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DVD release 2010
by Troma
A Nocturne

2007, 70 mins


Vanessa de Largie

Alex Spears



a film by Bill Mousoulis


"Perhaps the most wildly original and stunningly beautiful vampire film I have ever seen."
Tony McMahon, In-Press Magazine, Sep 2007

HaiHa Le
Patrick Boyle
Jennifer Levy


Z (Alex Spears) and X (Vanessa de Largie) are a vampire couple, living in an old warehouse in inner-city Melbourne. Over the course of one night, they go about their regular business, teaming up with the poet-cannibal Seers (Patrick Boyle) and another vampire Vee (HaiHa Le). After a strange encounter with the mysterious Rola (Jennifer Levy), the fabric of Z and X's world begins to change. A philosophical vampire film.


Bill Mousoulis

Ali Alizadeh


Director of Photography
Shyam Ediriweera

Production Designer
Jenna Davis


Linda Maiden

Spider Goat Canyo



8th Melbourne Underground Film Festival, September 2007
Best Film, Best Actress (Vanessa de Largie), Best Editing (Bill Mousoulis)

26th Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film, April 2008

13th Portobello Film Festival, London, August 2008

14th Athens International Film Festival, September 2008

53rd Cork Film Festival, October 2008

BROET film group, Eindhoven, October 2008

1st Sexy International Film Festival, Perth, October 2008

1st Sexy International Film Festival, Paris, November 2008

1st Sexy International Film Festival, San Francisco, November 2008



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IMDb page
User comments: "great, unconventional vampire movie ... impressive piece of craftsmaship"
"I really liked the pervading sense of futility throughout the film"

Spider Goat Canyon

Ali Alizadeh



Z - Alex Spears
X - Vanessa de Largie
Seers - Patrick Boyle
Vee - HaiHa Le
Rola - Jennifer Levy
Killer - Rod Lara
Sue-Lyn - Soolin Ong-Tan
Owen - David Kemp
Pianist - Magda Zappi
Disfigured Man - Rad Rudd
Deranged Woman - Flora Georgiou
Mel - Frances Marrington
Torr - Angelo Esposito
Yolanda - Laura Roberts
Desiree - Mirjana Kostantinovic
Vee's father - Van Anh Tran
Vee's brother - Albert Fung
Vee's cousin - Ai Diem Le
Drunk man - Jeff Herbert
Young couple - Richard Giliberto & Skye Dodd
Tough woman on street - Jennifer Monk
Male victim on street - Chris Anderson-Peters
Schoolboy - William Moore
Office workers - Katherine Rizzo & Jason Turley
Mel’s friends – Jane Flanagan, Andrew Serong, Chris Serong
Black (dog) - Billy


Production Company - Innersense Productions
Producer and Director - Bill Mousoulis
Writers - Ali Alizadeh and Bill Mousoulis
DOP - Shyam Ediriweera
Production Designer - Jenna Davis
Make-up/FX - Linda Maiden
Music – Spider Goat Canyon
Additional Make-up - Jayne Bell
Prosthetic FX - Kathy Tsangaridis
Assistant Art Director - Katherine Rizzo
Costume Designer - Stephanie Wills
Stills Photographer - Thomas Van Donkelaar
Sound Recordist - Claire Forgie
Sound Recordist - Rad Rudd
Production Assistant - Bernard O'Connor
Production Assistant - Jim Luxford
Fight Instructor - Rod Lara
Editor – Bill Mousoulis
Assistant Editor – Vanessa de Largie
Additional Music – Patrick Boyle & Mr Peculiar
Additional Music (Nocturne) – Chopin
Z-X logo design – Starside Projekt
Vee’s drawings – Jenna Davis
Website – Starside Projekt

© Innersense Productions 2007