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Paul Jeffery
b. May 16, 1973, Melbourne, Australia.

BIOGRAPHY:   Paul Jeffery studied acting in the evenings while completing a BA from Melbourne Uni by day. He began shooting his first self-funded DV feature Adam and Eve in 1999, in collaboration with actor/producer and partner Tania Lentini. The film premiered at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival in 2001.

His second DV feature, In the Moment, began shooting in 2002 and also had its premiere at MUFF, in 2004.


Adam and Eve

CRITICAL OVERVIEW:   I'm all for narrative, fiction features. I guess, thematically, I'm interested in power relations, falling in love and the nature of cinema. Also, acting - what it is, what it means, how it differs from modelling (in the Bressonian sense). Stylistically - I like hand-held cameras, I like jump-cuts. I like getting right up in the actors' faces and seeing what's going on inside their heads. I also like long takes. I like each take to be different which can be a bugger to cut sometimes but it's more important for a scene to be true than for the continuity to be flawless. I have a weakness for distorted sound which is easy enough to fix but it's just that you can get such great moments when the actors don't give a damn about their levels. I like a little messiness.

Paul Jeffery, March 2005

In the Moment


Adam and Eve (2001, 88 mins, miniDV)

In the Moment (2004, 109 mins, miniDV)


"The Relatives of Realism", by Jake Wilson, Real Time, Issue 64, December 04-January 05.

Paul Jeffery, April 2005

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