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Tuesday June 10, 2003 screening

Cinema Nova, Lygon St. Carlton

Winter (Bill Mousoulis)

Bill Mousoulis, Winter, Super-8 film, 1998, 8 mins.
Featuring:  Rad Rudd, Mark C. Zenner, Nick Ostrovskis.
The Writer prepares to shut off from the world; The Lover accepts the rejection of his love; The Cynic espouses the virtues of distance. Winter is here.

Clemens Fuertler (Austria), Traffic Greece; 4 Bilder Schnitt, video, 12 mins, 2000.
….describes a ride on a motorbike with 2 DV cameras; it is the attempt to portray the 360° view on the lateral plane…not having to turn around.

Peter Lane, Who Ever You Are, Super-8 film, 12 mins 30 secs, 1996.
Is it a clash of the past with the future? A juxtaposition of the German 1920s film Metropolis and an exhibition of sculptures by a Melbourne artist at the old power station Lonsdale Street.

Grant Meredith, The I-team: Project Fubar, video, 12 mins 30 secs, 2003.
In quiet little parts of the world, quiet little missions take place for the sake of global safety. Now one of these missions has gone wrong! This is the harrowing tale of an early adventure of the "i-team" - the special ops force that destroyed the udd base and ultimately turned the tide of the great udd war.

Tony Woods, An Archival Object, Super-8 film, 15 mins, 2003.
(With artists Peter Ellis electric guitar & Phil Edwards synthesizer….live)
A bricoleur: gathers events in order to create a structure ……. me

Chris Windmill, Actual Events Which Have Taken Place, video, 5 mins, 2000.
A documentary about actual events in Darwin. Karaoke, greyhound racing and rubber chook karaoke. Made for Fringe Festival

Chris Windmill, Postcode, Super-8 telecine, 2 mins, '97-98/2000.
This was for the Super 8 postcode project from many years ago. It took many years to get around to finishing because this is the Darwin way. Pinry started making it, then it got a bit hot so she had to return indoors and leave me to finish it.

Nick Ostrovskis, Melbournesque, Super-8 film, 5 mins, 1989.
A landscape film. A man hosing off the Yarra heliport is the main star. The Melbourne Coca Cola clock also stars, as does a smelly black chemical fire in Footscray. 5 years in the making.

Rad Rudd, Homey, video, 1997, 8 mins.
A homey walks down the street ...

Victoria Armytage, Rhythm and Shoes go to the Beach, Super-8 film, 3 mins, 2003.
Abstract view of the narrative, presented as the mind's eye which is not neccessarily the reality of the situation. The film is based on the idea that when you are dying, one happy moment plays before your eyes.

Jean-Gabriel P'eriot, (France), 21 04 02, video, 9 mins 22 secs, 2002.
The 21st of April 2002 was the day of the first round of the presidential elections. The two candidates chosen by french people for the 2nd round were right wing Jacques Chirac, and fascist, homophobe and racist Jean-Marie Le Pen. When the results were announced, I was overwhelmed by so many emotions; where I had lived, what I had done, and above all, what I had not done, and how I too was responsible for this outcome - an irretrievable turning point. One of those very few moments when one feels that one is really living history. But unfortunately, history at its blackest. The film tries to answer those moments - my answer to the deep existential crisis that I then went through: how to keep on going, how to fight, how to exist as an artist today, how to (simply)….

Saving Private Ryan
(Shane Lyons)

Shane Lyons, Saving Private Ryan, Super-8 film, 7 mins, 30 secs, 1998.
As I began editing together this "random" compilation of previously discarded footage left over from test shoots, faulty cameras and lab stuff-ups, I decided to give it the title of whatever film was #1 at the Melbourne box office the day I finished. The Spielberg film was it. (Actually it had dropped to #2 but I thought it was a better title than Antz).

Bernard O'Connor, The Conversion, 16mm telecine, 9 mins, 1998.
A young outer-suburban-door-knocking preacher questions righteousness.

Bernard O'Connor, Gone Away, Super-8 telecine, 3 mins, 2000.
A short, dark tale of the ghost of someone dear influencing a decision to stay, or go.

Kristian Brennan, Getting to know the rest of me, Super-8 film, 3 mins, '74/'03.
It is confusing having a lot of information inside your head. Everything really is happening at the same time. I do not know what it is I am like. I do not know what I like.

Brendan Harraghy, An Episode in Co-existence...part 2, video, 8 mins, 25 secs, 2003.
A set of pictures taken from an exhibition which was set up on a PC. These pictures represent a certain time in my immediate memory.

AUDIENCE VOTES: At the end of the screening, audience voting forms were handed out, asking people to nominate their three favourite films of the night. Grant Meredith, The I-team, 12 votes; Rad Rudd, Homey, 6 votes; Peter Lane, Who Ever You Are, 4 votes.

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