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September 1, 2004 screening

Wee Willies Hotel, Dean St, Albury.

Special Guest - Festival Director Michael Agzarian from Wagga Wagga’s Reel is Real Film Festival


John Burgoyne-Johnson and Gordon Clarke, (UK), REEL 1-LIGHTS OUT…and the stars appear, Super 8/DVD, 1972, 11mins.
Made for Group 9.5 U.K. This Black & White Documentary of the pioneer film gauge, covers the HISTORY OF 9.5MM from 1922-1972. We see the first Independent Filmmakers camera and movie projector in the home, even the King George VI was a nine-fiver, thanks to Charles Pathe.

Les Rechter, (AWA), Honolulu, Super 8, 1976. 5mins
While on holidays in Honolulu, and visiting the American Widescreeners Les took this Super 8 footage using a Widescreen (2X) Cineamascope Lens.

Jon D Cozean (USA) & Les Rechter, (AWA), Les Who?, Super 8, 1976. 10.40 mins.
Jon Cozean leads the film by talking about that famous Australian Widescreener, we see areas in the US like The Falls and Mt Vernon. Jon shot this using a (1.75X) Widescreen Lens.

Robert Taylor, Lucas Wittingslow and Amanda Bland, (AWMIC), Ad, MiniDV/DVD, 2004, 30secs.
This Fast pace ad for Albury Audio Music shop, Olive St Albury was edited on Adobe Premier using a Apple Mac Computer, staring Lucas dad Ian.

Robert Taylor, Lucas Wittingslow and Amanda Bland, (AWMIC), X-Men Aryan’s Skull, MiniDV/DVD, 2004, 5mins.
This second X-Men fan film, not yet completed, just shows the enthusiasm of these young filmmakers. All shot digitally in camera and entirely edited on Mac presented on DVD. A very professional attempt.

Riche Bros & Marc Meester, (Germany), Matrix XP, DVIX, 2002, 3.47mins
A Matrix Fan film Trailer, well what can I say it's got all the traits and effects of the Matrix Universe, it free to download see for yourself at

Special Guest -
Festival Director Michael Agzarian from Wagga Wagga’s Reel is Real Film Festival.

Michael Teachers Graphic Design at Wagga’s Charles Sturt University, he impressed us with his Widescreen Laptop Apple Computer, talking to us about filmmaking on Mac and showing us examples of the 2003 Reel is Real Film Festival. The Theme for 2003 was De Ja Vu, we watched four short films on his laptop. I don’t have a copy so I’m only going by memory. First two were narrative; one was about a man who visited his mate’s house to give him $200, he was not home, but his girlfriend was, so he ask her would she show her breasts for $200. The other was an animation and the last and best film we thought, was a young woman dancing with three of herself, a very cleaver triple exposure film. Michael then finished of by handing out entry forms to the 2004 Real is Real Film Festival.

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