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Albury_Wodonga Moving Image Coalition

December 17, 2003 screening

Expresso Café (Opposite Cinema) Dean St, Albury.

Rodney Bourke, Movie Film Alive, Super 8, 1994, 3.5mins.
My first attempt animation black and white silent film, for White Glove Film Festival, Melbourne. Using Star Wars figures in a comical way I attempted to show the difference between film (Rebels) and video (the Dark Side). This film was edited entirely in camera and presented as is.

Ernie Fosselius & Michael Wiese, (USA), Hardware Wars, 16mm/DVD, 1978, 15mins.
This is a Star Wars comedy spoof that even George Lucas, says “it is his favourite fan film”. As the big brother movie is the all time great so is this short film. Available to buy, . This sprawling space saga of romance, rebellion, and house hold appliances features steam-iron spaceships, the original flying toasters, and stars Fluke Starbucker, Ham Salad, Auggie “Ben” Doggie, 4-Q-2, Artie Deco, Darph Nader.

Grant Meredith, (Ballarat), Dangerous Dan Jones, Hi8/VHS, 2002, 10 mins, 50 secs.
A rugged adventurer has embarked on a mighty quest. He must retrieve a great treasure and return to the safety of civilization. In his way stands a myriad of foes and terrible traps. Will he succeed? from MIC Nov 12th 2002.

Grant Meredith, (Ballarat), Udds Armageddon, Hi8/VHS, 11 mins 30 secs.
The sequel to the famous Winter of the Udds, set in the middle of the great war of freedom against the terrifying genetically-altered rubber glove Udds. A tribute to the great post-nuclear sci-fis of the '50s and '60s. A tale of victory and despair. The war spreads out through many countries heading towards the devastating finale in Australia. Many men and Udds will die. from MIC June 11th 2002.

Amanda Bland, Lucas Wittingslow & Robert Taylor, (Local Filmmakers), Another Mutant, miniDV/DVD, 11mins.
This is the first attempt for these budding young filmmakers, shot entirely at Wodonga West Secondary School. All shot digitally in camera and entirely edited on Mac presented on DVD. I must say these titles fooled me as a Hollywood production. With this kind of talent, and enthusiasm I can only look forward to future projects.

We also saw, felt and handled movie cameras (8mm, 9.5 & Super 8) brought in by Rodney Bourke, and listened to a talk from Paul Dickenson about his business called “Video Producers”, he also talked about his Studio in Chiltern. (which we all plan to visit at a future date).

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