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Albury_Wodonga Moving Image Coalition

February 4, 2004 screening

Expresso Café (Opposite Cinema) Dean St, Albury.

Grant Meredith, (Ballarat),
Dark Prophecy, Hi8/VHS, 2002, 10 mins 30 secs.
What captures you the most is the great music in the film. In the Asian style, of Kung fu and Sorcery this is quite funny too. Even the talking is not lip sync, a real foreign film.

Rodney Bourke, History of Film & Video Cameras, Video 8/VHS, 2000, 9 mins.
Starring Thomas and Josephine Bourke this documentary, starts with the first Reel to Reel Video from 1968, U-matic, Beta and Video 8. Then looks at Amateur Movie Film like 9.5mm of 1922, to 8mm, 16mm and Super 8. Funny how Video Equipment started big and went smaller, where as film started small and went Bigger.

Joe Nussbaum and Michael Watts, (USA), Mind Sync 3-D, PC/VHS, 2001, 5 mins.
To see this properly you need the Green and Red or Blue and Red 3-D Anagliph glasses. I would have to say this is a Genre film, with weird shapes in an artistic form all to music.

NASA and Ralph LaBarge, (USA), The Red Planet Mars, DVD, 1999, 4mins.
This amazing DVD has hours of Mars footage taken over 30 years. What interested us were the 2-D and 3-D, Red and Green Anaglyph surface View of Mars. This Alpha DVD is also a Wild Releasing.

Simon Dewar, Simon Goss and Steve Hooppell, (Local Filmmakers), Life’s Good, Digital 8/VHS, 2002, 10 mins.
Shot for the 15/15 Film Festival in 15 hours from start to finish and handed in. Shown in Black and White and Colour, this narrative film is about a Bloke who has worked out the secret of life and all its answers, in a comical way.

We also listened to Simon & Simon about BARFF the Borders first local film festival. And Paul Dickenson from Chiltern Film Studios on Community T.V.

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