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Tuesday July 6, 2004 screening

Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon St. Carlton

Flame's Follies

Flame Schon, Flame's Follies, DVD, 1997, 23 mins 30 secs.
Flame's Follies … a rave for the spirit … proposes and explores through flaming trance imagery (all created in an analog mixer) the correspondences between body & soul, hand & eye … how they mirror, reflect & enlighten each other. It emerges feet first, aimlessly shuffling towards us, walking down an endless railroad track, while trains-spectral, archaic ghost trains glide by. From behind the veil an eye gazes, a naked nipple is revealed, a hand beckons, a gesture of the wrist & a glance at a watch … what time was it? it? ..keep dancing. This is a music video.

Nick Ostrovskis, Riverside Quay, Super-8 film, 1989, 4 mins, silent.
"… epic view, in fast motion of our docklands which are at the heart of our trade and punctuate our city in an almost pre-historic way with their high cranes and ships" …Juliana Engberg commenting on Riverside Quay in the notes for the "Imaging the City" program screened at Storey Hall RMIT April 1991.

Thorsten Fleisch (Germany), "K.I.L.L." - Kinetic Image Laboratory/Lobotomy, DVD, 1999, 3 mins 30 secs.
The film is an accumulation of 180 different perspectives of a bank's skyscraper. Each perspective takes just one frame. At first there is chaos, then certain systems of visual organisation develop. The sound consists of a sample taken from some trash movie. Its meaning is: "our power is boundless and our means are inexhaustible". The film plays with the relationship between words and the images creating different meanings in breaking the succession of the words.

Tony Woods, The Spider That Got Away, Super-8 film, 1999, 13 mins.
Various situations …. spiders like a liquid diet you know…..!

Wolfgang Lehmann & Florian Krautkramer (Germany), Fontaine de Vaucluse, 16mm, 2001, 15 mins excerpt on VHS. (Thanks to Marcus Bergner for loan of DVD & filmmakers for allowing me to select 15 mins, from the 65 min telecine… T.W.)
Images become notes, and thus the film, through montage, becomes a visual composition. No statements are made. People are treated like flowing water, roaring past as a mass. Thomas Gerwin composed a "musique concrete" score. The acoustical composition does not accompany the images; it interacts with the visuals.

Architectural Symbols

Tony Woods, Capoiera, Super-8 film, 2004, 9 mins 45 secs.
Filhos da bahia capoiera (martial art from Brazil) demonstration at ACMI., April '04. Sound: my remix including sounds from several "Bad Boys Batacada" CD's courtesy of Ortiz Pinto, Melbourne.

Jean-Gabriel Periot (France), Journal Intime, DVD, 2 mins.
We witness a very private moment in which the body becomes an artificial, fabricated entity. This brings up the question of appearances - here we see what we are not in the habit of seeing. There is also the question of intimacy … a question, however, which remains unanswered.

Jean-Gabriel Periot (France), Bodymakers / Falbalas / Bazaar, etc….etc. ?, DVD, 20 mins.
4 dancers with masks, changes of costume move in a slow mood to create eccentric worlds, playing with identity and the corpses to create sculptures of the dancers, playing with times, and spaces and realities….

Nick Ostrovskis, Architectual Symbols, Super-8 film, 1993, 8 mins, silent.
"…rotating images again, fashion images this time - with just a touch of colour. Deeper and darker images work the best. Images … same old actors - but in this film playing different roles. Faster at the end, great pace. Burn baby burn……" Jim Bridges describing the film in the Melbourne Super 8 Film Newsletter, no 89.

Grant Meredith, The Making of 'Udds Armageddon', video, 8 mins 40 secs.
Doco on the making of Udds Armageddon, which screened at MIC in June 2002.

Josephine Bourke, The House of Animation, video, 2004, 2 mins 30 secs.
An artistic genre drawing from start to finish, of the dream home. This animation was hand drawn, and shot second by second, on Video 8 and then transferred to DVD and speed up at 2X speed to give a faster animation feel, then finalized to VHS. Made by a young filmmaker aged nine.

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