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Cantrills Filmnotes

a unique international review of experimental film, video and related arts

Cantrills Filmnotes was edited and published by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill in Melbourne from 1971, and concluded with a large multiple issue, #93-100, in 2000.

Editorial aim: to document international work in experimental film, video, animation, digital art, sound design, installation, and performance art, innovative documentary, ethnographic film, and cinema history.

Cantrills Filmnotes has covered work from Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, Japan, the Pacific region, The Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and England. It is an important record of innovation in media arts practice from 1971 to 2000, and essential reading for researchers in these fields.

Film/Video artists documented include: Michael Lee, Paul Winkler, David Perry, Phillip Noyce, Garry Shead, Marcus Bergner, Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, James Clayden, Richard & Pat Larter, Solrun Hoaas, Retarded Eye, Sabrina Schmid, Tim Burns, Dusan Marek, Heinz Boeck, John Conomos, Bill Mousoulis, Melanie El Mir, Marie Craven, Michael Buckley, Len Lye, Harry Smith, Nam June Paik, Red Grooms, Stan Brakhage, Gregory Markopoulos, Nathaniel Dorsky, George Kuchar, Steina and Woody Vasulka, John Whitney, Takahiko Iimura, Yann Beauvais, Rose Lowder, Akihiko Morishita, Mike Hoolboom, Barbara Sternberg, Phil Hoffman, Al Razutis, Stelarc, Laleen Jayamanne, Margie Medlin, Jas. H. Duke.

The magazine includes artists' written and visual contributions, interviews, critical writing, and poetry, with emphasis on image documentation.

Format: 'landscape' - 270 mm x 210 mm, 72 pages, well-printed on art paper, with colour pages. Each issue has a substantial book review section. The magazine carries no advertising.

All issues are available, as is a comprehensive Index to issues #1 to #51-52, and another index, covering issues #53-54 to #93-100.


Issues 53/54 to 93-100 (1987­2000)
compiled by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill
is now available.

This Index complements the Index to issues 1 (1971) to #51-52 (1986), published in 1987. Cantrills Filmnotes, published between 1971 to 2000 by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill in Melbourne, is a unique record of activity in international film and video art, performance and installation art and new media during those decades. The new 52 page Index is an essential key to the wide-ranging contents of the second half of the magazine¹s run, adding information, such as production dates and country of production, which may not have been originally noted in the magazine.

It comprises the following sections:

SUMMARY OF CONTENTS ­ an expanded version has been compiled for this Index, with a précis of each article, based on the format generally used by indexing services, and an identifying image of each front cover.

NAMES, which includes the names of artists as well as contributors to the magazine (which in the previous Index were two separate sections), and also includes the names of organisations and groups.

TITLES of films, videos, new media, performance and installation works etc. covered in the magazine, together with the name of the maker, and country and year of production.

Copies of the previous Index to Cantrills Filmnotes, Issues 1 to 51-52 (1971-1986) are still available from the below address, as are all issues of the magazine.

Price on application to

A. & C. Cantrill, PO Box 716, Castlemaine, Vic. 3450

Contents of all issues of Cantrills Filmnotes can be found on the Cantrills' website.

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