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Tuesday March 16, 2004 screening

Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon St. Carlton

Mike Cooper (UK / Italy), Those Final Adjustments, Super-8 film/video, 2003, 10 mins, live sound.

This is a 'collage' film, as most of my work, visual and musical, often is. It is a non-narrative collection of travel shots, personal ephemera, with bits and pieces of my visual graphic work included, it also includes 'treated' film and direct animation.

I like to think of it as a homage to Len Lye and Stan Brakhage.

My music is mostly improvised and distinctly contemporary and electro-acoustic, using acoustic instruments (mostly Hawaiian guitar) treated live with digital equipment.

Mike's website.

Nick Ostrovskis
, Flower Animation, Super-8 film, 1988, 4 mins, silent.
No thorns. Flowers are animated, bright colour. Slow moving relaxing images. Kaleidoscopic. In one section flowers slowly sprout into each other and disappear. With colours pouring towards you and then away, in a psychedelic cornucopia ...

Bill Mousoulis, New Horizons, video, 2003, 9 mins
featuring Natalie Vella and Okan Husnu
A Turkish man and a Greek woman fall in and out of love.

Holmesglen Tafe students, Moorabbin 2003, 16mm/video, 2003, 13 mins
A collection of (very) short hand drawn & scratched films, using found 16mm footage. Diploma of Art & Design students, Holmesglen Tafe, Moorabbin, 2003, tutor Moira Joseph.

Thorsten Fleisch (Germany)

Gestalt, computer animation / video, 2003, 5 mins

4 dimensional quaternionic fractuals are visualized by projecting into 3 dimensional space. Instead of modeling objects or scenes of human imagination I tried to experiment with the visualization of pure mathematics. For this work only the variables of one formula (x[n+1]=x[n]^pc) were changed. It took me about a year to get an idea of the transformations and shapes which could be expressed by this formula, another year was needed to render the sequences which I wished to use ...

Hautnah / Skinflick
, 16mm / video, 2002, 7 mins 30 secs

Video Skin

Filmic exploration of the texture of my hand with and without camera, with maintaining the hand/skin theme the methods of film production are changed. Hence not only is my hand shown in various ways but also different possibilities of filmic representation are discussed. For the sound I audio-scanned my hand with the cartridge of a phono player, the resulting sounds were rearranged to fit the images.

Videohaut / Video Skin
, video, 2001, 5 mins

The effects of feelings transmitted by a machine (vcr+tv-screen) made visible through scrutiny of the receiving human's skin. One may see traces of an intimate human / machine relationship .

Thorsten's website.

Tony Woods, Something Fishy, Super-8 film,
superimposed on Water DVD, 2004, 10 mins

The question was "what would happen on the screen if we did this?" the answer .. ynot ! ....... that is what art is about isn't it?

Jean Gabriel P'eriot (France)
, We are winning don't forget, video, 2003, 7 mins
About the representation of work, and how do we do something about the class struggle

Paul Rodgers, with live sound by the filmmaker

Below the Surface
, Super-8 film, B&W, 1990

The bones of Paris residents who died 200 years ago, were placed in underground catacombs to ease the problem of the over crowded grave yards. Noblemen's bones are intertwined with peasants like me.

Lewes, Super-8 film, B&W, 1991
Every November 5, the East Sussex town of Lewes in the UK, holds its annual bonfire celebrations. A number of bonfire societies hold torch-lit processions through the streets of the town.

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