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a 2012, 87 mins
a film by Bill Mousoulis  

The DVD of Wild and Precious is now available for purchase by individuals.

It is Greek-Australian independent film director Bill Mousoulis' first feature film on European soil, a story of personal and public politics, ambitiously shot in two countries (Greece and Italy) with very little money, but with a lively, documentary style.

After playing in 12 international film festivals from October 2012 to October 2014, and collecting the Nostimon Imar Award at the 7th Cyprus International Film Festival, the film is now available on DVD.

"Wild and Precious has an immediacy and insight that far better resourced directors must envy." - Adrian Martin, The Monthly Magazine, October 2012. Full article here.

"Electrifying." - Fiona Villella, Wild and Precious, Senses of Cinema, December 2012. Full review here.

"Mousoulis enables something indispensable ... the film is a convincing portrayal of the convictions of a filmmaker" - Mónica Delgado, desistfilm, February 18, 2013. Full review here.




DVD of Wild and Precious -

2012, 87 mins, Greece/Italy/Australia
Region-less, PAL, $15 Aus, plus $7 postage = $22 Aus (about 15 €).


With ENGLISH subtitles.

With GREEK subtitles.

With ITALIAN subtitles.



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