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Tuesday November 11, 2003 screening

Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon St. Carlton

Kristian Brennan & Brendan Harraghy, untitled, Super-8 film, 2003, 6 mins.
Live audio remixing by Kristian and Brendan of several pre-mixed sound sources, accompanying their short film.

The message was the same. Hold your head up higher, I've found what I was looking for……..thanks to Victoria Armytage for her Super 8 technical skills.

Nowhere But Here (Flame Schon)

Flame Schon (Santa Fe, U.S.A.), Vidioms (tm), six short video art works, 20 mins.

- A beautiful but foreboding ride through golden aspen trees.
Phallusy - Sex as a door to the void.
Sex Cells - Feminist spoof of x-rated films.
Nowhere But Here - Word art.
Daughter of Dada - Multi-levelled veiled feminist terrorist makes soup and flees.
Destination - When will we reach it? And does it exist?

Nick Ostrovskis
, Beneath Melbourne / The Saxophinist, Super-8 film, 2001, 7 mins, silent.
Melbourne from a different angle with a brassy 30 sec. to conclude.

anon., Darren and Janet, video, c. 2002, 13 mins.
Amazing what you can find in skips in Fitzroy, my edit (from various tapes) ... sound from camera ... low quality. (Tony Woods)

Bill Mousoulis, High, Super-8 film, 2003, 3 mins.
Super. Eight. High. Sky. Miles. Super Eight. Miles High. Birds in the Sky. Byrds on High. A Doco of the corner of Smith & Greeves Sts., Fitzroy, Oct.8, 2003, 1:00 pm.

The Job (David King)

John Livingston (U.K.), Conductive Forms, mDV, 2000, 5 mins.
Video in 2 parts & 2 versions.

Phil Edwards, 2 Super-8 animations, 1986.
Still Life in a Bar 3 mins
A first attempt at animation.
Capture 2 mins
The second attempt.

David King, The Job, video, 2002, 15 mins.
A young man applies for a seemingly innocent job only to discover, too late, that the company offering it had found a bizarre way to get young people off the dole - for good

Tony Woods, "Roy Hollsdotter Live" Seen, Super-8 film, 2002, 9 mins.
A commercial film crew working opposite my Fitzroy studio … How could I resist?! …. Wish I had had more film…..

"Roy Hollsdotter Live" Seen
(Tony Woods)

VCA student group project, One Minute in One Hour, Super-8 film/video, 2003, 15 mins.
Part 2 of 1-min films shot in 1 hour as part of the Foundation Year Studies at V. C. A. working in groups of approx 3. The challenge for students was to storyboard, location scout, organise actors/props etc. and edit in camera ... lecturer…. Moira Joseph ….… Foundation Year co ordinator … Libby Porter.

Louise Curham (Sydney MIC), Miss Shaw, Super-8 film, 2003, 6 mins.
Writer-performer: Cynthia Troup (c) Curham/Troup

Miss Miranda Shaw was the secretary to the Master of Queen's College Melbourne circa 1970, during the time of the unfortunate disappearance of a new student of the college during initiation week ceremonies, namely the annual 'cemetery run'. Miranda's clipped and prim life begins to totter… Shot on location at Tower Studio, Queen's College, Melb. Jan. 2003, during a residency in the studio in the project "Six Conjectural Modules ", devised by Sandra Bridie.

Maximilian Le Cain (Ireland), Autumn Invasion, video, 2002, 3 mins.
Out of 2 images and 2 sounds - the wind howling and fingernails scraping across a blackboard - I created a film celebrating the invasion of a joyless environment by more vital forces. It charts the frustration and rebellion of a student that allows for the arrival of an alien (played by my good friend, the 'Rusty Man'!) who in turn brings in his wake the revitalising winds of autumn.

Peter Lane, Auto Rock, Super-8 film, b/w, 1995, 4 mins 30 secs.
Boys toy with machines of yesteryear…..

Chad Boreanaz, Cheezlekane, video, c. 2000, 4 mins.
Found low budget music video of top pop/rock Melbourne outfit.

AUDIENCE VOTES: At the end of the screening, audience voting forms were handed out, asking people to nominate their three favourite films of the night. Kristian Brennan & Brendan Harraghy, untitled, 5 votes; Phil Edwards, animations, 4 votes; Flame Schon, Vidioms (tm), 4 votes.

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