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September 10, 2002 screening

Cinema Nova, Lygon St. Carlton

Kristian Brennan Guitar & Phil Edwards Keyboard (Live) to
Kristian Brennan
, Brisbane by Boat, video, 2002, 15 mins.
Travelling through these paths, without travelling on them. Duration of time/timing of travel.

Grant Meredith, Dark Prophecy, video, 10 mins, 38 secs.
Based on an ancient Oriental folktale. Two great swordsmen must duel over who is superior, but over them hangs a foretold prophecy that will haunt them into eternity.

Brian's Body (Moira Joseph)

Peter Lane, Frolic, Super-8 film, 1996, 5 mins.
What's darkened whose night eyes?

Moira Joseph, Brian's Body, 16mm/video, 8 mins.
A male body, a steamy Sunday afternoon, searing heat, a fly buzzing.

Nick Ostrovskis, Music Film Guitar, Super-8 film, 1998, 3 mins.
Homage to the guitar. Music notes, plenty of colour, abstract patterns, eye-spinning stuff and lots of rotating hands. No elephants or snowflakes here. But it is silent. Sssssiiilllleeennnnttttt! Why???

Hisham Bizri (USA), City of Brass, video, 28 mins, 12 secs.
This digital video incorporates optical and digital landscapes to meditate upon the nature of East/West relationships in an impressionistic manner. These relationships are realised in the three main characters in the film: Antoine, his wife Alma, and an Arab Moor. Based upon a short story from the 18th century manuscript known as The Arabian Nights.

Victoria Armytage & Brendan Harraghy, A Series of Animations, Super-8 film, 2002, 3 mins.
The adventures of a young man, monsters and mayhem.

Greg Stehle, Medusa, video, 2002, 6 mins, 21 secs.
A cocky young man gets more than he bargained for when he taunts a living statue of Medusa.

Roy Chu, The Cities, Super-8 film/video, 2002, 10 mins.
A documentary about the cities which I love very much.

Tony Woods, Some Things Can't Be Erased, Super-8 film, 2002, 20 mins.
A diaristic reality reel ..... openly subjective.

Phong Nguyen, star of
Duel for Love

Pete Spence, Cellular, Super-8 film/video, 4 mins.
From a Mark Cuthbertson inflatable balloon project.

Rick Randall, For Back to Back Theatre, Super-8 film/video, 3 mins.
From a Mark Cuthbertson inflatable balloon project.

Shane Lyons, A Headless Buddha, Super-8 film, 1988-2002, 6 mins, 30 secs.
A gentle meditation on decay and the materials of film.

Huu Tran, Duel for Love, video, 2002, 15 mins.
This short video is taken from the 2002 production of the stage play "The Viet Boys from Down Under". It sees two men, half brothers, battle for the love of a woman using swords, kung-fu, and corny dialogue.

also programmed, but not screened:

Rad Rudd, That's the Law, Super-8 film, 2002, 3 mins.
A film to be part of the intended '02 image with soundtrack DVD, featuring Stu Thomas & the Brass Bed.

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