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Tuesday November 9, 2004 screening

Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon St. Carlton

Snow Advisory

Flame Schon (USA), Snow Advisory, DVD, 2000, 15 mins.
3 female characters on the lam in a moonscape wilderness from some unknown threatening authority. In their possession is the mysterious symbolic golden egg. They arrive finally at the dream cave where the journey of transformation occurs… multiple metaphors. Premiere

Patrick Corcoran (Irish Republic), Morphology, Super 8 telecines + videos, 2001-04, 16 mins 39 secs.
(each short work separated by period of black)

For this collection of animation pieces, I used 5,000 charcoal drawings, it took 3 months to complete. The main theme is the build up of aggression in the world. The other pieces come from my dreams and nightmares. The videos deal with memories ....

Marcus Bergner, The Surface, 16mm/DV, 2003-04, extract 13 mins 10 secs.
This is a short excerpt from a new 33min. digital video, that has been made from liquid paper, white light and over 300 discarded 16mm educational films. There is a 90min trailer to this video, shot on colour 16mm film stock, that will be screened before the full version of the video next year in Melbourne .... Premiere

Morgan Evans, Entropy, 16mm/DV, 1993, 13 mins 5 secs.
Three mates go on an antisocial spree, it all ends rather mysteriously ... (a VCA film)


John Eaton, Hole Film, 16mm/video, 2001, 4 mins 50 secs, silent.
Found footage punctured and bonded arte povera style. The conservative image juxtaposed with innuendo and oblique architecture.

Tony Woods, Facing You, Super 8 film/DVD, 2004, 10 mins, extract.
Two Super 8 films superimposed, chosen by length not subject matter, what I was hoping for was the possible synchronicity of frames combining in ways not foreseen, there are several such in this short extract .....

Vit Panci'r (Czech Republic), Do Jerabin, Super 8 film/video, 2000.
To rowamberry .... scratched film work (no synopsis available)
(video courtesy Marcus Bergner)

Vit Panci'r (Czech Republic), Nase Kresleni, Super 8 film, 2003, b&w.
A life drawing situation (no synopsis available)
(video courtesy Marcus Bergner)

Nick Ostrovskis, Stained Glass Window, Super 8 film/video, 1993, 8 mins 30 secs, silent.
Colourful film, everything zooms in, fast paced.

Jesper Fabricius (Denmark), Language is the House we Live in, 35mm/video, 2002, 18 mins 51 secs.
Painter / filmmaker, he is more interested in the celluloid than in classical narrative: in this film he composes a series of shots of building sites and Icelandic landscapes, using various colour filters and added effects that manipulate time ….. all is constantly evolving.

(video courtesy Marcus Bergner)

(All works transferred to DVD by Tony Woods)

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