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November 12, 2002 screening

Cinema Nova, Lygon St. Carlton

Sex Pixels, Pink Spunk, video, 2001, 4 mins.
An experiMENTAL all-digital animation spectacular. Originally produced as a film clip for Melbourne underground musician, Askii, for the grand sum of $4.00 (Aus).

Diane Peters Harp (Live) to:
Tony Woods
, Equivalent Frame Work, Super-8 film, 2002, 13 mins.
It is the action before the camera which dominates the process.
Diane Peters - Harpist, composer - plays original jazz with her band Archaeopteryx, with a CD released on New Market '00. They have toured in Europe in 2001. Diane continues to compose for her band, new ensembles, and film.

When I Grow Up '02 (Bill Mousoulis)

Sherridan Green, Sweet Melancholy, Super-8 film/video, 2002, 11 mins.
A tribute to women's grief and loss. This poem by Nanuska gives the feeling where it came from: "In me   There is an exquisite   Loneliness deep   And personal-like unbearable   Pain   I made friends   With it and   Found peace."

Bill Mousoulis, When I Grow Up '02, Super-8 film, 2002, 40 mins.
To mark his 20th anniversary as a film-maker, Bill Mousoulis will present a one-off screening of various excerpts and out-takes from Super 8 films he has made since 1982. He will provide a live commentary to accompany the clips on the night.

Kristian Brennan, Bring the Beat Back, video, 2002, 6 mins, 40 secs.
The beat has gone, we can bring it back, the beat is the sound, and the beat is between people.

Perry Laird, Nite Spot, Super-8 film, 2002, 5 mins.
A film to be part of the intended '02 image with soundtrack DVD, featuring Stu Thomas & the Brass Bed.

Victoria Armytage & Brendan Harraghy, A Series of Animations, Super-8 film, 2002, 4 mins.
Drums, dragons, battles and adventures. Short trips into the world of fantasy.

Dangerous Dan Jones
(Grant Meredith)

Grant Meredith, Dangerous Dan Jones, video, 2002, 10 mins, 50 secs.
A rugged adventurer has embarked on a mighty quest. He must retrieve a great treasure and return to the safety of civilization. In his way stands a myriad of foes and terrible traps. Will he succeed?

Lisa Moore, Travelling Waves, Super-8 film, 2002, 4 mins.
Upon closer observation, the various forces of nature become visible in this moving world.

Peter Lane, 9999, Super-8 film, 1999, 5 mins, 20 secs.
Events on one day. Early morning through to late night. City lights seen through distorted lens.

D'Silva, Tell Me a Story, 16mm/video, 2002, 6 mins.
About a man re-exploring his past.

Peter Lane, Rays, Super-8 film, 1999, 3 mins, 30 secs.
Atmosphere of maybe another world. Light streams through leaf and wood, matched by sounds of the netherworld.

Nicholas Nedelkopoulos, Complex World, Super-8 film/video, 2002, 3 mins.
A film to be part of the intended '02 image with soundtrack DVD, featuring Stu Thomas & the Brass Bed.

also programmed, but not screened:

Rad Rudd, Homey, video, 1997, 8 mins.
A homey walks down the street ...

Nick Ostrovskis, Melbournesque, Super-8 film, silent, 1989, 5 mins.
A landscape film. A man hosing bird droppings off the Yarra heliport is the main star. The South Melbourne Coca-Cola clock also stars, as does a smokey black chemical fire in Footscray. Took 5 years to make!

Dominic Golding, Highway 21, video loop, 8 mins.
With live spoken word delivery by Dominic

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