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Christine Rogers
b. 1965, Christchurch, New Zealand

BIOGRAPHY:   Christine is a writer and director.

Her recent work includes the science-fiction feature film I am Evangeline and the hour-long documentary Remain in Light featuring award-winning architect Sean Godsell.

Christine has multiple credits in short drama, educational film and digital stories.


After an arts degree at Christchurch University where she worked intensively in local independent theatre as an actress, Christine trained in film and television at Auckland University (documentary), then Swinburne University (drama). Post Swinburne and her award-winning student film Violent Hands she decided to stay in Melbourne and make her career here.

She has a Masters of Creative Arts (Melbourne University) examining representations of Aileen Wuronos, the American serial killer, and she continues her fascination with women who break the rules.

Christine is represented by Leslie Rabb at RPM International.

I am Evangeline

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   Christine’s interests lie in the dark and forbidden.

She is captivated by the currents that pull us under – sex, violence, envy, jealousy, and the way that our everyday lives teeter continuously on the edge of chaos and disaster.

She is also very interested in women behaving badly.

Christine likes to subvert genre and audience expectations and to present a world that is subtly different form our own.

This has lead her from a man sewing a human heart into his chest (A Woman’s Heart), to adapting Shakespeare (Anne & Richard), to the alternate-now science fiction in her feature film I am Evangeline.


Defence of Darwin

Violent Hands (1991, 36 mins, 16mm)

Sympathetic (1994, 15 mins, 16mm)

A Women’s Heart (1996, 10 mins, 35mm)

Anne & Richard (2006, 14 mins, HD)

The Papin Sisters (2008, 10 mins, HD)
(part of the triptych Motel)

Defence of Darwin (digital stories for Darwin Military Museum), (2012, 4 x 10 mins, HD)

Remain in Light (2013, 55 mins, HD)
(to be released) Co-director with Paul Ritchard

I am Evangeline (2015, 91 mins, HD)

A Women’s Heart (1996, excerpt)
I am Evangeline TRAILER (2015)

Other credits:

Remain in Light

Honey (as writer) (2001, 10 mins, 16mm)
Director Seth Keen

The Forest (as co-writer) (2003, 50 mins, HD)
Director/co-writer Jo Kennedy


Violent Hands
Won script award at Swinburne and post-production funded by the AFC
‘Best Overall Film’, Canterbury Film Festival, New Zealand
Finalist Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival, and Atom Awards, Melbourne
Screened St Kilda, Melbourne Film Festivals
Distributed by the AFI

A Woman’s Heart
Premiered at the Stockholm Film Festival
Purchased by many distributors including Canal + and SBS
Toured New Zealand in the Blue Angel Film Festival

Anne & Richard

Screened NZ International Film Festival, Hoffman International Film Festival
MIC Homegrown Series
Sold to Studio Universal, Spain
Finalist, Drifting Clouds Film Awards

The Forest
Sydney Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Bermuda Film Festival, Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester Film Festival, St Kilda Film Festival
Screened Clermont Ferrand Market and Cinema Des Antipodes, Cannes, France Nominated, Australian Film Critics Circle Awards
Toured as part of the AFC ‘Fifty Minutes from Home’ series.
Cinema release Palace Films, The George Cinema, March 2004
‘Highly Commended’ Dendy Awards, 2004

Anne & Richard
Selected for Melbourne International Film Festival, New Zealand International Film Festival, Flicker Festival, Australian Festival Londo (screened with Geoffrey Wright’s MacBeth), IFCT USA.

I am Evangeline
Melbourne Underground Film Festival (won Best Guerrilla Ethos)
Sydney Independent Film Festival (won Best Cinematography)
South Texas Underground Film Festival

© Christine Rogers, November 2017.

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