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March 11, 2003 screening

Cinema Nova, Lygon St. Carlton

Incredible Halk Productions, Loop, video, 2002, 16 mins.
A polaroid camera's images as records of the recent past, present, and as clues to a future. Neo-narrative at its best.

Needles and Pins
Needles and Pins (Bill Mousoulis)

Bill Elliot, Night in Melbourne, Super-8 film, 2000, 5 mins, silent.
Zooming, panning, each frame a time-lapse, at night in the CBD.

Briele Hansen, Where To, video, 2 mins, silent.
From where, to where? where to, a video performance, observing limitations and openings of time, space and place.

Bill Mousoulis, Needles and Pins, video, 2002, 3 mins.
The Searchers' classic hit "Needles and Pins" accompanies images of couples gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. All the images have been taken from audition tapes for the feature Lovesick.

Shane Lyons, 321 on Squirrel, Super-8 film, 2003, 13 mins.
A transformation of time, space, reason, sense and meaning, starring Henry Fonda and Terrence Hill.

Chris Windmill, Satan's Machine, 16mm / video, 2000, 5 mins.
A man has a bad cold. His neighbor has a slightly scary car.

Tony Woods, Red Refract, Super-8 film, 2003, 15 mins.
The afternoon sun refractions from various sources, onto vertical red paper.
(With Alex Selenitch, piano accordian.)

Helen Johnson, videos
National Fidelity, 2002, 2 mins 57 secs.
Paraparadise Downunder Sensitive Culture 1: The Bangtail Muster, 2002, 1 min, 41 secs.
Paraparadise Downunder 2: Some Bloody Good Drinkers, 2002, 1 min, 23 secs.
Paraparadise Downunder Energy Dance Off: Talk About a Mob of Characters!, 2002, 1 min, 29 secs.

The Difference
The Difference (Helen M)

Helen M, The Difference, video, 2002, 3 mins.
A bi-sexual female lives her life exactly the way she wants to, doing exactly what she wants, not caring what people think of her.

Peter Lane, 9999 Part 2, Super-8 film, 1999, 2 mins.
Almost science-fiction. World in turmoil at 8 frames per second.

Grant Meredith, videos.
Taking for Granted, by Grant Meredith and Leigh Achterbosh, video, 1 min, 53 secs.

Short depiction of how we take for granted our mundane lives, and even after horrific circumstances we still return to the same groove again.
Little Johnnie Gets Lucky, by Grant Meredith, video, 2 mins.
A short comical piece made for the Ballarat Winter Festival. The most popular so far of the "Little Johnnie" series. Little Johnnie is on a quest for love. Will he find it?

Rad Rudd, That's the Law, Super-8 film, 2002, 3 mins.
A film to be part of the image with sound track DVD, featuring Stu Thomas and the Brass Bed.

Tim Mattison, Creature ... Zombies ... Zombie, video, 2 mins.

Sanne Mestrom, I Heard the Coolest Story Once, It Was About Movement, And This Girl: She Really Wanted It, video, 10 mins.
As we watch the character her own momentum, we observe the subtle shifts in an awareness of her self, her environment and in her relationship with the audience.

Nick Ostrovskis, Meltdown, Super-8 film, 22 mins, silent.
A melting pot of various different visual themes and animation styles. One for the eyes.

AUDIENCE VOTES: At the end of the screening, audience voting forms were handed out, asking people to nominate their three favourite films of the night. Chris Windmill, Satan's Machine, 8 votes; Tim Mattison, Creature ... Zombies ... Zombie and Bill Mousoulis, Needles and Pins, 6 votes each; Helen Johnson, videos and Incredible Halk Productions, Loop, 5 votes each.

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