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Albury_Wodonga Moving Image Coalition

July 7, 2004 screening

Wee Willies Hotel, Dean St, Albury.

Dave Malinaric, (USA), Widescene Over Pittsburgh, Super 8, 1976, 7 mins.
Filmed during the famous, Australian Visit to Pittsburgh, USA. To catch up with fellow widescreeners in American Widescreen Association. This film was re-copied for the benefit of Les Rechter and other members of the Australian Widescreen Association. Shot using a Cinemascope Lens (2X).

Les Rechter, (AWA), St Louis Gateway Arch, Super 8, 1976, 5 mins.
While on holidays in the USA, and visiting the American Widescreen Club, Les took this footage in Super 8 Widescreen using a (1.75) Lens.

Jake & Daniel Astbury, (UK), Skybound Pictures, Super 8/DVD, 2003, 6 mins.
The Astbury brothers have shot 5 short films, using 5 types of Super 8 stock, starting with Kodakchrome 40, Ektachrome 125, Vision 200T, Plus-X, and Tri-X all around London. This DVD is also used by the Widescreen Centre to promote Super 8 film.

Moira Joseph, (Melb’ MIC), What Do You Want From My Life?, Super 8/VHS, 2000, 5.30 mins. Tired of pussy-footing around? Searching for that purrfect partner? Dismayed by failed set-ups from well-meaning friends and relatives? Why not try responding to a personal ad, to find that special companion?

Garry Hays, (AW-MIC) showed us the intro DVD to Unreal Tournament, then talked about the animation and 3-D effects on how this is done. We finished off by watching the 10 min DVD of Shrek 3-D with the red/blue glasses.

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