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SYNOPSIS: A hybrid film, part documentary, part fiction, on the history of Greek radical music, its songs of revolution, resistance, pain, sorrow.  Greek musicians Antouan Parinis, Dimitris Poulikakos and Thanos Kois (amongst others) feature in the film, with actors Thodoris Arianoutsos and Marianthi Koliaki (amongst others) in fictional sequences.  An eclectic film with different musical styles and different cinematic forms intermingling.

See also - Songs of the Underground - a shorter, alternate version of the film.

DIRECTOR BIOGRAPHY: Bill Mousoulis is a Greek-Australian independent filmmaker, based between Greece and Australia.  Beginning in 1982, Mousoulis has made over 100 films, including 10 features, of which Songs of Revolution (2017) is the latest, shot in Greece.  His previous feature Wild and Precious (2012) was shot in Greece and Italy, and screened at the Athens International Film Festival and numerous other festivals worldwide (and Awarded at Cyprus Film Festival). 

Mousoulis is “an independent film legend” according to the Melbourne newspaper The Age.  He is also the founder of the film organization Melbourne Super 8 Film Group in 1985, and the founder of the online film journal Senses of Cinema in 1999, a journal that is known today as one of the best film journals online.  For more information on Mousoulis, go to


DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: Songs of Revolution is my cinematic culmination of the last 5 years of my delving into Greek radical music, its songs of protest and anger, and also suffering, from the rembetika (the Greek blues) of the ‘30s and ‘40s, to the protest songs of the ‘60s and ‘70s, to the punk and alt. rock of the ‘80s and ‘90s, to the hip hop and experimental music of the ‘00s and ‘10s.

I have found that this music is very special, full of passion and energy, as Greek songwriters responded to the tumultuous events of their times: the migration of the Greek Turks into Greece in the ‘20s;  the WWII occupation and the Civil War in the ‘40s;  the military dictatorship in the ‘60s and ‘70s;  and the economic crisis and rise of fascism in the ‘00s and ‘10s.

The film is a loving mosaic of all these songs, in different cinematic styles.  It is my tribute to the spirit of resistant Greece, the Greece that does not lie down when faced with adversity and terror.

music and interviews by: Antouan Parinis, Dimitris Poulikakos, Thanos Kois, OUST!, Alpha Bang, Katerina Konstantinou, Anthea Sidiropoulos, Fagouroskoni, Yiagos Hairetis, Social Waste.

further music by: Lost Bodies, George Avouris, Stavros Ziogas, Paraskevi Thymeli, Flowjob, Pigs in Space, Jerome Kaluta, Mikko Papadopoulos Laitinen, Lostre High Van Eros, Vangelis Machairas, Kostas Mihalos.


further interview by: Tasos Avouris, Markos Pinakoulakis, Natalie Kappa, George Gogos, Dimitra Athanasopoulou, Irene Gouzou, Dimitris Konstantinou Hautecoeur, Nikos Aggelaκopoulos.

featuring in acting roles: Thodoris Arianoutsos, Marianthi Koliaki, Nikos Ioannidis, Takis Vogopoulos, Bill Frazeskos, Korina Gioti, Christos Vasilopoulos, Nick Soulimiotis, Stelios Moiras, Maria Legaki, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Triantafillos Eskioglou, Emilia Giannakidou, Giorgos Giannousis, Dinos Zoumberis, Odysseas Galanakis, Michail Avouris, Mary Avouri, Giannis Elefsiniotis, Vangelis Syleounis, Vasilis Kefalas, Michalis Chrisohous, Giotis Blues Kyttaris, Giorgos Stavrakellis, Grigoris Grigoriadis, Kostas Michailidis, Michalis Avouris, Marivi Gazeta, Dionisis Roussos, Michalis Mihas, Dimos Koufopoulos, Stavros Ziogas, Lefteris Katsas, Christina Misirioti, Maria Mpekri, Zoe Griva, Zacharoula Kavvada, Fotis Zikos, Anastasia Tsalkitzi, Elena Paraskeuopoulou, Akis Daoutis, Nikolaos Avouris.

directed by Bill Mousoulis    producers Bill & Vicky Mousoulis    co-producers Dimitris Athanitis & Tasos Avouris
cinematographers Theodore Karamanolis & Tasos Avouris & Bill Mousoulis
production assistant  George Avouris    photographer  Vicky Mousoulis
© Innersense Productions 2017

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