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April 16, 2002 screening

Cinema Nova, Lygon St. Carlton

Introduction and intermission soundscape by Kristian Brennan


CD cover artwork for Save Your Breath

A live performance from
Stu Thomas and the Brass Bed

to commissioned films:

Melanie El Mir, No Vacancy,
video, 2001, 2 mins.

Tony Woods, No Rest for the Wicked, Super-8 film, 2001, 3 mins.

Louise Curham, Truthbender,
video, 2001, 2 mins 30 secs.

Christos Linou, Combination,
Super-8 film, 2001, 4 mins.

David Lee, Monkey Face,
video, 2001, 4 mins.

THE ART OF ACTION 7:15 - 8:20

Rad Rudd & Tony Woods, Morning Exercise, Super-8 film, 2001, 6 mins. Soundtrack by Iain Wilson.
A morning exercise session with Phong Nguyen displaying a combination of martial arts movements.

Tony Woods, Found Footage, Super-8 film, kine from Video 8.
Kung fu flick fest, a bit of action and fun.

My Hardest Case (David Lee)

Phil Edwards, The Return of the Legends, video telecine from Super-8, 1997, 7 mins.
A brief insight into Australian wrestling legends of old, set inside a nightclub in the late '90s.

Hai Ha Le, Blue Note Tokyo, video telecine from Super-8, 2002, 3 mins.
You can run, but you can't hide. Watch him chase himself into a corner.

David Lee, My Hardest Case, video, 2001, 18 mins.
My Hardest Case is an urban-based drama about an undercover cop's determination to set things right and take down a local drug lord, who is a family member, his older brother. Making this the hardest case he has ever taken on.

Lap Tran, Separation Blood, video, 2002, 22 mins.
Two brothers separated from birth, growing up in two totally different worlds. One turning to crime in order to succeed and achieve his goals, and at any cost. Whereas the other is noble and having a conviction toward goodness and they eventually end up clashing.

OPEN SCREENING 8:30 - 9:15

Peter Lane, Striate, Super-8 film, 1996, 2 mins.
Streaks of light in a time-lapse world. A bit of fun with appropriate formalist techniques.

What Do You Want From My Life?
(Moira Joseph)

Moira Joseph, What Do You Want From My Life?, video telecine from Super-8 film, 2000, 5 mins 30 secs.
Tired of pussy-footing around? Searching for that purrfect partner? Dismayed by failed set-ups from well-meaning friends and relatives? Why not try responding to a personal ad, to find that special companion?

Rob McCaffety, Tonight Dynamo are Back, Super-8 film, 14 mins 30 secs.
A doco on Melbourne rock'n'roll band, Dynamo and the Hornosexuals; essentially, a document of young people making their own fun. Inspired by the art of Robert Frank, I wanted an organic, raw and spontaneous film. Tonight Dynamo are back!

Cassandra Tytler, And I Cried, video, 5 mins.
We live in a world besieged and besotted by image. Everyone it seems wants their 15 minutes and plenty of people will do whatever it takes to get a piece of the celebrity cake. And I Cried is a film about wishing to be a movie star. Being a star is about shining bright, a brilliant flash of light against the backdrop of a velvety black night sky. And I Cried is an exploration of our obsession with the star and the image.

Marian Prickett, The Intruder, Super-8 film, 4 mins. Soundtrack by Dworzec.
The intruder slices an invisible path through a city. Buildings shatter, but its presence goes unseen.

Joe Robinson, The Water's Running, video, 12 mins 30 secs.
A young man dreams of, and prepares to, swim around his apartment like a fish. He becomes sidetracked by the woman downstairs, her daughters, and the nature of his desire.

Nick Ostrovskis, Self Portrait, Super-8 film, 1997, 3 mins.
A short self portrait, with abstract patterns and geometric shapes shaken not stirred.

Matthew Rees, Noey, video, 10 mins.
An excerpt from a longer documentary on Noey Watts, who talks about his experiences as a digger and prisoner of war in Singapore.

David Lee, A Letter to Mr.X, video, 2002, 4 mins. Soundtrack by Stu Thomas.
The story begins when two people were sent to collect a very mysterious love letter, arousing a sense of curiosity. The two messengers decide to find out more about what this letter was all about and why it's so important and secretive.

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