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Albury_Wodonga Moving Image Coalition

April 14, 2004 screening

Expresso Café (Opposite Cinema) Dean St, Albury.

Tony Woods, (Melb MIC), An Archival Object, Super 8, 2003, 15 mins.
This is Genre film, shot in Melbourne, showing the majesty of city buildings. A look at glass reflections of amazing proportions, and distortions includes the filmmaker's reflection. All to music called “live” by Peter Ellis, on guitar and Phil Edwards on synthesizers.

Rodney Bourke, Getting Around Melbourne City, Super 8, 1997, 5 mins.
There are all different ways to get to the big smoke, walk, skates, bike, car, tram, light rail, train and bus. I borrowed this Kodak Super 8 camera with a Widescreen ratio 1:2, (1.5X) lens attachment added on by Brian Beatty of the Australian Widescreen Association. This will be projected as normal, and will appear to give a compressed stretched look.

J.F. Leventhal & J.A. Norling, (USA), Audioscopics 3-D, Super 8, 19??, 6 mins.
This short film goes onto explain 3-D, especially Anaglyph 3-D, with the red & green glasses. With remarks from Pete Smith it makes it quite an entertaining experience.

Joe Nussbaum and Michael Watts, (USA), Mind Sync 3-D, CD-ROM, 2001, 6 mins.
To see this properly you need the Red and Green 3-D Anaglyph glasses. I would have to say this is a Genre film, with weird photographic shapes in an artistic form all to fast music.

After these 3-D films, we listened to a lecture by Gary Hayes, about developments in 3-D TV and Computers, he photocopied some examples on how it works. He also went onto show a DVD example of 3-D Digital Filmmaking, with examples of 3-D Digital Animation short films, to 3-D Computer Games.

Grant Meredith, (Ballarat), The I.Team: Project Fubar, Hi8/VHS, 2003, 11 mins 30 secs
In quiet little parts of the world, quiet little missions take place for the sake of global safety. Now one of these missions has gone wrong! This is the harrowing tale of an early adventure of the "i-team" - the special ops force that destroyed the udd base and ultimately turned the tide of the great udd war.

Josephine Bourke, (Local Filmmaker), The House Animation, Video 8/VHS, 2004, 3 mins.
An artistic genre drawing from start to finish, of the dream home. This animation was hand drawn, and shot second by second, on Video 8 and then transferred to DVD and speed up at 2X speed to give a faster animation feel, then finalized to VHS. Made by a young filmmaker aged nine.


Managing Director Amadeo Marquez Perez came up from Melbourne to talk to us about the 15/15 Film Festival. He then went onto show an Interesting entry.

David Cassel, (Melbourne), Finding TBY Harsh, MiniDV/VHS, 2002, 15mins.
This is about one guy who is destined by chance to become a filmmaker, he is at the right place at the right time and gets an entry to the 15/15 film festival. He then calls friends on advice in writing a script, getting actors, a budget and finance to which he does all in the one day. And hands in an entry on time.

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