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Albury_Wodonga Moving Image Coalition

December 1, 2004 screening

Wee Willies Hotel, Dean St, Albury.

Special Guest - Festival Director Michael Agzarian from Wagga Wagga’s Reel is Real Film Festival


John Burgoyne-Johnson and Gordon Clarke, REEL 2-LIGHTS OUT…and the stars appear, Super 8/DVD, 1972, 11mins.
Made for Group 9.5 U.K. This Black & White Documentary of the pioneer film gauge, covers the HISTORY OF 9.5MM from 1922-1972. We see a projector showing a film with notched titles, which a single 50ft reel could last up to 20 mins. How Larry Pearce came to the Alddin’s cave of 9.5. Commentary by Michael Bentine.

Jermy Newman, (USA), The Dream, Super 8/VHS, 2004, 1min.
A sleeping vision becomes abstract narrative. Patterns of light and variations in pacing suggest an evolution in perception. Silent Film.

Jermy Newman, (USA), Remanent, Super 8/VHS, 2004, 30 sec.
Without visual landmarks to anchor us, the past can be forgotten. The fleeting images in this film suggest impermanence/loss. Silent Film.

Daniel Gosson, (Stuarts Point, NSW), Baird Televisor Demo, MiniDV/Divx, 2004, 6mins.
Before the current, cathode ray tube electronic TV, there was the Mechanical, John Logie Baird system. Encouraged by BBC in 1920’s. Daniel has actually built a replica, working mechanical TV with spinning discs. As shown in his documentary.

Daniel Gosson, (Stuarts Point, NSW), Fly Through, MiniDV/Divx, 2004, 1.38mins.
Using Breyes 5 a computer program and a digital camera this animation was made with a three dimensional block with hole in the centre floating and bouncing above the water.

Daniel Gosson, (Stuarts Point, NSW), Mirror Balls, MiniDV/Divx, 2004, 50 secs.
Another computer animation using the same program and camera, mirrored balls moving slowly with a fast moving sky.

Garry Hayes talked to us about computer animation used in games showing some examples like the 2002 epic games, a 3-D buzz production, How to make your own movie in Unreal Tournament 2004, Terror from the deep, documentary went for 11mins.

Frank Dellario & ILL Robinson, (USA), Larry & Lenny Lumberjack in Hardly Workin watched, 2004, 16mins.
A computer Animation entirely generated with Quake2’s DM2 format, called I’ll Clan. Can be downloaded

Kaine Crombie, (Aust), Fragged, Divx, 2003, 6.27mins.
Seth an x soldier disconnected from reality, suffers from internet withdrawal symptoms as a delta force online gaming addict. Download the film

Mark Thomas & Dave Macomber, (USA), Duality, 2001, 6.15mins.
Two Siths fight it out. Lord Rave and Darth Plight. This amazing short Star Wars fan film, made on Mac Computers, using final cut pro, commotion pro, after effects and electric image universe. Down load film

We also watched a short music video made by Nick Gleeson and his brother, made around Wodonga Park Lake, in this film Nick sang and played the guitar , shot from different angles and put together very well using a Mac computer. Nick has good talents in the music Industry, as he works part-time at Megas Music Store, High St, Wodonga. This is Nick’s first film, which resulted in an excellent attempt. 5mins.

Our Special Guest for the second time was one of the Founders of BARFF (Border and Regional Film Festival ) Simon Dewar, he talked about how the festival has been progressing in entries, workshops and the web site, since he is the web designer, and about filmmaking in general. We finished of the night with Simon handing out film entry / screening date cards for BARFF 2005.

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