Also Writer & Producer

Colourblind (2017, 80 mins, HD, colour)
Also Writer & Producer

Vampire Hooker Hotel (2018, 3.5 mins, HD, Colour)
Also Writer & Producer

Hannya Girl (2018, 3 mins, HD, Colour)
Also Writer & Producer

I, Portrait (2019, 79 mins, HD, Colour)
Also Writer & Producer

The Hidden TRAILER (1993)
Double Trouble (2015, 5 mins)

Additional credits:

The Upseller
The Upsell

The Huntsman (Martial arts stunt team, 1993)

Radio Samurai ("John Reese" 1999)

The Tub ("Joel Hayden" 2000)

The Great Dream ("Morab" 2000)

Queen of the Damned ("Attacking Vampire" 2000)

Scam ("Gunman" 2001)

Home ("Jack" 2001)

Razor Eaters ("Crowd Assassin" 2003)


Gloom with a View ("Toby" 2008)

How To Be A SexStar / Confessions of a Ladykiller ("Nathan Hill" 2009)

Suburban Zero (“Rockman” 2011)

Double Trouble (Jasper Clay 2015)

Sheborg Massacre (Brad Plunderpants 2016)

The Debt Collector (David Marshall 2017)

Cult Girls (Jaxen, 2018)


This is Hardcore: The Making of Radio Samurai (80 mins behind the scenes)

Hyde Behind the Scenes (30 mins making of The Strange Game of Hyde & Seek)

Tomboys Unmasked (30 mins behind the scenes Tomboys)

Inside NHP (50 mins behind the scenes Nathan Hill Productions)

Hill Top Off (60 mins highlighting the beautiful women who have appeared in Hill films)

The Brilliant Terror (90 mins documentary about the grassroots of horror)

Running on Empty (30 mins interview)

The NHP Diaries (web series x8 episodes)

Top of the Hill (talk show x5 episodes)

VHS Nasty (95 mins UK Horror documentary)

Sex Down Under (60 mins AU sexual culture)

Aliens Down Under (83 mins USA documentary)

Bigfoot Down Under (75 mins USA documentary)

Vampires Down Under (60 mins USA documentary)


Ozploitation Massacre - 4 disc 2018

Clownsploitation - Highway Clown 2018

Grindsploitation 4 - Vampire Hooker Hotel 2018

Grindsploitation 6 - Hannya Girl 2018

Shlock O Rama - NHP Trailers 2018

The NHP Diaries web series
Top of the Hill talk show

NHP Videos
Revenge of the Gwello Awards Trailer


"Finalist" Indieair, AU

The Strange Game of Hyde & Seek

“Finalist” Comedy Channel Gold, AU

"Official Selection" Out are the Lights, Melbourne, AU

"Best Film" Out 2 the Lights, Melbourne, AU

"Official Selection" Broken Lamp, Ohio

"Official Selection" Shock-A-Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA

"Official Selection" West Side Shorts, Melbourne, AU

"Finalist" Shriekfest, Los Angeles, CA

"Best Script" Shriekfest, Los Angeles, CA

"Official Selection" Shadowstar Film Festival, UK

"Official Selection" Melbourne Underground Film Festival, AU

“Finalist” Australian Film Festival, AU

"Gold - Narrative Award" California Film Awards, Los Angeles, CA

“Best Film” Melbourne Underground Film Festival, AU

“Best Drama” DV Awards, Los Angeles, CA

“Diploma of Merit” Melbourne International Movie Festival, AU

"Official Selection" North of Boston Film Festival, US

"Nominated Best Short Film", The Boonies, 2015

"Nominated Best Teaser Trailer", United Film Festival, 2015

"Nominated Best Film", Action on Film, 2016

"Best Score", MUFF, 2016

"Best Supporting Actress", MUFF, 2016

"Best Film Runner Up", MUFF, 2016

"Best Score", Prestige Awards, 2016

"Best Action Film", Indie Gathering, 2016

“Official Selection”, Monsterfest, 2018

“Official Selection”, Cabane a Sang, 2019

“Honorable Mention”, Athens International Film Festival, 2021

"Nominee Best Film", Continental Film Festival Munich, 2021

"Nominee Best Director", Continental Film Festival Munich, 2021


Gloom With a View
Gloom with a View

The Strange Game of Hyde & Seek – Capitol Theatre Melbourne AU 2004

Tomboys – ACMI Melbourne AU 2009

How to be a SexStar – The Ritz Sydney AU 2010

Jasper – ACMI Melbourne AU 2010

Model Behaviour – Kino Melbourne AU 2012

Revenge of the Gweilo - Chinatown Cinema AU 2016

Colourblind - The Backlot Cinema AU 2018

I, Portrait - The Backlot Cinema AU 2019



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FILM POSTERS - see a selection of posters designed for Nathan's films


Directing Hyde
directing Hyde

"Filmmaker is aiming high" – Progress Leader, Pg.18 July 19 1999 pic Steve Tanner

"Movie Samurai" by Fiona Scott-Norman – The Age EG, Pg.3 10 Dec 1999 pic Marina Oliphant

"Radio’s good reception" by Doug Booth – Herald Sun, Pg.85 19 May 2000

"Filmmakers get top cast" – The Western Times, Pg.11 20 Aug 2002

"Top script draws stars" by Natalie Gallenti-DiCiero – The Mail, Pg.14 21 Aug 2002

"A career from his obsession" by Siobhan Duck – Progress Leader, Pg.30 2 Sept 2002 pic Stuart McEvoy

"Nowhere to Hyde for a filmmaker always on the go" by Mathew Schultz – Progress Leader, Pg.16 23 Jun 2003

"Hyde and seek in residence" by Greg Roberts – Macedon Ranges & Sunbury Leader, Pg.8 15 Jul 2003 pic Dennis Manktelow

"Q & A with filmmaker Nathan Hill" – S Press, Pg.4 19-25 Oct 2004

"This horror movie can’t Hyde talent" by Kathryn Duffy – The Mail, Pg.16 20 Oct 2004

"Horror movie launches filmmaker into bigtime" by Anna Humphris – Sunbury Macedon Ranges Leader, Pg.7 16 Nov 2004

"Hyde & Seek" by Douglas A. Waltz – Cult Cuts Magazine, Mar 2005

Directing Tomboys
directing Tomboys

"Feature film shot in Chirnside Park" – Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader, 11 Jul 2005 pic Steve Tanner

"Limited Edition" – EMPIRE Magazine, Pg.84 & 128 May 2006

"From pillar to post" by Elise Goodwin – Desktop Magazine, Issue #219 Pg.28 Aug 2006

"Captured on disc" by Erin Bull – Yarra Ranges & Maroondah Journal, Pg.15 21 Oct 2008 pic Rob Carew

“MUFF” by Greg King - BEAT magazine cover & Pg.26 Issue #1180 Aug 2009

“Screen Screams” by Tania Martin - THE MAIL cover & Pg.6 22 Sept 2009 pic Nigel Clements

“Darkness on the edge of Town” by Andrew Shaw - MCV Pg.11 Issue #459 Oct 2009

Shriekfest award

“Girls gone vile” by Nick Bond – Southern Star Pg.16 Issue 055 Oct 2009

“Tomboys out now”  - EMPIRE magazine Pg.97 Dec 2009

“Pick up tricks on show” by Stacy Allen – Whitehorse Leader, Pg.35  Oct.20, 2010 pic Richard Serong

“Blood on the streets” by Emma Sun - THE MAIL cover & Pg.3 8 Feb 2011 pic Donna Oates


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William Katt
with William Katt

*On Nathan’s very first night in Los Angeles he sat down to dinner with Gunnar ‘Leatherface’ Hansen.

*One of Nathan’s personal mentors is William ‘Greatest American Hero’ Katt.

*Nathan produced a corporate video in his first year of tertiary studies titled "An Introduction to Dental Technology" which sold to Germany and Los Angeles.

*Nathan's screen debut was in the internationally acclaimed martial arts short film, ‘The Huntsman’ directed by Brent Houghton, cinematography & music by Jamie Blanks. The film now lies in the personal collection of both John Woo and Peter Jackson.

*Nathan has studied six different martial arts styles and obtained medals in the state championships for full contact fighting.

*In the feature film ‘Radio Samurai’ Nathan’s stunt vest was tailor made by Jackie Chan.

Tobe Hooper
Tobe Hooper signature

*On Nathan’s 30th birthday he received a copy of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre signed by director Tobe Hooper.

*Nathan was cast to play Bruce Spence's son in a production which lost funding.

*Nathan acted alongside Kestie Morassi in the feature film “Scam” which was not completed due to rushes being destroyed in a post-production house fire.

*Nathan dated ABC radio presenter Irene Scott.

*Played the lead in a stage performance of an adaptation of the television show  ‘Perfect Match’.

*He worked on the Paul Moder film ‘A Bullet In The Arse’ in which he performed two different un-credited character voice-overs.

*Was approached and turned down an offer by Drew Sinton to become a member of the occult.

*Turned down a role in the pornographic horror film ‘Crimson Kiss’ by Mark Savage.

*Was rejected by Bryan Brown and ‘Two Twisted’ on a script submission.

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